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Let’s be frank – all mums are active! But some require a pram that enables them to take activity to that next level!

Regardless of just how active a lifestyle you need, your pram should:

  • Comply with Australian standards

  • Fit into the boot of your car and fit somewhere in your home when it’s not in use

So – what is the best style pram if you have a super active lifestyle?

3-Wheel Pram

The 3-wheel pram is designed for ease of manoeuvrability and in many models, it will usually come with increased suspension. This makes it a particularly great option for mums who want to take their tiny tot out on long walks, runs, off-road journeys and the like. There are some models on the market these days that cater for the incredibly active (and ultra-organised) – not only do they have sensational storage options, but added extras like LCD dashboard stations with a thermometer, speedometer, odometer and even a USB plug. You can also add features like running and pathway lights. Wow!

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4-Wheel Prams

Do you need to leave the house each morning feeling like you’ve got all bases covered and you’re prepared for anything the day will throw at you? Then your busy pram needs might be best suited to a four-wheeler.

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Travel Systems

Busy mums on the go could consider a pram/stroller travel system. The whole idea here is that you get a combination stroller and car seat, so the capsule is designed to go from the pram and click directly into the car. For active mums who are juggling a lot, this can be a great time saver with no need to wake a sleeping baby.

Finding the right pram for an active mum doesn’t need to be an arduous task. Think about your lifestyle and what your pram needs to do for you and your baby or child. Does it need to shift in and out of the car quickly? Does it need to be stacked like a pack-horse? Does it need to move around nimbly on all sorts of paths? Once you have the answers to these questions, your pram searching becomes quite refined.

Look at your options on and whittle down your search, then head to a select few stores and trial the pram – talk to the sales assistant as they will be a wealth of information, get a feel for the options and enjoy the process of finding the right pram for your active lifestyle!

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