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Getting your baby’s room ready can be a lot of fun, and certainly there are plenty of creative paths you can go down. Making the room as functional as it is beautiful will help make life a lot easier, not to mention create a safe and comfortable environment for you and your baby. Before you make a purchase, check the latest safety standards.
Change table – this is a great accessory to have in your baby’s room. Changing babies on the floor can be hard on the back; bringing your baby up to your standing height can make a big difference.  Again check the latest safety guidelines but keep in mind features like sides – very handy when your baby starts to roll. Some change tables also come with storage facilities, which are especially great for a bedroom brimming with goodies, or a room with limited cupboard space.
Nappy bucket – placed close to the change table and with a plastic lining and lid, the nappy bucket fast becomes an invaluable asset in any baby’s room!
Breast feeding chair – a big comfy armchair sounds great in theory, but you’ll need something that has you sitting fairly straight, so that you can more easily breast feed. If you don’t have a chair that’s right for the job, then keep in mind its possible future roles when you go shopping – ideally the chair can move into another room and live out a second life once your baby is all grown up.
Block-out blinds – self-explanatory and a great accessory for a good day (or night) sleep.
Windows – safety glass is a great option if you’re in a position to consider it, especially as your baby grows up and becomes a more adventurous toddler…! Glass aside, make sure all windows are secured with child locks.
Reminder – open shelves are great for empowering little ones to put away their own toys, books etc. Just remember if they can put it in, they can certainly pull it out so be mindful of what heavy items are placed at head level, etc.
As your baby grows, so too do the number of things they can start to open, close and play with. Draws that might pull out of their frames, storage items that can be reached by stepping onto a chair or other piece of furniture, cords etc all become quite accessible quite quickly.

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