The Top Prams & Strollers

With thousands of strollers and prams out there, we know it can be downright impossible to choose one that suits your needs the best. Whether it’s for a newborn, a toddler, or an active family, the choices are just about endless.

When it comes to investing in a pram or a stroller, it’s important to choose something that’s safe, well-built and packed with enough features to make the trip from car and home a breeze.

Before we get started on our list of the best prams and strollers for 2020, we’ll go over a little about how we chose these prams and strollers and what we focused on along with what went into selecting these models.

Our primary deciding factors included:

  • The Feature Set
  • The Quality of the Prams
  • The Safety Features
  • Affordability
  • Versatility

With all of those points considered, we’re sure we’ll be able to get you on the right track to choosing a pram or stroller that’s best for you and your little ones.

Our Top Choice Travel Prams

To kick off our list, we’ll take a look at the best prams and strollers for those families who like to travel or take their prams with them on the road. Whether you’re going on a holiday or just out and about, these are the strollers that will make the move from home to car and back again a breeze.

All of these models are ultra-lightweight and compact and also fold or collapse for easy storage in the car, so whether it’s a plane, car, train or anywhere else you need to store your stroller, you’re in good hands with these models.

The Bugaboo Ant Travel Stroller

Coming in at number one on our travel stroller list, the Bugaboo Ant is the model we’re choosing for our readers who love to travel and need something compact and lightweight for transporting your new baby.

This model is ideal in that it unfolds from a flat storage design. You’ll find that there’s a light design that is just 7.2 kilograms, which makes it effortless to get in and out of the car and even to store in large overhead lockers on airplanes.

This compactness doesn’t impact comfort either, and we’re happy to say that with the all-wheel suspension on offer here, this is one of the most comfortable strollers on the market, and also the lightest on offer by Bugaboo.

In all, this is our top choice for the parents who need a stroller that’s going to be effortless to travel with whether it be in the car, on the train, in a plane or anywhere else.

Priced from $849.

The Mountain Buggy Nano V2

The second variant of the Mountain Buggy, the V2 is the model that is entirely effortless to open, close and store.

There’s a one-hand design here which means it’s easy to flick or swing the stroller open without too much help at all. There’s a shoulder strap here too, which means that you’re able to easily carry and transport the pram with you if needed.

To add, there’s support for car seats here as well. With the Maxi-Cosi Mico models you can quickly move baby from pram to car seat immediately, making it easy to travel and move about without waking the little one when it’s time to go home. 

One of our favourite features of this pram is the fact it weighs less than 6 kilos, which is one of the lightest we’ve seen. There’s plenty of durability here too, with the pram being designed with aluminium and plastic.

To end, the well-ventilated seat and fabrics mean it’s a winner for us and for those who need a pram that will keep the little one cool when out on the trails.

Priced from $399.

The Joolz Aer

When it comes to speed, nothing beats the Joolz Aer. The pram can swing open and closed in a single second, with just one-handed operation. This makes it our ideal pram for those who despise the 5-minute frustration of sitting by the car trying to fold and unfold the pram before a hike or a trip to the store.

The pram weighs only 6kg which places it firmly in the lightweight and travel-friendly category. You can comfortably take this pram just about everywhere and that means from plane, train to car.

The width of the pram is only 44cm too, which is ideal for the overhead lockers you’ll find on standard aircraft.

On top of this, there is a shoulder strap and shoulder-carry feature as well, making this a pram you can easily travel with or fold up when you want to switch your little one from the pram to a baby carrier.

One key feature we liked in this pram is the elongated back rest which works to offer head and neck support for babies and toddlers that are a little taller than most.

To end, there’s an ergonomic design here that’s easy to clean and designed for kids that weigh all the way up to 18 kilograms.

Priced from $749.

The Babyzon Yoyo2

An honourable mention in our travel category comes from the Yoyo2 from Babyzen.

This pram is an incredibly light model with a total weight of just 6.2kg and a design that easily opens and folds in just a few seconds.

When it comes to getting out on the pavement, there is suspension on all wheels here, which means the ride is incredibly smooth and you’ll find that the pram is going to keep the little ones asleep even when things get a little rocky on the ground.

There’s a solar protection membrane in the fabric cover too, which means you’re keeping your baby free from the UV rays and sun exposure.

Priced from $829.

Our Top Choice Full Size Prams

With all of our top choice lightweight and easily transportable travel prams out of the way, we’re moving on to our full-size everyday prams. Whether you’re looking for a tonne of extra features like sun covers, storage or even cup holders and reclining features, you’ll find them in the full-size models.

Keep in mind that the above travel prams remain ideal for almost all parents, and you don’t need a full size pram unless you can’t find what you need in a travel model.

In all, these full-size prams are the best option for those who need something that’s feature-packed and well-suited to their child and lifestyle needs. These are often more attuned to everyday lifestyle requirements and less designed for quick packing and storage, so keep this in mind.

Let’s take a look at the best full-size prams below.

The Bugaboo Fox2

If you’re looking for the best of the best and aren’t too focused on the budget or a low price tag, then the Fox2 is the model for you.

We’re hard pressed to find anything that comes close to the Fox2 and that said, this pram does come with everything that’s essential — and a lot more.

You’ll find everything here from power steering, well-tuned suspension, the ability to ride on all terrain and even a small window and breeze panel that you can adjust to keep ventilation to a maximum on warm days.

There’s the bassinet here for your child to remain ultra-comfy in and a sturdy design that can withstand just about everything you throw at it.

Keep in mind that this model is also designed with durability and safety in mind, so you’re investing in a pram that’s going to keep itself together for years to come. You’re able to support kids up to weights of 23kg here too, which means you’re getting a lot of use out of this full-size pram.

To add, the weight of the Fox2 is only 9.9kg which makes it one of the lighter full-size models out there, especially when you compare its feature set to the competitors. Not too many prams come with suspension and full power steering and weigh below 10 kilos.

Priced from $1,799.

The Cruz V2 by Uppababy

Our second runner up is the Cruz V2 by Uppababy for its design and focus on keeping a smooth ride even in those rather rough terrains.

You’re going to notice that the pram’s suspension works wonders when it comes to cobblestone lanes and generally rough footpaths, which is great for those times you really want to keep your little one from waking up before you make your way home.

This pram is also compatible with a tonne of car seat products too, so you’re getting the chance to move from pram to car in just a couple of seconds without an issue at all. And once you do, the pram folds flat and is easily stored in the back of the car without too much trouble at all.

You can even reverse the seat here as well, which means changing the direction your baby faces is easy. If you want to keep a close eye on them or simply want to shield them from head-on winds, you can do this in a couple of seconds.

To end, there’s the infant inserts too, which means you can use this pram from newborn through to toddler age and not need to be too concerned with the support the pram offers in the long term. You’re getting optimal head, neck and back support from the Cruz V2.

Priced from $1,399.

The Cybex Priam

For the parents who are interested in style, essentials and comfort, then the Cybex is going to be your winner.

Of course, this pram offers all the essentials when it comes to getting a comfortable and supportive experience for your baby, though it also offers a design that’s one of the most elegant and classy out there.

It’s a designer pram, which means you’re investing in a model that’s been carefully curated to look amazing, along with offering everything that’s practically about a stroller. You’ll find a great level of customisation here as well as the four in one travel setup which gives you the option to use the pram in a few different ways without needing to buy a new frame to do so.

All that in mind, you’re getting a sleek and stylish pram that is also comfortable and practical.

Priced from $1,784.

The Convertible Two-seat Prams

When it comes to the prams for one child or two, these are the models for you. All of the designs below are developed to support a single seat, or two, should you need the added seating area for a toddler or a newborn or even twins.

As all of these strollers are designed for dual use, and you can rest assured it takes just a few seconds to convert them from single seater to double seater, ready for use with two children.

The iCandy Peach

If you know anything about iCandy you’ll know that the brand takes quality and durability exceedingly seriously.

Landing at the top of our convertible pram list, the iCandy Peach is our top choice for a versatile and sturdy dual-seat model. There’s a second seat option here that makes it easy to push both children without needing two prams or a bulky double-seater model of yesteryear.

The iCandy also comes with a huge 44 litre carry basket in the base for all of you and your baby’s needs. You’ll be able to store just about anything in here and the ultra-strong fabric means you’re getting more strength than you’ll ever need.

The pram is also suitable for newborns through to toddlers, so you’re able to use this model for up to a year or two for your new baby or for a toddler.

Priced from $2,199.

The iCandy Orange

The stroller just below the Peach from iCandy is the Orange model.

Again a double pram, this is the model that includes a bassinet and a seat and can easily be adapted into a double pram. You won’t have any issue with two babies or a newborn and a toddler here as the pram’s design evenly distributes weight and offers a smooth ride thanks to the study frame and tyres.

There is a huge weight limit here of up to 20kg so there’s no issue when it comes to using the stroller with two young children.

Keep in mind that the Orange has one of the biggest carrycots and storage units on our list and you’re certainly on to a winner when you compare it to the other modes.

It’s also good to keep in mind that this stroller works with a majority of capsules too.

Priced from $2,018.

The Uppababy Vista

Another designer stroller hitting our list is the Vista by Uppababy.

Of course, this model remains top-notch when it comes to features and the ability to convert into a dual and even triple pram for up to three children. It’s design is incredible and practical and you’ll be able to rest assured there’s plenty of storage space coming into play here.

You won’t have any trouble storing just about everything you’ll need to take with you on a trip from the home to the store or out on the pavement for an afternoon stroll.

There’s adjustable canopies here along with a recline ability that sits almost entirely flat, so storage is easy and the kids will be able to get some rest without being sat up straight — perfect for those times you want to lull the little ones to sleep without sitting them upright.

In all, this is one of the more elegant and multi-child-focused prams on our list.

Priced from $2,099.

The Joolz Geo2

The convertible pram that’s been designed to take just about everything in its stride is the mode from Joolz.

This pram is a convertible model, however, it doesn’t act like it. You’ll be able to rely on the huge wheel sizes and plenty of shock absorption to get the Geo2 to just about anywhere from the beach, hiking trails and just for a relaxing trip down to a cafe.

You’re going to notice that the Joolz Geo2 has been well-designed to focus on durability and adventure-prone parents, so if that sounds like you, then you’re certainly in good hands with this stroller.

Again, this model is convertible, so if you’re planning on a second child, or have just had a second, you can invest in an expandable seat and cover the pram into a two seater model.

Priced from $1,599.

The Bugaboo Donkey

From our designer-focused pram creators, the Bugaboo team comes through in the dual pram range with the Donkey.

As you’d expect, just about everything has been thought of with the Donkey, and that means you’re getting a stroller that comes with easy access storage sitting by the stroller’s upper carriage and a weight distribution that easily allows for two children to sit in the pram without an issue.

The Donkey is also designed with same-age children and different ages in mind, with placement of the seats being able to adapt depending on your requirements and those of the kids.

We’re inclined to say that this might be the best looking and most practical of all the dual strollers on our list.

Priced from $1,899.

The Best Double Prams

We know that convertible options aren’t always the best models out there if you have twins or similar aged children who are always out with you together. That in mind, the double prams we’ve selected are the easiest models for getting both of the young ones out and about with you, with as little fuss as possible.

Whether for twins or just the little ones who are close in age, these prams are designed with you and those bubs in mind.

The Valco Snap Duo

A no-frills double pram comes in the form of the Valco Snap Duo.

You’ll find reversible double seats that also decline and auto-fold and lock into place to make sure you’re in control of where these seats are facing and can rest assured that they’re not going to move should you go over any bumps.

To make moving this rather large pram a little easier, there is a power steering integration here, so you’re able to get about town without too much effort.

Keep in mind that there’s adjustable foot rests here along with compatibility with plenty of different car seats and you’re on track to getting the little ones to and from the pram with ease and plenty of comfort.

Priced from $999.

The Bumbleride Indie Twin

The second model landing on our double pram list is the Indie Twin from Bumbleride.

This is the stroller for you if you’re looking for adjustability and plenty of features. There’s ventilated seating here along with foot rests and harnesses that can easily be done up or totally detached so you can rest assured that the little ones are strapped in correctly.

Thanks to the ventilation, we’re happy to say that this is the option for you if you live in a rather warm climate.

To add, there’s plenty of manoeuvrability here, so if you do often find yourself in a small local cafe or in tight spots in general, this pram will be one of the best for getting in and out of tight spaces.

To end, the pram features a sun guard and a great subdued design, so keeping stylish and ensuring the little ones are out of the sun is easy on the Indie Twin.

Priced from $1,299.

The Budget-friendly Strollers

We know that for a lot of readers, budget does trump just about all else, and that’s why we’ve scoured the web and taken a look at some of the more affordable, all-essential stroller options.

These are the models that don’t skimp out on features or comfort for the sake of budget and will have you and the little ones safe, secure and comfortable without costing a little too much to handle.

The Maxi Cosi Zelia

At the top of our list is the pram that will give you almost half a decade of use for the newborns, should you need it.

This stroller supports weights of children all the way up to four years of age, which means you’re getting plenty of use out of this pram. It’s good to note that there’s a design here that is curated to work with kids from newborn all the way to toddler age, so you won’t need to invest in new carrying baskets and seats as the little ones get older.

There’s a big storage basket here too for your baby essentials or to throw some groceries and other essentials into as you take your child for a walk.

Priced from $699.

The Valco Snap Ultra

Another great affordable option is the Valco Snap which has been designed to offer ultimate comfort.

The seat on this pram is reversible and also able to recline, which means you’re able to encourage your baby to get a nap in and to remain comfortable when you’re out and about. The design of the stroller’s carriage is also ergonomic and great for keeping your child’s head and neck supported.

To end, the seat is entirely detachable and able to be slipped into a car capsule which means you can move from pram to car in an instant and without having to wake the sleeping bub.

Priced from $579.

The Steelcraft Strider Compact

Our final affordable model offers an incredible design and plenty of functionality.

You’ll find an excellent stroller in the Strider Compact from Steelcraft and be more than covered when it comes to comfort and storage for the little one. There’s a window here to keep an eye on your child as they sleep and also plenty of reclining and seating options to ensure maximum comfort when out and about.

There’s an integrated leg rest here too to help with those times when sleeping just doesn’t seem to be on anyone’s mind.

A large and extendable sun canopy comes into play here too, covering all the way down to the little one’s legs and keeping them shielded from the UV rays outside of the stroller.

In all, this is one of the best designed affordable strollers available and it’s a great model for those parents who need something that works for an active lifestyle and has features to improve the little one’s sleep when away from their crib.

Priced from $429.

Buying a New Pram or Stroller

To end our list, we’ll give you just a few quick pointers when it comes to investing in a new pram or stroller for your newborn.

You’ll always want to place safety and comfort above budget, design and feature set, though with a tonne of strollers on the market today offering a well-rounded suite of features and perks we’re sure you’ll find something that suits your needs perfectly.

Top Considerations

When it comes to selecting a pram, we suggest looking at a few of your own use cases and requirements for your child, where you live and what you need your pram to do.

Some of these include:

  • The weather in your location
  • Whether you need to travel a lot
  • Your child’s comfort requirements
  • The overall size of the pram

With those in mind, you can easily select from a range of prams on offer and be able to purchase one that’s better suited to your lifestyle.

How Much to Pay

With all of the prams above, it’s clear to see there’s a fair bit of difference when it comes to pricing. You don’t always need to pay the highest cost to get the best experience and we would suggest that anywhere between $200 through to $2500 will get you a great product that you can depend upon.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Washing Machine

As you’ll agree, a tonne of thought needs to go into choosing a washing machine for the home and family. You have to consider everything from your budget through to the number of loads you’ll be washing each week as well as safety features for the kids and pets.

If you’ve taken a look online for a washing machine, you’ll know that there are countless models to choose from, all with their own suite of features. There’s also a range of different ‘standard’ designs to choose from too, like front and top loaders, for example.

That said, in this article we’ll take a look at everything that goes into a washing machine and what you need to consider to get the best washing machine in Australia — without breaking the bank.

All that said, let’s take a look below at some essentials you need to know and how to choose the best washing machine.

How We Chose the Best

Right off the top, we’ll take a look at what went into our selection process and what we considered the must-have features that made a washing machine the best.

One of the key considerations was user-friendly design features. We wanted to place the usability at the top of our list, in that we believe it was vital for our readers to simply be able to start using their machines without going through a major learning curve.

On top of this usability, we also considered the standard designs and chose the models with a loader type that was most common. This was down to the fact we wanted to categorise our machine models by how easy it was to find washing liquid and other essentials for the machine.

To end our selection process we also considered added features, ease of use and the ability to thoroughly wash garments without issue.

That said, let’s take a look below at our comprehensive list of what you should consider when choosing the best washing machine, and why taking all of these aspects into consideration is essential to get you a machine that will last for years to come.

How to Choose the Best Washing Machine

Below we’ve outlined all of the essentials you absolutely must take into consideration when investing in a new washing machine. All of these aspects will ensure you’re getting a machine that’s long-lasting, easy to use and going to get you through your week’s laundry with ease.

Take a look below.

The Machine’s Capacity

Right off the top, you’ll want to consider how large your machine will need to be, based on your standard amount of laundry or the size of your family. A lot of machines do come in sizes all the way down to 5kg and sometimes even smaller, which is okay if you’re a single person household, however, if you have a partner and children, you’ll want to choose something that offers around 8kg up to 18kg if you wash a lot of sheets and other clothing items on a weekly basis.

We suggest the larger washers for the families that have four or more members, and the medium sized ones for single and couples. You’ll always want more machine capacity than not enough, so go a little bigger than what you think you’ll need.

To end, the machine you choose should have a large enough capacity to make your laundry days as simple as possible. If the capacity is too low to get everything done in one or two washes, then we suggest going up a size.

The Machine Material or Drum Material

One of the next big considerations is typically overlooked.

When you choose a washing machine you want the tub to be as strong as possible and also designed with your use case in mind. There are a few options out there that generally come in either stainless steel, plastic or enamel — all of which have their own perks.

The more affordable models will be plastic, of course, and these are generally a little weaker and more prone to damage and cracking after years of use. That in mind, if you’re looking for a durable machine that’s going to last for years to come, we certainly stand by the stainless and ceramic options.

When it comes to the drum material’s effect on your washing, it’s good to note that the drum quality will dictate the power of the machine. The plastic drums, for example, are only integrated into machines with rather powerless spin and wash cycles to prevent cracking and damage.

To end, enamel barrels or drums will also be more prone to corroding than stainless and plastic, so these models may not be the best choice for you.

The Laundry’s Storage Space and Machine Size

A consideration that’s rather a given is that you’ll need to factor in is the size of the area you’re storing the machine.

You don’t want to invest in something quite large, tall or wide only to find that it won’t fit in the laundry correctly. That in mind, we do suggest using a measuring tape or the iOS Augmented Reality ‘Measure’ app to measure the area in the bathroom’s washing machine alcove to ensure you’re getting something that fits the room.

It’s also a good idea to consider whether you’re going to be getting a front or top loader here too — as you’ll need to make sure that there’s space above or beside the machine for when it comes to actually opening it for the clothes.

To end, if you’re considering buying a dryer too, make sure there’s space above the machine to sit the dryer on top. If not, consider a two-in-one model.

The Wash Cycle Power

One huge consideration we beg you to keep in mind is the speed of the wash cycles.

We’ve all been on the wrong end of the countdown once in a while, waiting for our clothes to wash and dry in time for an event, and if you’re investing in a new machine today you can prevent this from happening ever again.

Look for machines that boast faster wash and dry cycles and you’ll be on your way to remedying this.

It’s good to note that a lot of machines do have built-in ‘Fast Wash’ features, though it’s also important to remember that these models are a lot louder than normal. If you have a laundry close to a child’s bedroom, for example, this may or may not influence your decision.

As a general rule of thumb, your top loader models will be a little slower than the front loaders, so if you’re looking for fast, clean and ready to go in no time, a front loader is for you.

Silent or Quiet Operation

Another consideration that goes hand in hand with the fast wash setting is the operation noise.

A lot of machines nowadays do have options for silent operation or at least night-wash modes that ensure the machine runs near-silently during the night. If this is something that interests you, or you’re looking to do your laundry primarily at night, then be sure to consider this.

These models of machines do often wash a lot slower when this feature is enabled, however, it is designed for use at night — so taking a little longer won’t matter too much.

To add, a silent or quiet wash setting is also key to having an event or watching a movie at home without interruption.

Mains Water Connections

When it comes to your laundry, there are some hardware features to consider too.

Almost all modern homes will have both a cold and a hot tap for the machine to hook up to, however, older homes won’t always have this.

If you’re looking for a new machine and only have a cold tap on offer in the laundry, be sure to triple check this on the machine. A lot of washers will simply not work without a hot and cold water inlet working in conjunction, so you’ll be stuck with a machine that simply doesn’t work until you exchange it with something else.

A lot of front loaders do have built-in heaters however, which means you might be able to get a machine that works with a cold-only inlet and leave the machine to do the warming on its own. Keep in mind that this might have an impact on your electricity bill though.

User-friendly Operation

As we mentioned at the start of the article, user-friendliness is paramount when it comes to a washing machine.

With a lot of machines today coming with upwards of 50 features, you want to make sure that all of these features are implemented in a way you can actually use. Models coming from Samsung, LG and Miele are fantastic at keeping their machine feature selections easy to use, though some smaller brands have trouble taking the complexity out.

That in mind, when you’re in store or shopping online, make sure to take a look at how these features are implemented and read up a little on how reviewers like these machines.

If you’re finding that a high-end or luxury model’s features are poorly implemented and there are just too many wash options to make use of, then you’re better off looking at something else. 

Child Safety Features

As you might already know, in years past, kids loved to hangout and hide in the washing machine when it came to games like hide and go seek. This, is a big no-no.

To combat this we highly suggest you invest in a model with a child lock or any other similar safety features that keep the machine locked when not in use, and also when it is in operation too. You’ll often be able to unlock the machine with just a few extra taps on the display, and it’s certainly worth having this feature to prevent injury or issues with the kids opening the door during a wash cycle.

To end, it’s also a good idea to have the door left open when you’re not using the machine which will prevent mildew and other bacteria from building up in the machine, and you’ll want to make sure that the kids can’t lock their siblings in the machine.

The Most Popular Types of Machines

As we outlined briefly above, there are a few different types of washing machines out there that offer different washing cycles and features.

You’ll always want to consider the type of the machine over the brand, and this is down to the fact that the features offered may or may not make your laundry day a lot harder or easier. If you’re someone who needs a machine that only partially washes clothes, and you’d rather take care of the drying or spin cycle on your own (with delicates for example) then you’ll be better off choosing semi-auto models.

On the other end of the spectrum, the full-automatic models are the set and forget machines to take care of the washing.

To end, there are the fully-automatic two-in-one models that take care of all washing and drying in one swoop, making it easier than ever to get a week’s worth of washing done.

That said, let’s have a look below at the popular types of washing machines and which models are best for you.

The Semi-Auto Washing Machines

These are the machines that will be your most affordable options, and they’re often the best washing machine for those who would like to get a little more hands-on with the laundry.

The design of these machines is rather old-school and you’ll find that they incorporate a dual-tub design, which means you’ll place your launder in the main barrel and have it washed, and when it comes to drying, you’ll move them to the second tub to do this part on your own.

Although these may seem a little counterintuitive and complicated to some, they are actually fantastic washing machines for those who would like to ensure they’re not damaging delicate clothing or knits with a harsh spin cycle.

All you’ll need to do for this to work is take care of the water and laundry liquid process along with the dryer and ‘spinning’ and you’re all set. In some cases, you’ll also find that these machines don’t come with an auto-drain feature either, so you’ll have to manually take care of this too.

To end, for the older users, this machine type will be a little difficult to make use of in that there’s a lot of ‘elbow grease’ required to get it all to work, though it’s the best washing machine type for those who want an affordable and are manual experience.

The Full Auto Washing Machines

The machine that you’ve likely already got in your laundry, is the fully automatic washing machine and these are the most effortless of all the machines out there.

These are, of course, the more expensive of the two, though when it comes to not having to do anything at all on laundry day other than load the machine and press start, there’s nothing that comes close.

As you’d expect, just about everything happens in the one barrel and if you’ve chosen a wash and dryer combo, everything from washing and drying happens here too — with absolutely no intervention from you at all.

The water is taken care of as well, as is the warmness or coolness level of the water and the washing liquid is slowly added to your clothing from the dispenser so there’s a steady flow of laundry liquid preventing over-sudsing and other issues.

In all, this is the easiest machine type on the list – though it will use a little more power and water than the semi-auto models. If this is an issue, or you live in a location with a poor power source, such as solar and batteries for example, this might not be the option for you.

The Front and Top Loaders

Where things get a little more tricky is in choosing between a top and front loader.

If you’re new to the washing machine world, both of these options seem just as good as one another, and in a sense, they are. However, a lot of manufacturers have departed from the top loader design and begun to focus all their energy and feature offerings into their front loader models.

That being said, there are a few perks between the two and we’ll take a look at these below.

The Top Load Machines

As is outlined in the name, the top loader machines are designed with a lid on the top of the machine and a vertically standing barrel. You’ll open the lid and drop your clothes in the top of the machine and leave it to do its thing.

Where this becomes a perk is in that it’s a little easier to get your clothes in the machine when standing and just throwing them all in the machine.

There aren’t too many other features that come from a top loader other than this convenience, and that being said, if you’re an older person or simply don’t want to deal with bending down to a front loader, this might be a model for you.

For non-laundry related perks, you can usually find these types of machines priced a whole lot more affordably than the front loaders. These are designed in a way that’s a little less intuitive with regards to feature set, so a lot of manufacturers price them a lot lower.

There’s also the perk of using a little less power and being able to open the lid at any time without worrying about the machine pouring water all over the floor. You can simply add some new clothes to the machine as you please.

The Front Load Machines

We would argue that these machines are the ultimate in the washing machine world and are certainly our top pick when it comes to choosing a washing machine that offers ease of use, style and convenience in the home.

As we mentioned, the front loaders are where a lot of manufacturers are focusing their feature efforts, which means you can find a tonne more features here when compared to front loaders, and that’s excellent news for those who are already interested in a front loader.

One thing to keep in mind is that because of these features and extra engineering, front loaders are a little more costly.

When it comes to use, the front loaders have a drum that’s designed to sit horizontally inside the machine and that will mean you’re left to fill the machine from the side. You will need to kneel down a little to do this.

That in mind, front loaders can simply fill a little of the barrel with water and get a good wash with far less water than the top loaders – which have to fill up almost the entire drum. That said, if you’re looking to save water, a front loader is for you.

It’s also good to note that front loaders can be a lot more delicate by design, which means you’re getting the security that your fragile clothes are able to be washed without the risk of damaging or tearing them.

A few minor cons do exist in the much-loved front loader however, and that is the fact you can’t add clothes when the wash has started and you’ll also always be expected to kneel down to the loader.

All in all, the front loaders are our top choice and the best of the best when it comes to machines, and they’re also more feature-packed than just about anything else out there.

Washing Machine Features to Consider

As we move into the 2020s, more and more advanced technologies are making their way into our washing machines as simple standard features. We highly suggest you take these on board and consider them when buying a new washing machine this year.

A few of the best washing machine features to consider are outlined below.

Automatic Weight Distribution Correction

If you’ve been washing your own clothes for years, you’ll know how much of a pain it is to hear that awful error tone and have to go and correct your clothes in the washing machine.

When it comes to doing the laundry, your washing machine will need to have the clothes evenly distributed, so you’ll have to make sure that everything is as even as possible when you’re loading the machine — though this isn’t always possible.

Washing machines now have the ability to monitor the weight and location of your clothes inside the barrel and use auto-adjustment technology to change the balance of the barrel and move your clothes around inside of it. This works to redistribute your clothes and keep things from stopping mid-way with an error tone.

This is an excellent feature for those who truly want to set and forget their washing and simply move on with the day.

Intelligent Garment Detection

One other incredible feature slowly becoming mainstream is the use of intelligence in the washing machine to detect garment types and wash these based upon what their delicateness requirements are.

These machines will take the washing mode into their own hands and use their knowledge of your clothing types to control washing time, the washing intensity as well as the amount of detergent and water needed to get a good wash, and a safe experience for these clothes.

In short, these machines work as your perfect partner in the laundry to keep your clothes clean and also free from rips and tears.

Fast Wash Settings

Another integral feature that a good majority of washing machines do have is the fast wash feature, which we’re going to say is an essential to have.

You don’t want to be stuck sitting for hours for a load of washing to finish when you have an event to get to, or if there’s a clothing item in the machine that you’re wearing to said event!

That in mind, there are machines that offer quick wash features that can wash all of your clothes within a 30 to 45 minutes time frame and have them just as clean and fresh as they would if they were in a full cycle wash.

Adaptable and Customisable Spin Speeds

In line with fast-wash features, the spin speeds are also a good feature to look for.

If you’re choosing a machine that gives you the chance to reduce the amount of water used per-wash, you’ll also find that the spin speeds don’t have to be as hectic.

That in mind, most washing machines do have spin speeds that you can adjust on your own, and this is great for reducing the time spent waiting for the machine to finish and to also keep on top of your delicates that may not be strong enough to have a 1400RPM spin in the machine.

That in mind, if you want to increase your spin speed and decrease drying time, you’ll also be able to do this with adjustable spin speeds too. No one likes waiting for soaking clothes to dry on the clothes line, so having the ability to dry them further in the machine is a major perk.

Double Rinse Features

As we’re sure you’ll agree, sometimes washing detergents can be incredibly potent and don’t leave your garments after a wash cycle.

This is where your extra rinse and double rinse features come in handy. You’ll be able to rely on your washing machine to rinse your clothes a few times before it moves on to the spin cycle you can be sure that there’s not too much of that detergent smell leftover.

It’s also good to keep in mind that this feature is ideal for those who might have sensitivities to the detergent. You won’t have any issue getting all of the detergent and its residue out of the clothing with a double or triple rinse.

That said, it’ll be simpler than ever to keep your skin free from irritation with a double rinse feature.

Wash-start Delay Options

If you’re a parent, you’ll know that dirt and mud stains can be almost impossible to get out in the wash — and that’s where a start delay comes in handy.

You’ll be able to load your machine and detergent and choose a delay time that works best for you, and you’ll see the clothes simply sitting, soaking in the machine for up to an hour or sometimes longer before the machine starts washing.

This is key to getting stains and other marks out of clothing and it requires quite literally no extra work at all.

We suggest spraying these clothes with stain remover before throwing them in the machine and letting it sit idle for an hour or so and you’re not going to see any stains in your clothes or the little one’s clothes again.

Built-in Water Heaters

As we mentioned above, this is a great perk for those without a hot and cold tap in the laundry, though there are a few other key perks that come from this.

If you’re looking for a machine that has the ability to tightly control how warm the water is in the machine, for garment protection and reducing the risk of shrinking clothing, then the built in heater is a must-have feature for you.

On top of this, it’s also an essential for those homes which don’t have a hot water tap in the laundry. You won’t have to worry about being stuck on an all-cold wash here and that’s a great perk you can’t afford to miss out on.

Keep in mind that a lot of our clothes do need different temperatures to be washed correctly, and with a built-in water heater you can wash delicates and activewear effectively, without worrying about damaging the fabrics. 

Automatic Water Filters

In line with a lot of the other automation you’ll find in modern washing machines, automatic filtration is also a must-have feature for us.

As you’ll know, dirty clothes can sometimes leave a tonne of grime and even lint in the washing machine’s barrel after you’ve finished washing them and this will be redistributed back into the clothes you wash in the next cycle.

A lot of older machines did feature a rather archaic barrel wrap filter that stopped larger particles, however, full-fledged filters are now making an appearance and we’re standing by these as the most ideal feature for you and your machine.

These filters will capture and hold on to this debris and move them to a small canister for you to replace and wash out after every few loads. 

Crease Protection and Wrinkle Removal

Depending on whether you’re getting a two-in-one machine, these machines can offer wrinkle removal and crease protection features that take out a lot of the work when it comes to drying out and ironing your clothes.

These features will essentially give your clothes the chances to rinse and ‘hold’ as they are spun dry which gives your garments the ability to sit and rinse and then spin without any major creases or wrinkles appearing.

That in mind, in a lot of cases you won’t need to iron your clothing at all after they’ve finished washing, though this cycle can sometimes take a little longer than the standard option.

A Few of Our Best Washing Machines

With all of the above said, it can still be essentially impossible to know which washing machine to choose.

We did our best to outline all of the essential features you need to consider in a washing machine, however, a lot of models come with all of these features and more — so we’ve outlined a few of the best washing machines in Australia below to help you choose a little easier.

Let’s take a look at the best washing machines on the market today.

The 8KG Front Loader from Bosch — WAW28460AU

At the top of our list is the Bosch Front Loader that comes with all of the wash settings we mentioned above, a fantastic build quality and plenty of other added features that make getting the laundry done as effortless as possible.

This model is, of course a Bosch, and that means you’re getting quality from the outset.

The maximum capacity is 8KG which makes it an ideal model for families looking to get their weekly washing done in just one or two loads. Keep in mind that there are a tonne of perks here for families too, which means you’re finding a silent operation option in this machine, great for those times you need to wash the clothes during nap times.

Our favourite feature of the Bosch is the machine’s energy efficiency and the 14 washing options coming into play here. That in mind, you’re doing your washing, using as little power as possible and finding a spin RPM of 1,400 which means getting clothes as dry as possible before you switch to the dryer as easily as possible.

In all, this is our top choice washing machine for families of four to five.

Top Features

An 8KG Barrel Capacity

Weight Sensing Features

A 5-star Energy Rating

An Eco Mode

Delay Start and Finish Settings

A 1,400RPM Spin Speed

Quiet Settings

Up to 14 Wash Settings

The 8.5KG Front Loader by Fisher and Paykel — WH8560P2

A little larger than the Bosch above, this washer is a front loader that has a tonne of features and 13 washing settings.

This is our favourite machine for those who need just a little extra barrel space for those times when the washing has built up a little too much, or when it’s time to wash the whole family’s clothes.

You’ll find that this machine is also an energy saver, which means you’re going a little lighter on your energy use and saving power while washing each week.

Like most machines, there’s a spin cycle speed of up to 1,400 to choose from, which means keeping the clothes as dry as possible before hanging them out is as easy as touching the custom spin button.

There’s also a delayed start option here too, which makes soaking and getting a hold of those stains a lot easier than on most other models. To end, there’s also a 2-year warranty for the machine, which means you’re going to be covered should anything go wrong early in the washing machine’s life.

Top Features

An 8.5KG Capacity

A 4-star Energy Certification

Spin Cycle up to 1,400RPM

Delayed Start Options

A 2-year Warranty

Up to 13 Wash Settings

The 8.5KG BubbleWash Steam Front Loader by Samsung — WW85J54E0IW

Coming from Samsung, this machine is one of the most well-designed and intuitive washing machines on the market today and comes with an ideal 14 wash settings and plenty of barrel space with a supported load of up to 8.5KG.

You’ll find that this machine is by far the easiest to use, even with all of the features, and reviewers online have touted just how easy it is to make use of all the settings when you need them.

There’s a fast wash setting here as well as child lock features and energy ratings putting the machine at 4.5 stars for both electricity and water, so you’re saving on your energy bills when compared to older, less efficient washing machines.

A built-in smartphone integration app is also included here which means you’re even able to check in on what the washing machine is doing when you’re out and about and away from the house.

Top Features

An 8.5KG Capacity

Smartphone App Integration

A 4.5-star Water Efficiency Rating

Up to 14 Wash Options

2-year Warranty

An Eco-friendly Mode

2-year Warranty

The 8.5KG Fisher & Paykel Top Loader — WA8560G1

Coming away from the front loaders now, the Fisher Paykel WA8560G1 is the top loader that packs a tonne of features and is the closest rival to the front loaders that we could find.

You’re getting a spin speed of up to 1,000RPM here, which is quite high for a top loader, and plenty of wash options for a tonne of different garment materials. Whether you’re looking to wash wool, cotton, delicates or activewear correctly, there’s a wash setting here for you.

We’re glad to say that unlike most top loaders, this model does come with a sturdy and durable design, so you can rely on it for a while before you see any signs of wear and tear, or minor cosmetic damage.

There’s six wash options here, which isn’t as great as the 14 you’ll find on most front loaders, though there’s not too much to worry about unless you need a rather niche and specific wash setting.

Top Features

An 8.5KG Capacity

The Spin Rate of 1,000RPM

Up to 6 Wash Options

A 3.5 Star Water Rating

Delayed Start Features for Soaking


When it comes to investing in a top loader machine for a larger family, the Carson HAPWSHCSNAT7G might be the winner for you.

There’s up to 11 wash cycle options here along with delayed start features for soaking and a quality design that’s going to last for years to come.

We’re happy to say that this works as a set-and-forget machine and you’re able to do your washing for yourself or the whole family and not need to worry about man handling the garments or making too many changes to the cycle as the washing happens.

There’s plenty of reviewers online touting just how well this machine cleans their clothes, and with a few intelligent features like auto-stop, it’s a safe model for those with children that are just a little too inquisitive for their own good.

You’re also getting a unique air-dry option here, which allows you to spin dry the clothes as much as possible before it’s time to hang them up outside.

There are a few great energy and water saving features and integrations here too, so reducing your power and water bills is easy on this washing machine.

To end, the control panel has been designed in a way that’s ultra intuitive and you’re going to be more than capable of getting a good wash out of this machine without trying to decipher all of the great features and modes.

Top Features

A 7KG Capacity

Up to 11 Wash Options

Delayed Start Features

A Lint Filter

Fuzz Control

Child-lock for Safety

Air Drying Features

An Intelligent Washing Mode

Intuitive Control Panel Setup

The 5KG Devanti Mini Portable Washing Machine

Our honourable mention comes in the form of the Devanti portable machine.

This is the top washing machine we’d suggest for those who either need something ultra-compact or to take with them when travelling. It’s small enough and power efficient enough to run on an RV’s main power source and you’re still getting a great 5KG barrel and tonne of washing features that keep all of your clothes nice and clean while you’re on the road.

Keep in mind that with a washing machine on-hand, you won’t need to have as many clothes with you when you travel, making packing up all of the clothes a lot easier.

There’s an ultra-fast 15-minute wash cycle here for those times you need to get clothes washed as fast as possible to catch the last of the sun for drying.

To end, the machine is one of the lightest weight models out there and we’re confident in recommending it to our readers who travel a tonne, or need something ultra small.

Top Features

A 5KG Capacity

Ultra-portable Design

Lower Power Usage

A Fast 15-minute Wash Option

An Old-school Knob Interface

Near-silent Operation

A Simple Cleanup Design

A Removable Filter

Easy Loading Through the Lid


With all of those pointers, tips and washing machines listed above, we’re sure it will be easier than ever to decipher all of the marketing jargon and range of features you’ll see on washing machines all across the web.

Whether you’re in store or just browsing from home, always keep the above points in mind when buying a new washing machine. You’ll want to select something that works well for your garments, your family and has features that work best for what you need the machine to do.

If you’re looking for a model that washes fast, saves water, has an intelligent weight distribution feature or just about anything else, we’re sure you’ll find it in one of the machines we listed above.

With all that being said, happy shopping for your new washing machine! And be sure to check back on our website for more information on the best washing machines in Australia and how to pick the ones that suit your needs most!

The Best Food Processors in Australia

As we’re sure you’ll agree, when it comes to home appliances, we’re more than spoiled for choice these days. There’s an option for just about everyone and everything you need to do in the kitchen, though that makes things a little hard when it comes to choosing a product that works best for you.

In this post we’ll take a look at some of the best food processors in Australia and what goes into making a food processor great.

We’ll take a look at our top pick food processors and what you should factor in when you do go to invest in one. Things such as the power of the motor, added features, warranties and meal prep perks are all great to keep in mind, and we’ve gone over some of the best food processors with all of these features below.

All that said, let’s take a look below at the best food processors and how to choose the best one for you and your kitchen. 


If you’re just here to see the best of the best and aren’t too interested in the rest, or aren’t keen on what to look for in a food processor, then keep on reading.

Our top choice food processor comes from Breville and is relatively affordable, feature-packed and designed to fit in with just about every kitchen out there.

The Breville Kitchen Wiz

Off the top, this food processor is one of the most versatile and stylish out there and comes with a huge capacity that reaches eleven cups. This makes it an ideal food processor for all those Aussies who need something that can process a tonne of ingredients in a short period of time.

There’s a 1,000 watt motor here too, which makes it one of the more powerful out there in such a small size.

To end, there are a tonne of thickness options for your food processing, 24 to be exact, and that means there’s no issue at all when it comes to creating a meal or prepping ingredients in a thickness that’s ideal for whatever you’re looking to make.

In all, this is the most dynamic food processor we could find in Australia, and it suits just about everyone’s needs, budget and more.

How to Choose a Food Processor

With the Breville Wiz out of the way, we’ll take a look below at how to decipher all of the marketing terms in food processors and what you need to look for in a processor to get something that’s ideal for you and your household.

There are a tonne on the market today, and as you’d expect, they are all quite similar aside from a few small features that make a big difference.

As you’ll already know, a food processor is your ideal kitchen appliance that can do a tonne of different things from chopping your food, pureeing it, mixing it up, slicing and dicing it and a whole lot more. With a food processor that boasts a tonne of different settings, you can get just about all of your food preparation tasks completed with this one tool — reducing the amount of washing up you have to do and keeping everything as smooth as possible when it comes to food prep for a lot of family members.

For us, the best food processors out there get a lot done in a small period of time and can make light work of just about all chopping, mixing and slicing tasks when it comes to vegetables and fruit.

A lot of food processors can also deal with bread crumbs and other grains too, which means this has also fallen on our list of what makes a food processor great.

With that said, we’ve outlined below seven of the most important factors that need to go into your selection process when buying a food processor.

The Most Important Features of a Food Processor

Now that you’re sure you need a food processor we have a few considerations that are essential to making certain you invest in a good model. As you will know from looking online there are tonnes of different options and models available, all with their own unique feature set.

Choosing the best model all depends on your own personal preferences and we must say that there is no one size fits all for a food processor. That in mind, we have some of the most important factors listed below to make sure you’re not left out in the cold when it comes to your food processor.

Take a look at the most important features and considerations for a food processor below.

The Capacity

Without a doubt, the biggest factor to consider in your new food processor is how large it needs to be. This will be the deciding factor that dictates just about everything about your food processor.

If your model is too small, you’re not going to be able to prepare food or make meals in here that are large enough for yourself or the family.

For those of our readers who love to get cooking in the kitchen and make large meals for the whole family, we’re suggesting that you go all-out on choosing the biggest size available. You don’t want to be halfway into a recipe only to find that there’s nowhere near enough space in your food processor for your ingredients.

On top of this, it’s good to keep in mind the size of your kitchen and your counter space as you’ll want something that also fits in the work space. Keep in mind your cupboards and storage space too. There’s nothing worse than an appliance that simply doesn’t fit in the kitchen.

One thing we will suggest is having two processors if you’re an avid home-chef. One small chopper will work wonders alongside your main food processor and you’re able to clean this little one up and put it away a whole lot easier than the larger model.

The Capabilities

As we mentioned at the start of the article, your food processor will need to stand up to the task of getting your food prepared in a way that works best for you.

Of course, these food processors are all about convenience and getting things done quickly and easily, and if your food processor only has one or two basic functions, then you’re all out of luck when it comes to really getting your cooking on.

It’s no surprise that not everyone needs all the bells and whistles, however, they are good to have should you need to make use of some of them down the line — especially for those times when you’re cooking or catering at home.

Some of the most important features we suggest you look for in a food processor include the ability to:

  • Chop
  • Mix
  • Whisk
  • Slice
  • Blend
  • Shred
  • Grate
  • Whip
  • Blend
  • Puree

With those included in your processor’s feature set, we’re sure you’ll have an appliance that can get just about anything done without issue.

The Price

Where things do get rather simple, surprisingly, is in the budget department.

When it comes to kitchen appliances, it’s good to note that there are some pretty big pricing differences between brands — even for the same type of products, and food processors are no different.

Of course, your higher end brands will be pricing their feature-packed food processors at around $1,000 or more, however, you can get a very similar experience for just $150 if you know where to look.

That said, the pricing of a food processor is generally determined on the number of perks and features you’ll find available. The more expensive a processor, the more you’ll be able to get out of it.

For our readers who, again, don’t need all the bells and whistles, you can certainly opt for something that’s a little more affordable and offers up maybe five of the capabilities we listed above and you’ll do just fine.

With all of that out of the way, it’s good to do your best to land somewhere in the middle of the food processor market as you do still want something that’s affordable, feature-packed and going to last for a few years, rather than wear down and break in a few months to a year.

The Motor Size

As we mentioned at the start of the article, the size of the motor is a big factor in a food processor.

The larger and more powerful the motor in your processor, the more you’ll be able to do with it – and with ease. A high-powered motor gives you more control and the ability to get a lot more precision when it comes to more intensive tasks like pureeing and getting bread crumbs made up in a flash.

To add to this, the smaller motor sizes can simply fail when you’re blending or pureeing some rather thick or coarse foods. The processor could just seize up and refuse to blend your ingredients, and this can be disastrous in the middle of making a home dinner recipe.

For those of our readers who are planning on using their processors a lot during the week, or need something capable of dealing with the toughest foods, nuts, seeds and vegetables, a powerful high-watt motor is a must-have.

The Intuitive Controls

In a lot of the product reviews on our website, we mention usability and intuitive controls and settings.

A lot of brands go all-out on features and settings and forgo a simple set up. If you find that a food processor has a tonne of knobs and switches and settings that look far too hard to master, then it might be best to look elsewhere.

In our opinion, it’s a good idea to choose a processor that’s been designed to work simply and without too much fuss. A single knob or switch and a display is all you’ll need to get the most out of a processor.

A Safe Design

As your food processor is a rather powerful machine, you want to make sure that there’s a design here that keeps the processor adhered to the bench top and you’re able to use it without worrying about things swinging open.

Take a look at food processors that are safe, stable and have grippy ‘feet’ to keep things nice and still as you’re processing your food. It’s a good idea to look to models with suction cup feet, for example.

Simple to Tidy Up

It’s no secret that food processors can be wildly irritating to clean up when all the cooking is done and it’s time to end the night.

We suggest investing in a model with as many detachable and dishwasher safe panels as possible. You don’t want to be stuck trying to wipe out and scrape off food and debris when you’re done processing your foods for the night.

Our Best Food Processors in Australia for 2020

With all of the points above out of the way, we have a list of the best food processors in Australia below, and these all meet our essential requirements above.

For a food processor that will last for years to come and make light work of just about everything you’re doing in the kitchen, one of these models will be an excellent investment for you.

Breville The Kitchen Wizz

As arguably the best all-rounder food processor out there, the Wizz by Breville is our top choice for a food processor for all Aussies who need something that’s efficient and precise when it comes to dicing and chopping their food.

Like we mentioned that the start of the article there’s an 11 cup capacity here and a tonne of features that makes getting just about every recipe under control in the kitchen.

There’s a 1,000 watt motor here too, which means you’re ready to slice, dice, grate and puree your foods without any issue at all — even the more firm foods like nuts and stringy, leafy greens.

We’re also happy to say that there’s a 10-year warranty here too, so you’re getting the assurance that this model is going to last you and you family a very long time before you’ll see any issues.

There’s an ideal 24 food thickness levels to choose from as well, so if your recipe calls for a specific density of vegetable puree or you simply are a little pedantic when plating your food, the Wizz has you covered.

To end, this is by far our affordable, feature-packed winning food processor for 2020.

Top Features

A 1,000 Watt Motor

Plenty of Thickness Settings

A 10-year Motor Warranty

A Range of Blade Settings

Hamilton Beach 10 Cup Food Processor

A food processor that comes with a rather unique blade design is the Beach model from Hamilton.

You’re going to find the ability to do all of the above processing features like dicing, chopping, pureeing and more here, and there’s little to worry about when it comes to precision and getting a density you’re looking for.

There’s a rather small motor here at just 450-watts, however, this is where the blade design comes in to save the day. The power use on this model is a lot lower thanks to this smaller motor, and the uniquely designed blades offer up a more efficient chopping experience to make up for this.

You’re free to throw in all your fruits, vegetables and other ingredients in here without worry as the motor and blades are still plenty powerful and sharp enough to deal with all of these.

There’s even the ability to process cheeses and other dairy foods, however, you will need to make sure that these are frozen before you process them due to the small motor on this model.

The Hamilton model is also rather large, with a 10-cup capacity coming into play here and this is fantastic for those times you’re processing a tonne of food for a family meal, for example. Pair this capacity with the proprietary blades, and you’re able to get just about everything processed in little to no time at all.

When it comes to the bench space and the size of the processor, we’re happy to say it’s ultra-compact for its capacity and this means you’re getting a processor that’s easy to store too — and it’s less than 3kg in weight.

To end, there are a tonne of detachable parts to this processor and a number of them a dishwasher safe, so getting things nice and clean and stored isn’t too much of an issue at all.

Top Features

Good Design

Easy to Clean in the Dishwasher

10-cup Capacity

Lightweight and Easy to Store

Magimix Food Processor 5200XL

For the ultimate kitchen hand, this is the model for you.

The 5200XL doesn’t come to play when it comes to food processing and that’s obvious when you pick up the monstrous 11kg processor. It comes with a 1100W motor and one of the biggest capacities out there, going all the way up to 3.6L.

We’re confident in saying that if you have a family of six or more and need to process enough food for everyone in one go, that this is the food processor for you.

It does everything you need and more, with plenty of settings here including whisking, dicing, blending, slicing and chopping to name a few. Pair this with the blades and the 1100W motor coming into the picture and you’re able to deal with just about every recipe and family meal out there.

We know that sometimes the higher-wattage motors can cause a mess in the kitchen when it comes to lids coming loose and things leaking, however, the Magimix brand have come to the rescue with their locking lid that makes sure you’re not seeing anything flying out of the mixer as you get your cooking on.

There’s an extraordinary 30-year motor warranty here too, so there’s no need to fret when it comes to wondering how long this amazing 1100W processor will last you.

To add, all of the main processing compartments of this processor are removable and dishwasher safe, so keeping things clean and tidy is no issue at all here. Pair this with the stainless design and you’re able to quickly wipe the machine down with a damp cloth and be on your way to the dinner table.

In all, this is by far our top choice for those who take their cooking in the kitchen exceedingly seriously and need a processor that packs and punch big enough to feed the whole family.

Top Features

Ultra-powerful 1100W Motor

Detachable and Dishwasher Safe Compartments

Safety Latched Lid

30-year Motor Warranty

The Cuisinart Food Processor

Coming back down to earth a little bit, the Cuisinart Processor is a rather no-frills and essential processor for our readers.

It offers great value for money and comes with all of the essentials we outlined above, though not too much else — which still checks off all the boxes for us. You’ll be able to slice, dice, chop and whisk in this processor and be sure that you’re finding a food consistency that remains ideal for all of your recipes.

There’s a rather small 8-cup capacity here, however, for smaller families or when you’re whipping up something small, you’re not going to need too much more of a capacity than this.

One good perk coming form this model is the food chute you’ll find integrated into the design. Unlike some models of processors you’ll find with the lid and latch, this processor gives you the chance to easily feed more ingredients into it as you go — keeping things moving, and clean too.

When it comes to keeping things hygienic, the 350W processor does essentially come apart with all dishwasher-safe panels and compartments, so you’re all set when it comes to cleaning the kitchen as fast as possible.

Top Features

Affordable Price

Simple Design

Chute for Adding Ingredients

The MultiQuick 9 by Braun

From everyone’s favourites at Braun, you’ll find the stick food processor in the MultiQuick 9 that packs a mega-punch for its size.

It’s by far the smallest and most powerful for its size, and being designed to be held and used with one hand, this stick food processor is another one of our top choices. If you need something that’s easy to clean, offers an optimally sized 1.5L processor compartment and a design that takes just seconds to clean up, then this model is for you.

To make up for the stick design, Braun have developed some smaller compartments that essentially make it effortless for you to switch between chopping, dicing and pureeing your foods, without needing to change settings on the device itself.

There’s an incredibly compact 1000W motor in here, and when you consider it’s the size of a Coke bottle, this becomes more a feat of engineering than anything else.

In all, this is our final food processor choice for those who need something small that remains as powerful as the biggest players out there. It’s a little more costly than some models on sale today, though for convenience and an easy cleanup, the Braun MultiQuick 9 can’t be beat.

Top Features

Ultra-compact Design

1,000W Motor

Easy to Clean Up

A Tonne of Attachments Online

Handheld and Minimal

The Takeaway

With all of the above said, it’s not too hard to decipher the world of food processors and all you’ll really need to do is look for a model that suits your individual needs and then take a look at the motor size and attachments.

From our team, we always suggest that our readers choose something based on their use case and then think about the budget. You want to invest in a food processor that will work for what you do most rather than solely on budget. If you buy into a processor that is low-cost and doesn’t offer what you need, you won’t be able to use it for all of your culinary endeavours.

Always keep in mind your storage space and the ability to clean up the food processor and you’ll be on the right track.

Be sure to check our website for the best stick blenders and other kitchen appliance reviews and you’ll be on your way to getting the best food processor in Australia and getting the most out of your time in the kitchen.

The Best Baby Carriers In Australia

When it comes to selecting a baby sling or a baby carrier, there’s a good chance you’ve spotted that there are tonnes online to choose from, all offering the same promise of comfort and ease of use.

That in mind, we know it can be essentially impossible to know which one to choose, and so we’ve compiled a list of the best baby carriers in Australia and assessed reviews and customer experience to help you choose a baby carrier.

It’s good to note that a good majority of these carriers and slings are comfortable and you’re in good hands with most of these, though, our list offers up the best of the best when it comes to baby carriers in Australia.

All of the products below get top marks for comfort, safety and ease of use.

Take a look at the best baby carriers below.

The Baby Carrier by Beco Gemini — Our Favourite

When it comes to the best of the best in baby carriers, the Beco Gemini baby carriers is our ultimate top choice.

You’re getting an ergonomic and comfortable carrier that’s safe, versatile and comfortable and easy to buckle and strap to the shoulders and waist. That in mind, it’s one of the easiest to get set up on the market today, so when it comes to getting from car to carrier, you’re done in just a few moments.

There’s a buckle design here that can be set up with just one hand, which is also a great perk for those times you’re having to hold baby and set up your carrier.

Available in black also means the carrier works well with all outfits and is quite stylish, so you’re getting a carrier that looks and feels great too.

When it comes to the safety features we mentioned, there’s a dual-level safety benefit built into the buckles which means if something does fail, there’s a second level of the buckle mechanism that prevents a complete unlatching of the carrier.

The carrier supports weights all the way up to toddlers from newborns, so you’re able to get a few years use out of the carrier.

For the use of the carrier, you’re able to strap it to the back, hip and front without having to rely on additional straps. That said, you can get the optimal fit, making this one of the more versatile models on the market today.

To end, the comfort on the carrier is great too. There’s an ultra-plush material here and it’s perforated on the interior which means it’s breathable and you’re more than able to wear it for a few hours or more.

Top Features

One of the More Comfortable Models

A Versatile Design with Multiple Fits

Designed for Newborns through to Toddlers

The Omni 360 Ergonomic Baby Carrier by Ergobaby

To the option that’s a little more all-encompassing and feature-packed now, the Omni 360 by Ergobaby is our top pick.

It’s one of the most dynamic and full-featured carriers on our list, which means it can seem a little more complex to use, though this model doesn’t skimp out on comfort or adaptability.

The Omni 360 works for babies from 0 to 48 months which means you’re getting a long while out of this baby carrier, and can rest assured it’s capable of safely and securely holding on to children that get progressively more weighty as they grow.

To add to the versatility, there’s a waist belt here which provides some essential back support for mum and dad as they’re carrying baby. That in mind, you’re able to use this carrier for a long while before you start feeling any sort of sore spots in the back or shoulders.

When it comes to putting the carrier on, there are a few different ways to do this and they include the cross-over style, the backpack style and there’s a quick slider here that can be used with one hand to easily change positions for the carrier.

One great perk is that there’s an air mesh here which makes this carrier one of the most well-ventilated out there. It’s the option we suggest if you’re a parent who likes to go on walks or hikes with baby and would like a carrier that’s going to keep you from sweating or getting sweat sores in the area where the straps crossover the body.

To end, this is one of the more secure, safe and feature-packed carriers out there. 

Top Features

A Versatile Design for Multiple Ways to Wear

A High-quality and Durable Fabric Design

Providers Support for the Lower Back and Shoulders

The Baby Carrier by Manduca

When it comes to the baby carrier that can be used for years to come and shared among friends and family as a hand me down option, the Manduca Baby Carrier is by far our top choice.

Built like an old-school baby carrier that’s designed to last forever, the Manduca is your carrier for the newborns through to kids aged up to 5 years! This means you’re able to carry the young ones from 3.5kg all the way up to 20kg with this carrier, and not need to worry about straps failing or not being able to support the weight.

The design and materials of this carrier and cotton and hemp, which both come in to make a baby carrier that is going to last for years to come. This in mind, we’re confident you’ll be able to hand this carrier down to friends and family who have newborns they need to carry — so hold on to this carrier.

Designed to easily do up and attach with one hand, it’s a great model for those parents who often run errands solo, so there’s little time spent fiddling trying to get the carrier set up.

That in mind, this is a winner for our readers who are looking for a carrier that is going to support them when they’re alone.

When it comes to comfort and sizing, the straps are adjustable and suit parents of all sizes without issue. That in mind, if you’re swapping between mum and dad, the carrier can easily adjust to suit the size changes. This carrier is virtually a winner for those looking to find a product that will fit all family members.

To the design of the structure, the carrier has a rather firm design that holds its shape, though it’s still soft enough to be comfortable. It’s quite minimal and stylish to look at and comes in a few different colour tones to match outfits.

To end, there’s a hood here too, so keeping out the rain is no trouble at all.

Top Features

One of the More Comfortable Models Out There

Ultra-high-quality Materials and Design

Works for Parents of All Sizes

Comes with a Hoodie

The Baby Carrier One Air by BabyBjorn

When in hot climates, we know it was downright impossible to find a carrier that keeps you cool — until the One Air that is.

The BabyBjorn brand is known for their proprietary fabrics, and the One Air is the company’s best yet when it comes to keeping mum and dad cool when you’re all strapped up with your little one.

The 3D Mesh fabric is what comes into offer superior cooling here, and that means you’re not seeing sweat patches forming under the straps when it gets warm out.

As one of the more versatile carriers, you can expect to find four comfortable carrying positions here, which means you’re getting the comfort you need to wear the carrier for a few hours without feeling the need to take it off or swap with your partner.

The ergonomic design also means you and baby are both kept comfortable and supported with long-term use. There’s even an included head support here too, which means you’re keeping the little one comfortable.

To end, the height of the built-in seat is also adjustable here, which means you’re in control of the height of the carrier and the comfort level of yourself and the baby. If things getting a little off centre or you’re getting a little tired of the current weight distribution, you can quickly adjust and move things around without issue.

Top Features

Designed for Optimal Coolness

High-end Design and Materials

Adjustable and Adaptable Seat Height and Waist Belt

The Pocket Wrap Carrier by Hug-A-Bub

To a traditionally designed baby carrier now, the Hug-A-Bub model is a pocket wrap type of carrier which is one of the more comfortable when it comes to getting the weight off your shoulders.

You can rely on this carrier to keep your baby snuggly wrapped close to your body and you’re free to use your hands and go about your day without needing to keep a close or solid grip on the carrier at all times.

It’s good to note that this carrier is an organic cotton model, which means you’re keeping things as pure and safe as possible. It’s also made ultra-plush by using this material too, so there’s little to worry about when it comes to comfort here.

The way you wrap the carrier around the body is also ideal for back and joint support as you can only really wrap the carrier around the body in a safe and ergonomic way. The weight distribution of your Bub is kept to being quite wide-spread which means you’re not seeing any hot spots or pressure being added to the body.

In line with weight, the wrap is also going to place most of the weight on the core and torso which means you’re not going to feel too much strain, if any at all.

We would suggest this carrier for the parents who want to keep their baby with them throughout the majority of the day whilst also getting on with doing chores or house work. You’ll have your hands free, little to no weight distribution issues and plenty of comfort to go about your day.

Top Features

Designed to Take Weight off the Shoulders

An Entirely Organic Cotton Material

Keeps Your Child Suspended in a Healthy Position

The Bundle Of Joy Baby Carrier by Ergobaby

A second model coming from Ergobaby, the Bundle of Joy Carrier is the model if you’re looking for a performance focused carrier. This is the model we would select for those parents who are relatively active and have lifestyles and jobs that demand a lot of movement and action.

This carrier comes with support for three positions which means you’re able to adjust and adapt based on the activities you’re doing, and with the easy latch mechanisms you can switch these positions in just a few seconds.

The weight supported by this carrier is from 3kg all the way up to 20kg which means that newborns and toddlers will be equally supported here.

It’s good to note that these carriers can be easily washed in the machine to go hand in hand with an active lifestyle. If there’s any sweat or simple impurities from outdoor and active use, you can wash them off as easy as you would with other clothing items.

Like the 3D Mesh we mentioned above, the aerated fabric design allows for ventilation and breathability, so whatever you’re doing you can rest assured you’ll be kept cool.

When it comes to the strap design, there’s a chest strap here that’s easily adjustable, along with shoulder straps that can be altered to reduce the strain on the upper body. For baby, there’s a neck support option as well, which can be adjusted along with a hood for rain, sun and wind protection.

For practicality, there’s also a huge pocket on the carrier’s front panel which gives you plenty of space for all baby’s needs.

Top Features

An Active and Outdoor Focused Design

Adjustable Toggles and Straps for Comfort

An Included Storage Space on the Front Panel

The All Seasons Baby Carrier by LILLEbaby

To end our list, we have Lillebaby’s Essential carrier that’s been designed to offer a sturdy carry experience along with being optimally flexible and adaptable.

This model is a little more versatile when it comes to temperature control as you’re able to adjust the temperature panel with a zipper to help cool and regulate you and your baby’s temperature when out and about.

With this temperature control in mind, we’re confident in saying this is another top option for those outdoorsy parents who love to take a walk with their baby in a carrier rather than a pram. You’re comfortable, cool and have your hands free.

The model is flexible and secure enough to stay adhered to the body when running errands and being entirely cotton, it’s one of the more durable and soft models out there, so keeping comfortable with long periods of use isn’t too much trouble at all.

To add, this carrier is also able to support children up to 20 kilograms, which means from baby to toddler, you can continue to use this carrier without issue.

One key point to keep in mind is that all of the straps and shoulder straps are adjustable, so getting comfortable and staying comfortable when out and about isn’t too much of an issue at all.

To end, there’s a hood included here too and the design is machine washable, making it easy to keep the model clean.

Top Features

A Sturdy Design and Little Movement from the Body

A Stylish Design

Breathability and Temperature Adjustment Zip

Things to Keep in Mind for a Carrier

With all of those carriers out of the way, it’s important to keep in mind that the best baby carrier out there is one that leaves you as comfortable as possible. We suggest you place your lifestyle requirements and comfort level above all else when choosing a baby carrier.

In hotter climates, our models with breathability and airflow should land at the top of your list, and for active parents, the study and grippy options.

Keep in mind the position you’d like to wear your carrier. The most common options are the front position and the back position. These will determine the design of the carrier and you and your child’s comfort level.

In all, the carriers we’ve listed above are great for all parents, though depending on your lifestyle you may need a carrier that offers some more active features or comfort-focused ones.

The Best Baby Bouncer In Australia

When it comes to keeping the little ones comfortable, entertained and safe for an unsupervised moment in the home, there’s nothing that comes quite close to a baby bouncer.

These incredible, dynamic and adaptable products are fantastic are keeping the youngest member of the family strapped in, safe and kept busy. You’re giving them the chance to sit and bounce out their cries while you head to the kitchen to make a bite to eat, take a shower or just about anything else.

All of the baby bouncers on our list are durable, high quality, comfortable and safe, so you can rest assured you’re investing in something that will keep the little ones secure and cosy while you get on with your day.

Most of the baby bouncers out there have a range of motions and settings that give you the chance to set your Bub down and adjust whether they’re sitting, lying down or free to move between both.

Designed to offer calm and reserved movements, these bouncers are great at offering up some relaxing and soothing motions to keep your baby asleep or at least entertained, reducing those midday or afternoon cries.

If you’re looking for a new baby bouncer, take a look at the best baby bouncers in Australia below, and you’re on the way to freeing up your hands for dinner, breakfast and just to relax.

The Bliss Baby Bouncer by BabyBjorn — Our Favourite

To kick things off, our favourite baby bouncer is the Bliss Baby Bouncer by BabyBjorn, and for good reason.

The design of this bouncer is fantastic in that it’s slim, reserved and padded entirely across the design, so there’s an even safer product here if you have other children who might run around and hit the bouncer.

The bouncer stands on a base rather than legs, which makes it look more ergonomic and this also means the bouncer’s profile is slimmer and easier to move around the room.

When it comes to comfort for your baby, there’s a well-developed upper head support zone which keeps the back, head and neck supported whilst baby is bouncing or just simply relaxing in the seat.

One of our favourite parts of this bouncer is its multi-setting option which gives you the chance to adjust the bouncer between sleep, reclined and sitting. That means you can use the bouncer for snack time, nap time or for bedtime if you’re not looking to move baby to a bedroom just yet.

There’s also the ability to make the bouncer lie completely flat, which means you’re able to easily flatten it out and store it in a cupboard or under a bed when it’s not in use.

As for the movement of the bouncer, the seat is designed to subtly offer movement though nothing too sporadic. All of your baby’s movements will be gently supported by the bouncer, which means there’s little chance of the seat getting too jittering if your little ones kick about too much.

The fabrics on the bouncer are also ‘open’ by design, which means ventilation and air flow are top notch, keeping your baby cool and making sure you’re not dealing with sweat patches.

Top Features

Stylish Design

Can Fold Flat for Transport and Storage

Ergonomic, Comfortable Design

The Colourful Carnival Bouncer by Fisher Price

At second place on our list is an offering a bit more traditional design than the BabyBjorn above, though Fisher Price have done still their best to offer a great all-in-one design here that works for everything from play time to nap time.

This baby bouncer is another great model for babies through to young toddlers and can support weights up to two year olds.

The bouncer is also designed to be supportive and still operate as intended for babies through to kids that can sit up and move about on their own, so you can rest assured that the older ones, or your newborn can use the bouncer for a couple of years before you’ll have to switch them to a highchair or let them roam the house.

We’re happy to say that the bouncer mechanism in the Colourful Carnival bouncer is top-notch too. It reduces too much motion and keeps things soothing and calm and there’s an intuitive built-in vibration option here that helps to soothe baby further for bedtime.

When the fabric is concerned, there’s a great padded and ventilated seat here that keeps everything cool and comfortable for your little one and that means you’re not seeing those frustrating discomfort tears from your baby.

The fabrics on this bouncer can also be stripped off and machine washed if needed.

As for the restraints, there’s adjustable straps here as well as a three-point restraining system which means you can rest assured that no one will be falling out of the bouncer.

Unlike the BabyBjorn model above, this bouncer comes with a toy bar that can be easily removed. That said, there’s an easy way to encourage entertainment with toys. 

Top Features

Quick to Wipe Down and Clean

Multi-point Restraints

Vibration Mode to Soothe for Sleep

Included Removable Toy Table

The Rocker Baby Bouncer by Chicco Hoopla

The Rocker baby bouncer is one of our favourites for use up to babies aged around 6 months.

If you’re looking for a well-curated bouncer for the little ones and not for use through to toddler age, then this is the model for you. It’s been designed for the smallest members of the family and won’t transfer too much of your subdued movements through to the baby.

The rocker is a quality model and is robust and durable so you’ll be able to rest assured that it will last for years to come.

It’s one of the more dynamic models on the market too, and we’re happy to say that you’re able to use this rocker as a chair and a sleep surface for the baby, making it easy to go from nap time to supper time. 

With soft, plush and warm fabrics, the Baby Bouncer is also quite warm and cozy too, so getting that nice ‘cuddly’ feeling for your baby won’t be too hard here. It’s rather encompassing which is great for those babies who sleep or nap better when being embraced, rather than sprawling on a surface.

There’s adaptability here too, so you’re able to make some changes to the size and shape of the sleep surface as your young one grows — getting you some more use out of the rocker.

To add, the backrest is also easily adjustable too, which means there’s the option of using the rocker for more than just sleep or supper time. If you’re looking to have your little one play with toys, have a bite to eat or just to take a nap, you can quickly adjust the bouncer for this.

You’ll also find hanging toys included here as well, with three included out of the box which ensures your Bub has something to play with and stimulate their mind and motor skills as they sit in the bouncer.

To end, the rocker does fold flat like some of the other models on our list, so you’re able to easily store it or travel with it in the car.

Top Features

Doesn’t Require Assembly

Easily Locked to Fixed and Rocking Positions

Ergonomic and Embracing Design for Comfort

The SmartBounce Automatic Baby Bouncer by Ingenuity

One of the more full-featured baby bouncers on our list comes from Ingenuity.

This is the bouncer that’s one of the best out there when it comes to keeping your baby relaxed, sleeping or calmed down. It’s been so well-designed, in fact, that we’d rate this bouncer as the best for those parents who want to simply strap their baby in and get some work done around the house.

It’s been developed to mimic the movements of parents bouncing or rocking their child in bed or in a cot, and that means your child is kept focused on these motions and able to easily sleep or stay distracted whilst you get some chores done.

There’s plenty of added features here too, beyond the rocking motion. You’ll find included toys and sounds included as well, so there’s a range of stimuli to keep your little one nice and cozy.

When it comes to comfort and support, the bouncer has been shaped and moulded into the perfect form for babies looking to get a nap in. The bouncer is contouring and designed to embrace and also comes with plenty of padding and soft fabrics that can be machine washed or wiped down.

To add, there’s also the three-point restraints here which make it easy to keep your little one strapped in when it’s time to look away from the bouncer for a bit. 

As for the motion and automated movements, there are two speed settings here which you’re able to choose from when it comes time to rock your baby to sleep. Both are quite subtle, which is ideal, though depending on your child, one may work better than the other.

There’s also a range of melodies and sounds to choose from too, with three nature sounds and a great selection of eight melodies to choose from along with volume control and a toy bar too.

Top Features

Multiple Speed Options for Bouncing

Comes with a Range of Nature and Melody Sounds

Includes and Adjustable Harness

Tiny Love 3 In 1 Baby Rocker

To our final baby bouncer, and the Three in One by Tiny Love is another bouncer that qualifies for the best baby bouncer in Australia this year.

It’s one of the more versatile models to choose from as you can easily adapt and change it with time. That means you’re free to use this baby bouncer as your child grows. You can even alter it from a bouncer into a baby napper in a few seconds flat, which means there’s a lot more here than just a simple bouncer.

You’ll notice that Tiny Love also states you can use this bouncer with kids that weigh all the way up to 9kg which means that’s for young ones up to a year old, which is great for keeping them kept safe and secure at the age when crawling and roaming the home becomes a little hard to manage.

When comfort is considered, there’s an ideal three positions here for reclining. You’re able to quickly switch between the three for nap time, supper and simply sitting. There is also a plush sleep surface here too, so there’s no need to worry when it comes to letting your little one sit and sleep for a few hours.

The rocker’s built-in stimulation features are also excellent for parents looking to keep their young one’s mind distracted. There are music toys, vibration controls and lights built into the rocker so you can rest assured there’s plenty of options to choose from then it comes to keeping your little one more focused on napping than crying for attention.

Top Features

Three Stimulation Options

A Side-raising Option for Sleeping

Easy Conversion Between the Three Sleep and Relaxation Modes

Buying a Baby Bouncer and Our Tips

For our readers new to parenthood, or just new to baby bouncers, we have a few tips and ideas for you below.

These products are incredibly popular, and for good reason. They’re one of the safest and more effective ways to keep your little one distracted and lulled to sleep without you needing to be present, which means getting some work done or making dinner can be distraction-free.

However, there are a tonne of these baby bouncers on the market and that means there’s a lot to consider when it comes to investing in one. Deciding on the feature set, the use case and how you’re going to use your bouncer is just part of the story, so we have a great baby bouncer buying guide below.

Choosing Between Electric Or Passive

The first thing you’ll need to do is to choose is between an electric model or a passive baby bouncer.

The electric models are our top choice if you’re looking for a bouncer that’s going to stimulate and distract your baby without you having to do this. There are lights, sounds and automated toys here that keep your child focused on these things rather than getting your attention and this is typically ideal for most parents.

A lot of electronic bouncers also offer vibration and automatic rocking too, which means you can soothe your little one without having to lift a finger. The passive models will require you to sit and rock the baby bouncer on your own.

The Size

A second big consideration for your baby bouncer is the size. A lot of these bouncers can be quite large, which means you’ll need to choose one that suits your needs and your car.

Online there are size guides and metrics so checking the size isn’t too much of an issue, though be sure to measure your storage space in the car or in the home before you pull the trigger on a baby bouncer.

Be sure there’s space for it to fold and store in a wardrobe or under the cot, or in the car and you’re all good to go.

The Safety Features

One of the pivotal features you must look at are the safety features.

Of course, baby bounces are all compliant with Australian standards, though for added safety features, you’ll have to read the feature list.

We suggest looking for at least a three to five-point restraint system to put your mind at ease when it comes to strapping your little one into the baby bouncer. On top of this, be sure that the baby bouncer comes with ideal neck, back and head support too as you don’t want a younger child developing problems from resting their bodyweight incorrectly into the bouncer.

Ease to Clean

To end, the final point to keep in mind is the ability to clean the bouncer.

You always want your bouncer to be as sanitary as possible and this will rely on the shape and the fabrics used. If the bouncer has a rather complex design or a fabric that can’t be wiped down or machine washed easily, it’s best to turn in the other direction.

In all, plastics and plush machine-washable fabrics are going to be your best friend here. 

The Takeaway

With all of that said, it isn’t too hard to find the best baby bouncer in Australia.

We suggest looking for a bouncer that suits your needs and the needs of your baby and you’re on the right track to a great experience. Be sure to keep in mind that you’ll need to select a bouncer that word best for you, which means if you need some free time away from baby, and automated model might be the best for you.

For the parents who are okay with sitting and bouncing their little one, then a manual model is a good choice for you, and these might be more affordable too.

In all, remember to keep comfort, cleanliness and safety at the top of your list when it comes to a baby bouncer.