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8 Tips For Designing A Nursery On A Budget

January 04, 2018
8 Tips For Designing A Nursery On A Budget

Welcoming a new arrival into the family soon? There are so many things to consider - prams, car seat capsules, nappies - the list goes on and on. Styling your baby's nursery is one of the most fun shopping tasks - but with so much inspiration out there it is easy to feel overwhelmed and be unsure of how to stay within budget.

Here at Tinitrader, we appreciate the joy that a wonderfully styled nursery brings and understand that you want to spend your pennies wisely which is why we are sharing 8 tips to help you create your dream nursery without breaking the bank.

Enjoy browsing the gallery, picking up on some ideas and shopping from our wonderful range.

1. Nursery furniture packages are a saviour!


Two fabulous benefits - all of your furniture will be uniform (styling = success) and you will save BIG!

There are lots of different nursery furniture package combinations available which cater to every style, space and functionality.

Big-ticket items which can be checked off with an easy purchase of these packages include (but are not limited to):

  • Cot
  • Mattress (which perfectly fits the cot)
  • Change table/dresser
  • Changing mat (which perfectly fits the change table/dresser)

Super fuss free!

Plus, when purchasing in a bundle you can get a very lovely delivery discount too!

Here are some of our favourite packages on offer at the best prices:

2. Invest in a convertible cot


There are some amazing cots available on the market which have been designed with growing children in mind!

Convertible cots can go from cot to toddler bed and sometimes even a desk or bassinet - meeting both parents' and childrens' needs.

We have done a round up of the Top 8 Convertible Cots which outlines suitability, conversion options, dimensions and features to help you find the perfect one!

Here are some affordable convertible cots on offer:

3. Change it up


Don't buy both a changing table and a dresser - get a piece of furniture that does both!

These double duty dressers are cheaper, saves you a lot of space and has longevity.

Easily pop on a changing pad and you are ready to go. Once they no longer need nappies, take the changing pad off and you can keep the chest of drawers! An absolute winner.

Here are some of our favourites that are stylish enough to last past the teens:

4. Baskets, baskets, baskets!


Stylish baskets are the smartest storage solutions - they can be used in the nursery, the kids bedroom, living room, laundry or the porch! A worthwhile investment which is just as lovely to look at as they are practical - you can never have enough.

Baskets are especially fantastic if you don't have a lot of space. Shelving and big chests of drawers can be a bit annoying as well if you are renting or living in a smaller home.

Finally, you have bought your little one such gorgeous toys -an attractive basket allows them to be shown off a bit!

Here are some of our faves to be loved by the whole family:

5. Keep bedding simple


There are SO many cute cushions, throws, bumpers, toys and cot skirts that it can be easy to go overboard - and it all adds up!

Not only is this pricey and annoying when it comes to putting bub to sleep but it can also be very dangerous if you have a cluttered cot, dramatically increasing your little one's risk of SIDS.

All you need is:

Change it up season to season with a new cushion or two!

Here are some quality bedding options that are gender neutral so can be used again and again:

6. Cool shades


Something as simple as a new light pendant or fairy light can add a touch of magic to any nursery!

Super affordable and easy to switch around, these are fantastic investments that can become a hero of the room.

Avoid kiddy pendants and opt for one that is sophisticated enough to be used for many years or moved around to different spaces in the home.

Here are some fabulous ones available to buy online:

7. Wow with a feature wall


There are many ways to jazz up a wall in a nursery and it is super affordable!

Use wall decals, wallpaper (/s/kids-wallpaper) or even have a go at a DIY paint job. The possibilities are endless.

Here are some fun options:

8. Work the floor


A statement rug can add some personality and completely lift the styling in any nursery and is a whole lot more affordable than wall-to-wall carpeting (not to mention often easier to clean)!

One piece that you can invest a bit more in, the rug can be used down the track in a home office or living area.

Here are some stylish options with personality:

And one last tip...

Shop products on sale! Here at Tinitrader we have a wonderful selection of products from leading brands on sale trusted by parents.

With over 3,000 products currently on sale, you can create your dream nursery on a budget - all in the one shopping cart!

Be sure to check out some amazing nursery inspiration on our blog where you can shop the look.

Enjoy and congratulations on your new bundle of joy!

We hope you enjoyed these tips. If you are ready to start building your wishlist of products, then be sure and check out our Nursery product range.

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