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Maternity Clothing - Why its a Must!

September 26, 2014
Maternity Clothing - Why its a Must!

The day has come! And we don’t mean the day you found out your were pregnant - It’s the day you realized that nothing in your wardrobe fits anymore! You have tried extending the life of your pre pregnancy clothing with a belly band, however you can no longer deny it’s a squeeze getting into those black pants or jeans before work. Action is required!

There are many benefits to buying maternity clothing. The main benefit is that well fitting clothes are going to make us feel and look better than ill fitting non-maternity clothes. They fit differently than your regular clothes so that you can still move comfortably and enjoy good coverage of your body. However, it is not all about fit!

Maternity and fashion are two words you probably don't expect to see together. Maternity clothes are designed to make you more comfortable in pregnancy, however they can still be stylish. No longer are there only ugly baby doll style tent dresses available. Instead Mums to be can travel through their pregnancy in style and comfort!

The timing for moving into maternity clothing differs for all Mums. In general, you should start wearing maternity clothes when you can no longer comfortably fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes.

Embrace your pregnancy and purchase maternity clothing that not only fits well but looks great! Following are just a few of the benefits:

1. Style

Don’t sacrifice style during your pregnancy. There are many gorgeous maternity clothes available that have adapted the latest styles to work throughout your pregnancy. Pregnancy can be an emotional roller coaster. Body image is really challenged during this time. We all know we should embrace our new body, however the reality of doing this is sometimes a challenge. Maternity clothing that is still on trend can help with these image issues! There are many gorgeous new clothes available for Spring with beautiful prints and fabrics. Have fun and embrace the change, in style!

2. Comfort

As much as we would all love to feel gorgeous and beautiful all the way through pregnancy, the reality is that most of us feel large and often uncomfortable. Trying to wear pre pregnancy clothing worsens the whole feeling of being larger than normal! Maternity clothing is designed to work for changing bodies and are made in fabric that feels comfortable no matter your size.

Maternity underwear is also a must. Maternity bras and briefs are the only thing that will work for pregnant mums and with gorgeous designs out there you don’t have to feel daggy!

3. Fit

As advised by the clever Margarat Szabo, do not buy regular clothing two sizes larger to accommodate your bump. You'll be swamped everywhere except your bump and end up looking enormous all over. Garments need to fit across the shoulders and through the hips to look good and feel comfortable.

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Maternity garments tend to be more versatile in their fit than normal clothes. Ruched sides and wraps enable maternity clothes to grow and shrink as you do so you can maintain a chic, fitted silhouette.

One must have wardrobe item are jeans. Wearing pre pregnancy jeans is almost impossible for most Mums. The unique benefit of maternity jeans is that one pair can be worn throughout the whole pregnancy. This is because they are designed to stretch and adapt as the pregnancy advances. Maternity jeans come with adjustable, elastic waistbands which can “grow” as needed, to accommodate the mother’s enlarging belly.

4. Good value for money

You can achieve good value and a low cost per wear with a little planning with maternity clothing. You tend not to need a large wardrobe of maternity clothes. Basics like jeans, black pants, a couple of tops, a stretchy dress and some properly fitted underwear usually cover all your needs. Keep in mind that you will still wear many of these items for a period of time post pregnancy. Purchase maternity tops that can also be used for breastfeeding.

As Mum’s body develops during pregnancy, her breasts will grow as milk ducts prepare to make milk. This expansion continues through until about month seven. At that point, it is safe to be measured for properly fitted nursing bras. It is great to have this sorted prior to the birth, rather than trying to rush around after the birth.

With a little pre-planning, maternity clothing can provide wonderful value for money. The clothing will be worn often and can last for many months after the birth of bub.

5. Getting it right at work

It is important for Mums-to-be to keep the look professional at work. Given most Mums-to-be work up until a month or so before the birth, it is difficult to squeeze into fitted suits and clothing that worked pre pregnancy. Given all the changes faced by Mums, removing the stress from what to wear is crucial.

Have fun with your pregnancy and embrace the change. Pregnancy is a great reason to do some very justifiable shopping! Buy some specially designed maternity clothing to make the adjustment to a new life as smooth and stylish as possible!

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