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5 Top Tips for Styling Your Kid's Bedroom

5 Top Tips for Styling Your Kid's Bedroom

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Decorating your child's bedroom can be daunting. The need for the room to facilitate multiple activities and remain relevant as your child grows and matures is important. However, with a little planning and thought, the room can be loved by both Mum and child and can help keep your family organised!

To make sure you don't end up with a style that your child is going to quickly outgrow, we have come up with the following 5 simple tips;

1. Involve your child in the process

This is a tricky one when Mum has firm views on the look and feel she would prefer. The easiest way to do this is to offer your child some limited choices within a range of what you are comfortable with. Involving your child will mean that they can feel some ownership over the room. They can also see the space as a safe haven of creativity and independence. The pride in their room may mean that they will be more inclined to keep the room clean (we can all dream!).

2 . Choose beautifully designed furniture with simple lines and colours

Beautifully designed furniture will last well into the teenage years. Furniture in neutral colours and in appropriate sizes can be adapted for each stage of childhood. A bed in a white finish or neutral wood finish is a great start. Think about investing in a bed with a trundle to accommodate sleepovers. If you have the space, consider buying a King Single bed with the best mattress you can afford. Your little one may swim in the bed initially, however you will be pleased you made this purchase as your child enters their teenage years.

Invest in good quality furniture like a chest of drawers and a desk that can also grow with your child. Buying a ‘kiddie’ size desk may look right when your child is tiny, however as they grow this furniture quickly becomes too small.

Of course, buying new furniture can sometimes be a financial hurdle so read these fantastic tips from Brosa to help manage your budget.

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3. Optimise storage options

This one is a real no brainer for any Mum looking to try to keep some control around the house.

Help your child to keep their room tidy by simplifying the amount of stuff they have in their room. This can be done by offering great storage solutions that are easy to access and utilize. Cull the amount of outgrown toys and clothes by undertaking a regular review of the ‘stuff’ that our kids accumulate. This is a constant battle and something that needs to be undertaken at least 3 times a year. If the item doesn’t fit, hasn’t been played with in the last month or is broken then move the item to a better home (unfortunately that may need to be the bin)! Be ruthless!

Built in storage is excellent. A great wardrobe with both drawers and hanging space mean that most of your kid’s stuff can be stored out of site. However many kids rooms don’t have the luxury of a great wardrobe. In this case a great chest of drawers is a must have along with some tubs for toys.

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4. Colour, soft furnishings and bedding

Colour, soft furnishings and bedding can add the personality to the room. These items can also be modified as your child’s taste and maturity changes.

A neutral wall colour can be easier to work with if you are not keen to paint on a regular basis. This can then be complimented with bolder soft furnishings and bedding. Purchasing a new set of linen every couple of years can be a great way to update the room. Many older design savvy kids even love receiving new bedlinen as birthday or Christmas gifts. Bedlinen now comes in the most amazing array or colours and prints that will brighten and bring alive even the plainest room.

Wall art, pinboards and blackboards can also add personality to the room, however keep in mind that blackboards are dusty and are a beacon for other siblings to draw inappropriate images on the wall (it is amazing to watch what little boys think is funny to draw on their sisters wall)!

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5. Avoid gender specific themes and themes in general!

Gone are the days of decorating a boy’s room blue and a girl’s room pink. We also see less matchy-matchy rooms where a clear theme reigns and everything fits like a perfectly coordinated puzzle. Now anything goes and there is a strong shift to gender neutral rooms.

Avoid themes at all costs. A car or princess theme might seem like a great idea when your child is 5 or 6, however this will soon feel dated and inappropriate especially as your child reaches double digits.

Decorating your child’s room should be fun and a process that can be shared with your child. Enjoy unleashing your designer flair and fostering a little of that flair in your child. Some careful planning can mean that Mum and kid can enjoy the room well into the teenage years.