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Bobux Play

March 07, 2016

Shop & Learn About The New Bobux 2016 Play Range

Children are tough on their feet. And because of this, parents commonly buy their little one’s inferior shoes knowing the rough and tumble they will undoubtedly be exposed to.

Through jumping and running, climbing and crawling, kids put their shoes through some pretty extreme situations which, lets be honest, ordinary shoes just can not handle.

That is, until now.

girls playing

Bobux, a company passionate about the growth and development of little feet, decided this was not good enough.

At a time where kids are learning spacial awareness and balance they should be wearing shoes that support, rather than hinder this development.

Bobux designers decided to put aside everything they knew about footwear production and instead went back to the basics, looking simply at how kids were using their shoes and what they could do to meet these demands.

The result? A revolution in children’s footwear!

From new materials, lasts and moulds, to a completely redesigned shoe, the “Play” range from Bobux is the perfect shoe that both you and your child will love.

The new collection takes into account the differing needs of your child’s feet as they grow up, protecting and assisting them through every step of their development journey.

kids try on shoes

For newborns and pre-walkers, the soft sole design is that way to go.

Designed specifically for babies in their first year, the Bobux soft soles mimic the benefits of going barefoot, allowing for natural movement and flexibility.

With a secure fit to ensure they stay on and a non-slip grip, these shoes are the perfect shoe for little crawlers and explorers.

Once your little one is up on two feet, its all about learning balance and coordination.

girl in dress and bow

The Bobux stepup range is designed to meet the needs of children learning to walk.

Easy to get on and stay on, the Stepup range offers a lightweight, rounded sole with maximum flex, allowing for better ground connection, special awareness and balance for new walkers.

With many toddlers often ending up back on all fours, a very handy micro-armor toe cap helps shoes resist abrasion while still allowing for maximum flexibility.

Once kids have mastered the art of walking, they don’t tend to stop and before long they are running, jumping, climbing and falling.

While heavy shoes get in the way of non-stop playing, the IWalk Blaze range is lightweight and flexible, without compromising on durability.

The IWalk sole makes sure little feet can flex and move naturally, while breathable fabrics and premium leather mean the range is as practical as it is stylish.

child with balloon

Bobux have honestly thought of everything when it comes to there new Play range, even including animal graphics on the shoe that not only help children engage with the design, but also help them remember left and right.

Bobux really care about the growth and development of children’s feet. From stylish aesthetic to superior comfort and support, the “Play” range is unlike any other children’s shoe on the market. Unmatched in terms of durability and protection, both you and your little one will no doubt fall in love with the new “play” range from Bobux.

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