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BodyICE | Meet Lydia Lassila

May 19, 2016
BodyICE | Meet Lydia Lassila

BodyICE: a collection of stylishly designed remedial ice and heat packs for women and children. We talk to the creator about how she came to design and develop the range.

Lydia Lassila is living proof that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.

Olympic freestyle skiing aerialist, business owner, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and mum of two, Lydia boasts one very impressive resume, approaching each and every aspect of her busy life with the same dedication, commitment and belief that saw her win gold at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.


No success story comes without setback however and for Lydia, a devastating knee injury at the Torino Olympics in 2006 resulted in numerous surgeries and a year of intense rehabilitation and recovery.

It was her time away from the slopes that inspired Lydia to design and develop BodyICE, a no-fuss ice and compression system that comfortably secures around injured joints and body parts.

“I was really frustrated with the lack of products on the market” she says.

“All I could find were gel packs at the pharmacy and they were frozen stiff! They were too cold to put on initially and then not cold enough and I didn’t have any way to strap them and hold them in place”.

An innovation in recovery, BodyICE couples the traditional ice bag with elastic neoprene straps to provide a high-quality range of ice packs that offer both compression and mobility.

Carefully designed to fit comfortably around specific joints and areas, the ice bags can also be filled with hot tap water offering the option of soothing heat therapy.

“I wanted to create ice and heat packs for people to be able to recover from their injuries with ease and create a product that was user friendly yet super effective in delivering that cold therapy directly to a specific joint”.

With two young boys of her own, Lydia knows the rough and tumble kids will inevitably be exposed to and that is what lead her to release the BodyICE Kids range.


“The kids range is unique in the way that it has little elastic straps that hold the icepacks in place” Lydia says.

“The gel beads are flexible, they are comfortable, fun and an easier way to apply cold therapy to children, which can sometimes be really really tricky as they won’t sit still and hold something there”.

Likewise, it was the experience of childbirth that alerted Lydia to the fact that there were very little options available for women to recover after giving birth, prompting her to create BodyICE Woman, a range of stylishly designed remedial ice and heat packs just for women offering calming relief to the perineum after childbirth and breasts throughout the breastfeeding journey.

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Having built her business from the ground up, it is obvious Lydia’s talent goes well beyond the ski slopes, approaching business with the same fearless confidence she demonstrates as an athlete.

“I’m used to taking risks and it wasn’t any different in business” she says.

“I never approached it with any fear, I just kind of went for it but I felt really good about it. I felt passionate about it and I didn’t see any red flags. If you’ve got that, that’s a really amazing starting point to building a successful business”.

Whether or not Lydia decided to fight it out for another Olympic gold, time will tell, but one thing is for certain, there are no limits to what the future may hold for this truly inspiring Aussie champion.

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