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Joolz Birth Forest | About

May 05, 2016
Joolz Birth Forest | About

The Joolz Birth Forest is a unique celebration of your baby’s birth. We learn about this gift to the parents, the baby and the rest of the world.

Here at Tinitrader we are huge fans of Dutch brand Joolz.

From their sleek, well designed strollers to their clever use of eco-friendly materials and reusable packaging we didn’t think we could love the stylish brand any more than we already do, but we were wrong!

Taking the next big step in their Positive Design strategy, Joolz have implemented an exciting initiative, the Joolz Birth Forest.

Helping you celebrate the unique and special moment your new baby arrives, for every Joolz baby registered, a tree will be planted in the Joolz Birth forest, a forest situated amongst the Colombian rainforests, also known as the “Lungs of the Earth”.

birth forrest

Perfectly located to contribute to CO2 reduction and to bring sustainable development to the local community, the initiative, which first began in October 2013, aims to fight deforestation and climate change.

“We like to contribute to a sustainable world and my belief is that every little step is a meaningful one” Joolz creative director Emile Kuenen says.

“By planting a tree for every registered Joolz baby we’re not only celebrating the Joolz babies, but we compensate the Joolz ecological footprint as well. By combining both; planting a tree is fun and meaningful at the same time”.

A gift to you when you purchase a Joolz stroller, all you need is your baby’s date of birth and the serial number from your Joolz pram chassis to register.

Once registered you will receive a personalised certificate for your planted tree and from that moment forward your tree will grow, just like your little one.


Committed to planting 10,000 by the end of this year, we are proud to be working with a company that goes well beyond just the products they sell, striving to make a positive difference in the world.

Stylish, aesthetic, carefully considered design and environmentally conscious, choosing the perfect stroller has never been easier thanks to Joolz.

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