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Nutrition Advice for Active Kids

July 21, 2014
Nutrition Advice for Active Kids

Is your adolescent child right into sports?

So they burn a lot of energy and therefore need plenty of fuel… But have you often wondered just what is the right fuel for someone so flat out?

Active children around this age are going through a lot of changes, and their nutritional needs are articulated given the demands of training and possibly even competing.

There is plenty of information out there in the ether for active adults, but what about kids? Surely their needs are different?

Australia’s peak professional organisation for specialist sport nutrition dietitians, Sports Dietitians Australia (SDA), has in conjunction with Griffith University come to the rescue with a new position statement for active adolescents.

The statement advises on everything a parent would want to know, including:

  • Energy intake
  • Carbohydrate, protein and fat needs
  • Fluid requirements
  • Specific nutrients that may be particularly beneficial for them (e.g. Iron, Calcium, Vitamin D).

Importantly, the guidelines also warn against performance-enhancing dietary supplements for active adolescents.

The over-arching message from SDA is that there is no cookie-cut out formula appropriate for all adolescents. A growing footballer’s nutritional needs will differ vastly to that of a martial arts student, a ballerina or swimmer.

If your child is seriously into sports then you might want to consider looking into an SDA accredited dietitian who is aware of the guidelines.

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