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Adam Kavanagh on what it means to be a Dad

August 31, 2015
Adam Kavanagh on what it means to be a Dad

One rainy day in Melbourne we enjoyed a visit from the Adam, Felicity and their delightful little girl Harriet. Harriet is almost 3 and is a charming smiley little pocket rocket!

Adam is an accomplished cyclist and now works as part of the editorial team for Bikeexchange (our brother website). We were grateful he could afford the time to sit down with us for a chat about his experiences of Fatherhood.

Adam and Felicity were living in Richmond pre the arrival of Harriet. Like many growing families, the call of their extended family and living in a less busy location led them to move to the country. They now live in the idyllic hamlet of Ocean Grove. Felicity’s Mum and 2 brothers live nearby in Geelong.

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Adam works from home 50% of the time and works in the office in South Melbourne the other 50% of the time. He seems to manage the commute well. Sometimes the commute is less than other team mates travelling from the north of the city to the south!

Family is important to Adam. His parents separated when he was a small child. His Mum raised him to be a terrific man, however he knows how important it is to have time with Dad. He loves spending time with his daughter and looks forward to every milestone. The current passion is seeing Harriet ride her balance bike. No surprise there!

Fatherhood has surprised, challenged and delighted Adam. He is amazed by the depth of feeling he has for his little girl. He is generally a gentle man, however he talks of the anger he felt when a bigger child knocked over his precious little girl at the beach. He couldn’t believe the strength of his response and his need to protect his daughter. Adam was also amazed by how hard the first few months after bringing home a newborn were. The broken sleep and the constancy of a little baby’s needs were more than he expected. Adam is now amazed by how easily Harriet can convince him to do as she pleases. Adam and Felicity are already working out that it is important to work as a team and keep a consistent front with Harriet.

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Adam has certainly found it harder to slip away from the family to train at the level he was used to pre child. Adam and Felicity are both seriously into their sport. Before Harriet they were both competing in regular cycling events and even Ironman events (you know those crazy things that go for 8 hours +!). Since Harriet’s arrival it is now important to spend time as a family. They still train and compete, however being away for 5 or 6 hours training needs to be carefully juggled with their family time.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is certainly important to Felicity and Adam. They work hard to ensure Harriet has a sugar free diet as far as possible, however she has recently discovered baby chinos and the chocolate sprinkles on top! There is a constant battle with Grandparents when they are adamant that sweet treats won’t do Harriet any harm. Adam recalled his own childhood when his brother would fill his head with carnation milk straight from the tube! Not exactly the sugar free approach he and Felicity are aiming for. Like all parents they want the best for their little girl, however they know that controlling all parts of life are hard, especially when kids start attending school, parties and have other outside influences.

Watching Adam with his little girl is delightful. We look forward to hearing about Harriet’s journey and the fun they have as a family. We expect to see her riding a bike in no time!

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