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Meet Guest Blogger Adrienne from Stylish Bump

December 15, 2015
Meet Guest Blogger Adrienne from Stylish Bump

We welcome Adrienne from Stylish Bump to Tinitrader

With a following of over 50thousand people on social media, Adrienne is the go-to for mums to be everywhere when it comes to style and fashion. After giving birth to three beautiful girls in quick succession, Adrienne quickly became an expert on all things pregnancy so created Stylish Bump, her blog and Instagram where she shares helpful tips and advice she has picked up along her journey. Adrienne will be joining the Tinitrader team as a guest blogger and we were lucky enough to find out a little bit more about this very stylish mummy.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background

I am a mum of three pre-school girls aged 1, 4 and 5 and a former journalist and PR practitioner and now work part time as a Digital Media Manager.

What led you to start stylish bump?

I started Stylish Bump on Instagram, my favourite social medium, when I was pregnant last year because I couldn’t find a page dedicated to what people – including celebrities – wore when pregnant. I wanted a social media ‘magazine’ that would show me what people wore, where I could buy it, how I could copy the look, how to style my nursery and so on… and I couldn’t find one, so I started one!

That eventually developed into the Stylish Bump blog, because after three pregnancies in quick succession I have found some great products for pregnancy, motherhood, babies and my girls and had to find a forum in which to share them, and the blog was a natural extension of the Instagram page. I love celebrities, homewares and interior styling, fashion, cooking and my girls, and love to combine all those things into my writing and PR background at Stylish Bump.

What is the main thing you want women to take away or gain from Stylish Bump?

As well as what I already mentioned, I hope in some small way that I can share some helpful tips and advice I've picked up to other new mothers.

Adrienne and girls running

Tell us about your family

I am married to Den, we've been together for 14 years and had three beautiful girls in quick succession, Ava Jane, 5, Sasha Grace, 4 and Marnie Kate 15 months. We live in inner Melbourne's north and love beach holidays, music, bike riding and swimming.

For you, what is the best thing about being a mum?

Having three small versions of my husband and I to teach, laugh with, share experiences and love - it's finally given our lives real meaning and purpose. To love them so much, to be so loved and so needed is the most wonderful feeling. We're so lucky to have three beautiful, healthy, smart, curious and kind daughters, we know how lucky we are and we are grateful every day for our family.

What does a typical day in your life look like?

Early breakfast at 7:30am then take the girls to kinder and day care, off to work then pick them up at 5pm, home for dinner, bath, story-time and bed by 7:30pm, then I cook the next evening's meal, make some of the baby's snacks and meals, then a bit of writing and blogging before bed at 9:30pm. I need my sleep!

Adrienne Blog Profile Pic

What do you enjoy doing when you get some spare time?

Hard question because it's been so long since 'spare time' was actually 'spare' - every minute of the day is accounted for since they're still so young. We like to go for brunch in our neighbourhood then grab a take away coffee and watch the girls play at the park. Simple things.

What made you want to write for Tinitrader and in what way will you be contributing?

I feel I have picked up so much knowledge over the past 5 1/2 years of parenthood, and even before that trying to conceive, that I really get satisfaction in being able to share those tips and advice. There is so much information available now with social media that it's helpful for parents to find advice, products and tips all in the one location - and Tini rader houses all the products I use and love.