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Meet Our Guest Blogger Aimee Tarulli

April 03, 2016
Meet Our Guest Blogger Aimee Tarulli

After close to a decade working in the fast paced world of advertising, it was the challenge of decorating her own home, that she built with her husband Frank, that inspired Aimee Tarulli to leave the corporate world behind and instead follow her passion, pursuing a career in interior styling.

Today, Aimee has not looked back, working as a freelance Interior Stylist, running her own business, Archer Interiors, as well as heading the Interior Design department of boutique Melbourne builder Thomas Archer Homes.

With over 36 thousand followers on social media and a number of high profile campaigns under her belt already, Aimee is a woman in demand!

We are very lucky to have Aimee joining the Tinitrader team as a guest blogger. We sat down with the gorgeous mum of two and got a small insight into the ever busy, super creative world of Aimee Tarulli.

What inspired you to get into the world of interior styling?

I built a new house with my husband who is a builder, so I was left with the task of decorating it.

I said to my husband I don’t want to bring anything from my old house into our new house, I want to start from scratch and I had so much fun with it. I was working in advertising at the time and with the task of decorating my dream home, I just absolutely loved it!

I was finding I was putting mood boards together during my other work time and having much more fun doing that.

It was then published in Home Beautiful and I started to get lots of requests for decorating from that. I got lots of emails from people saying “I love your house, I love your style, can you decorate mine” and I really didn’t even think about it as a job at that point but I was getting so many requests and so much great feedback from people and I thought well maybe I could make it work!

I had a little baby at the same time and I thought I cant go back to advertising, why don’t I just see if I can tinker away at a few things and it has just taken off from there.

mother and son in forrest

What do you love most about your job?

I love that everyday is different. I love meeting new clients and making their homes really beautiful. I also love stying for commercial photo shoots and magazines as well. I love that there is such a mix within that same field.

What have been some of your favourite projects?

I recently worked on a campaign for Feast Watson, they’ve just launched there timber forecast for 2016, which celebrates the beauty of natural timbre.

That was a commercial photo shoot showcasing that products, so that was really really fun. We literally transformed my whole house, which is always fun seeing how different it could look.

That was beautiful, we got to work with so many beautiful natural products and timbres and gorgeous furniture, like furniture from Mark Tuckey, which I love, so that was really fun.

Obviously you have to continually be coming up with new ideas, where do you find inspiration for new projects?

One of my biggest inspirations is artwork, I just love art!

Colours in artwork really inspire me, styles in artwork. I also look through all of the magazines and even just getting around to stores.

One of my favourite furniture stores is Jardan and I find even just walking through there inspires me to think about new colour palettes and different ways of doing things

cot nursery side

Tell us about your own personal style. What looks are you loving at the moment?

I’m loving a real sense of Australiana. So lots of natural products, timbres, native florals and just really teared back in terms of colours, so really earthy tones like mustards and greens.

I’m also loving a much softer colour palette from where I was a few years ago. I started out loving lots of bright colour and now kind of living with it myself for a while I’m really tearing it right back and trying to use a more sophisticated colour palette.

So I am still loving colour, but using it in a more muted way so its not so in your face. I love mixing up different colours like baby pink and mustard for example, colours that probably wouldn’t traditionally go together but still work so beautifully!

We have seen pictures of your house and its absolutely stunning! Do you like to play around with the look?

Yes! It does not stay the same from week to week. I am always changing around the artwork because that’s probably the biggest thing I spend money on, is new art! I just love it!

I have so many white walls in my house so as soon as I see a piece I just have to have it! But as soon as I buy something it means something has to move or get shuffled around so there is constant holes in my walls from artwork at different sizes!

One of the hazards of my job is getting out there to the stores buying things for other clients I think I need this for myself. So then as soon as I buy something, things get moved around but that’s the beauty of it and that’s also what constantly inspires me to keep the look fresh in my own house.

Its not realistic to go and build a new house every few years but you can totally change up the interior by moving things around and doing some new cushions.

One of my design philosophes is invest in minimal, larger pieces of furniture, a lovely minimalist couch for example, then change up all the soft furnishings, that’s a really inexpensive way to get a completely different look in your own house.

nursery in white and pink

You are a mum of two, what are some of your top tips when it comes to styling kids rooms?

My biggest tip and design philosophy for kid’s rooms is style up. So style it up to the next age bracket so that they’ve got a room that inspires them and they can grow in too.

I really don’t like styling really kiddie kids rooms, I always make sure they’ve got a level of sophistication to them, and a room that they can grow in to, so they can enjoy it now but they will also enjoy it in five years time, there not going to grow out of anything.

Has your own style changed since becoming a mum?

I don’t think so…I think its sort of stayed the same. There’s always certain trends that come and go. I try not to subscribe to trends to much but just stick true to the things I really love myself.

That does evolve with new products coming onto the market and different things like that but my personal style has stayed much the same, just new pieces that I see come and go but the style stays pretty much the same.

sky angle

You left a senior role in advertising to start your own business, that must have been pretty scary!! Where there any hurdles along the way and if so how did you overcome them?

It was quite timely as I went on maternity leave from that role and it was really during maternity leave that I thought “gee, I am going to start have a dabble in this industry”, not that I ever thought at the time it would turn in to a job but I thought I need to be doing something else, I can’t just be doing the mothers group thing day in day out.

I am a creative person at heart so I wanted to be doing something as well.

At that point, with my first baby, they sleep so much! I had all this down time while there sleeping so I thought stuff cleaning the house, I want to be doing something that makes me feel connected to the world and not just stuck at home.

The thing that I do miss is the social aspect of being in a bigger office in a big corporate job with people.

With advertising, one thing I was doing a lot was meeting with my clients and taking a creative brief form them and then pushing that through to the agency then presenting that back to them. I feel I still get to do that in my job now, especially with decorating.

I am taking the client briefs, I am doing the work myself and then I am presenting it back to them.

There are a lot of skills I’ve been able to transfer over which has worked really well, especially all the organisation side of running your own business so that’s been really handy. Its just been a mind set I have never really got out of, its just allowed my to be a little more creative on this side of things which I really love.

What would be your advice for other women wanting to start their own business?

Just do it! Don’t feel overwhelmed with the huge task of trying to everything at once.

Just start small, start to do little bits and pieces where you can. Its not realistic for a lot of people to go right, I’m going to quit my corporate job and go and start my little creative passion.

I’d encourage people to start small and treat it as a bit of a hobby at the start and then build it up that way. That way you are not completely taking the plunge into this whole new scary world of something you haven’t really done before.

Use Instagram as a great platform to showcase your work and showcase your creativity. Start a page and get your work out there!

aimee s instagram

Whatever it is, whether its knitting, jewellery making or print making, whatever it may be, just use Instagram as a brilliant platform to get your work out there, start small and don’t be overwhelmed by a big task of totally changing gears, just start dabbling.