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The Block's Alisa & Lysandra New Kids Wallpaper Range

December 04, 2015

Tinitrader is so excited to share the new kids wallpaper range from The Block's design duo, Alisa and Lysandra. Read on to learn more about the range

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The Tinitrader team were thrilled to have Alisa & Lysandra in the Tinitrader studio to style and photograph their fantastic new kids wallpaper range in collaboration with Grafico.

The talented duo styled a combination of nursery and kids bedroom looks using products carefully hand picked from Tinitrader. By using a great range of furniture and decor items from Tinitrader retailers and sellers, the twins have created a unique collection of room reveals.

For each room look, a cornerstone furniture piece was imperative. For the nurseries, the Bebe Care range provided a clean and functional base for the room using both the Euro Cot and Nordica cots and were a delight to work with. The kids bedroom looks featured two beds from the Parenthood Furniture's range. The Loft Single Bed gave an antique charm to each room while the Town and Country single bed gave a classic touch. Both beds were effortlessly styled thanks to their understated yet modern look.

Having become household names after their winning success on the reality television show The Block, Alisa and Lysandra Fraser are back in a big way with a new collection of children’s wallpaper.

The twins, who featured in not just one but two series of The Block, have been extremely busy since trading in their police badges in pursue of their dream. They have started an interior firm and an online shop as well as designing a bedroom suite and an artwork range. And now, the girls hailed as the design duo, are getting ready to launch their new children’s wallpaper range in collaboration with Grafico.

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The collection is a representation of Alisa and Lysandra’s own unique style. Expect both bold and soft colors that balance perfectly with one another, as well as an interplay of patterns that are fun yet tranquil and understated.

“Wallpaper adds a different dimension to interiors; it creates incredible visual appeal that has the capacity to completely transform a space” says Alisa.

“Our new wallpaper collection evokes happiness and excitement through vivacious hues and patterns that are playful yet understated, transforming rooms into spaces where fond memories can be created”.

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Having become the go-to experts for interior transformations, the stylish twins have a knack for pulling together room looks that are different and made to last as your child grows.

Designed and produced exclusively in Australia, the range is targeted at children under the age of five, however after the initial response from previews, there may be a few bigger kids and adults who wouldn’t mind seeing the Fraser twins wallpaper in their rooms.

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The collection premiered on their renovation special ‘Alisa and Lysandra to The Rescue’, with the design featured in the show also gracing the walls of Alisa’s new nursery. Both Alisa and Lysandra are mothers, with Alisa expecting baby number two in January.

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Shop all the looks on our dedicated shopping page