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Ankle Biters - Funky Kids Shoes & Accessories

April 16, 2015
Ankle Biters - Funky Kids Shoes & Accessories

In this week’s Stores we Love, Tinitrader shares with you the funky and unique kids boutique, Ankle Biters. Ankle Biters is arguably the Gold Coast’s best find for trendy, practical and best of all, affordable kids shoes, clothing, accessories and more! Read on to learn more.

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There is no denying owner and founder, Muguet’s, taste is superb and captures that unique feel parent’s so often look for. This is evident when walking in to the Ankle Biters store, with the shop filled with funky shoes, travel chairs, clothing, mobiles, toys and more - every product is simply gorgeous.

The Ankle biters range is primarily focused on its’ adorable shoe range. Made with the utmost quality, every shoe has been specifically designed taking in to consideration physiological and biochemical traits of a growing child’s foot. The shoe’s design is also aligned with podiatry advice resulting in first walkers and trainers that are completely functional and practical. It goes without saying, these shoes are absolutely gorgeous and will suit any taste! We had a look at two of Muguet’s shoe ranges:

Super Flexi Shoe Range

The super flexi range are specifically designed for children’s feet to develop properly while they are growing. The flex and bend allows for movement but also a comfortable fit balancing both comfort and practicality.

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Shop Super Flexi

Soft Sole First Walkers

The perfect first shoe for your little one, Ankle Biter’s range of soft sole first walkers will provide your baby with complete comfort in these 100% leather first walkers. Each shoe is breathable, lightweight, flexible and easy to put on. Available in a large range of styles and designs, your little one’s shoe collection will never be dull!

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Shop Soft Sole First Walkers

Ankle Biters Travel Chair

Perhaps our favorite find from Ankle Biters is the ingenious portable travel chair. We share the frustration many parents feel when going out, whether it be to restaurants or a friend’s place, where a high chair is not always readily available. The solution to this dilemma is Ankle Biter’s travel chair which converts a normal backed chair in to a portable high chair in an instant. The design allows parents to attach the chair to ensure your baby is secure at the table with its five point harness giving maximum support so both you and bub you can enjoy your meal

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Shop Travel Chair

The Ankle Biters range extends to clothing, accessories, swimwear, home décor and toys so you are guaranteed to find what you’re after.

We love Muguest’s philosophy that gorgeous kids clothing and accessories do not always come with an exxy price tag. You definitely won’t come out of Ankle Biter’s disappointed and maybe with a few more things than planned!

Shop the Ankle Biters range