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Ardo Calypso Breast Pump Review

May 10, 2017
Ardo Calypso Breast Pump Review

If you have opted for the breastfeeding route, it’s likely you’ve looked into purchasing a breast pump. Commonly marketed as a ‘must have’ item for new and expecting mothers, a good breast pump is an excellent tool to have at the ready when required.

While not everyone necessarily needs a breast pump, many women do choose to pump for a range of different reasons. Some work away from home and want to provide milk for their baby, some struggle to nurse but still want to feed their baby breast milk. For some, it is simply a matter of wanting an emergency stash in case you are separated from your little one for more than a couple of hours.

Whatever your reasons for pumping, choosing the right type of breast pump is very important.

Anyone who has used a breast pump before will know that pumping is not exactly the most enjoyable activity. So, the easier, more comfortable and more efficient the breast pump, the better!

That is why we love the Calypso Breast Pump from Ardo. A trusted partner of hospitals and breastfeeding experts, Ardo pride themselves on developing products that make breastfeeding much easier for new mums and the Calypso is no exception.

The only personal breast pump endorsed by the Australian Breast Feeding Association (ABA), the Calypso is ideal for those who want to express milk regularly and over an extended period of time while still enjoying their freedom. Extremely easy to use wherever you may be, the Calypso is designed for mothers who want maximum flexibility while breastfeeding.

Marketed as the quietest pump on the market, the Calypso is no louder than a gentle hum. Not only making a big difference for many women struggling to relax while pumping, it also means milk can be pumped comfortably and discreetly wherever you are.

But just because it is quite, does not mean it is any less powerful! Despite being so discrete, the Calypso still boasts superior strength. The suction strength and frequency settings can also be adjusted individually and independently from one another, giving you more control over your pumping experience.

The proven vacuum seal technology serves as a 100% protection barrier against bacteria and ensures that no breast milk or impurities can enter the connecting tube or pump. This provides reliable protection against contamination of the breast milk, preventing infection.

Other great features of the Calypso Breast Pump include:

  • A selection of breast shell sizes for a more personalised fit

  • Optiflow inserts for active breast massage

  • Compact and portable design

  • Easy to clean

  • Fulfils the highest standards of hygiene

  • Provides maximum safety for breastfeeding mothers

  • Converts into a double pump with a Pumpset

  • WHO Code Compliant.

A good breast pump can be an absolute lifesaver for a breastfeeding mum and they don’t come much better than the Ardo Calypso. Offering mums efficiency and discretion in one compact unit, the Ardo Calypso Breast Pump retails $279.95 for the single and $329.95 for the double.