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Parent Review - The Aramdillo Stroller from Mamas & Papas

April 27, 2015

Tinitrader were lucky enough to have Jason and Jade, parents to gorgeous Will, review the latest Armadillo Stroller. Here’s what they thought!

We were so excited to be asked to test drive the latest Armadillo Pram from Mammas & Papas. On receiving the packaged pram in the box there were some hesitations (some would say we are somewhat mechanically challenged!) however, these were soon all forgotten.

We were pleasantly surprised at how we could simply lift the pram out of the box and within a few minutes have the pram assembled and ready to go. All that was required was the insertion of the rear braking mechanism, attachment of all four wheels and of the basket. Thanks to the accompanying and easy to read instructions, this was a breeze and already had us giving the pram a big tick of approval.

Will, our almost 2 year old, loved the look of the pram and was eager to jump in. We took advantage of his enthusiasm by taking the pram out and about our local neighborhood for our first test drive.

One thing we noticed is that the stroller is seriously roomy. Our little boy is on the larger size and is rapidly growing out of other strollers (don’t even mention baby clothes!). His growth rate certainly wouldn’t be a problem with the Armadillo and its wide and deep seat. This pram will be perfect until he is at least 3 years old. Will was soon snoozing on our stroll thanks to the seat’s easy recline to flat position feature. Another big tick!

Some key features of the pram include:


The Armadillo was so light and easily fitted into our average size car boot. No need for a large SUV with this stroller! As mentioned the seat is also roomy and comfy and can accommodate children up to 15kgs so can be used from birth up until 3+ years.

Seat back & footrest

Both are adjustable with levers located behind each section. Simply pull and adjust to the desired angle. The recline mechanism is very smooth and easy to operate making it easier to recline without waking a sleeping child (Tick!). The seat is still slightly reclined when fully adjusted to an upright position however, this doesn’t seem to be an issue.

5 point harness

The pram has an easy to use 5 point harness ensuring your little one is safe and snug in the stroller. This is a rethreading system, meaning that you have 3 slots to choose from for the shoulder height, and to adjust you will need to take the straps out of their current spot and then fit them into the correct position for your child’s height.

Hood and peek through window

The stroller features a super large hood that is great for shade in the harsh Aussie sun or even when the sun is low in winter. When the hood is extended there is a handy peek through the window with a flap on top. This hood can also be removed for easy cleaning.

Smooth Ride

This stroller delivers an incredibly easy and smooth ride thanks to its all-around suspension. This was perfect for walking around our local streets made from a variety of surfaces including gravel and bluestone. The front wheels can be locked into place by sliding the locking mechanism located behind each wheel. The back wheels have a connected brake located on the right side.

Large Storage Basket

There is a large, stretchy, mesh storage basket located under the seat. It is accessible from the front, sides, and back and is perfect for all your bits and bobs.

Rain Cover

The stroller comes standard with a rain cover. There’s nothing worse than being out with your baby when a sudden downpour starts. The rain cover snaps onto the stroller and folds up small enough that it barely takes up room in the basket when not in use.

One-handed Opening and Closing

We loved the ease with which the pram could be folded and unfolded. You could have a child in one arm and still manage to fold the pram! The stroller stands by itself when folded making it easy to lift into the boot of the car.

This seat does not come with a car seat adapter, however this can be purchased separately.

The only drawback to the stroller I can see is that the seat is not reversible and therefore your child is always facing away from you. However, if you choose to use this seat with an infant car seat adapter, the car seat would then face the person pushing the stroller.

Overall, we thought the stroller was a great lightweight option that will cover all your need in a pram or stroller. The stroller handles well and we loved the stylish colour combination. The under seat storage was terrific and our little boy was comfortable and happy. We were sad to see it go back to the Tinitrader office!

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