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Artrooms Australia | Transforming your Kids Art

February 03, 2016
Artrooms Australia | Transforming your Kids Art

We all know kids love to create. And as parents, we love displaying and celebrating every masterpiece our child brings home. That is, until they start to grow all over the fridge, wall, lounge room and kitchen, slowly taking over the entire house.

For Karen the desire to de-clutter while still showing off her children’s works of art led her to develop a way to include multiple pieces into one presentation.

“In the midst of mega laundry piles and never ending housework I had to find a solution to my greatest domestic storage crisis…What to do with all the kids artwork” Karen says.

“My husband wanted to keep everything and I wanted to de-clutter- so we had an idea. Put it all together” she says.

From there, Artrooms was born.

Artrooms 2007

Artrooms takes your children’s drawings and paintings and transforms them into one collective work of art, leaving you with not only a beautiful display that you can treasure forever but also a visual documentation of your little ones early learning journey.

The work involved with each and every Artrooms compilation is extensive, with Karen ensuring that no shortcuts are taken in producing only the highest of quality products.

“We have taken our time and carefully considered every step” Karen says.

“Every piece of art is handled with great care and professionally crafted into a one-of-a-kind magnificent work of art”.

The detailed process begins as soon as Karen receive's your favourite artwork from your children’s collection. The ArtRooms range starts at a 20 image collection through to 35, 48, 60 and now even a custom 88 piece collection.

From there, every original artwork is photographed at the ArtRooms Richmond studio, where a talented team of designers work to whiten and brighten, remove any creases, sun damage or stains and basically restore and enhance the artwork.

FullSizeRender 1

“Each image takes some time, from photography through to design is a lot of hours” Karen says.

Drafts are then sent out to customers and the ArtRooms team works with them on any changes required.

“This doesn’t take too long as most of our customers are happy with the first draft” Karen says.

“They generally cannot believe how great the artwork looks”.

The images are then printed on a high quality acid free photographic paper with UV protected ink to ensure they stand the test of time and are sent off to the ArtRooms picture framer to finish off the piece.

IMG 1661

There are no limitations when selecting your artwork with Karen adamant that every piece works.

“I loved last year making two wonderful pieces for a lady who had kept her artwork for 50 years under her bed” she says.

“The paper was yellowed and so think it had to be gently handled or it would tear but we got to work and created two gorgeous pieces she gave to her 40 something year old sons for Christmas”.

Karen also urges parents to not dismiss the big bold strokes and blobs when selecting the pieces to use as they all mean something.

“Any panting, drawing or sticky pasted creation is welcome at ArtRooms and we will take it in whatever shape it comes in” she says.

IMG 1559RT2

It is Karen's passion as well as the belief she has in her product that has seen ArtRooms become such a great success, with hopes to grow both further in Australia and potentially expand into Asia and beyond.

“We all have many photos to look back on but I know when I’m 80 I will be looking at my childrens art in one big, beautiful frame and it will bring back the best memories” Karen says.

“An ArtRooms collage is a beautiful, valuable, visual record of how wonderful the early childhood years were- even if they are a blur now, this will last forever”.