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Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Australia Day with the Family

January 23, 2015
Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Australia Day with the Family

At Tinitrader we always love the thought of long weekends with the family. There is nothing better than getting the kids outdoors and enjoying the sun!

Australia Day is particularly special and is a wonderful way to celebrate how fortunate we are. We have put our thinking caps on to come up with a list of the best ways to celebrate the Australia weekend. Of course there are a million more possibilities, so most importantly enjoy whatever you do with your family.

1 - Visit the beach with the kids

The top of our list was enjoying the last of summer with a family day out at the beach. Good preparation can always make the day more pleasurable so don’t forget to pack plenty of food, water, sunscreen and some bright beautiful towels. A few well selected beach toys( will keep the kids happy for hours. Digging related toys and a set of beach cricket are easy to carry and sure to please the whole family.


2 - Have a picnic

Since having kids I have realised that there are an endless array of wonderful parks in Australia. Pick a local park, pack a picnic and head out for the day. Packing a great lunch and some enticing snacks will always help the kids stay in good spirits. I love purchasing a cooked chook from the supermarket and making up some yummy chicken and salad rolls. Accompany the rolls with a big container of sliced watermelon and other summer fruits. A few treats like some homemade (or store bought) banana bread or brownies are also perfect. Remember to pack heaps of water, kids hats and sunscreen. Some local parks have special events on for Australia Day. Keep a look out.

3 - Family bike ride

Just as there are many great parks in Australia, there are more and more great bike paths being built by local councils. My kids always love a long bike ride to a new destination (even though they might complain about initially leaving the house and the ever popular ipad!). Again, a little preparation before the ride can make the whole experience more enjoyable. We have sometimes had a less than enjoyable bike ride when we discovered some distance form our home that one of the kid’s bikes had a flat tyre. Plan for a ride that is age appropriate for the kids and have a motivating activity or treat at the destination (an icecream shop always works well).

4 - Country trip

My kids have always loved going on an adventure (both large and small). One of my son’s favourite memories from a few years back was jumping on a Vline train to Ballarat. My husband had travelled to Spencer Street station with our son and had planned to visit some landmarks in the city. Our son was far more interested in the trains. As a result they jumped on the next train to the country. Doing something spontaneous is a thrill for kids who generally have a pretty regimented life! Pick a town with some sort of Australia Day event and enjoy a train trip to the country!

5 - Australian BBQ

Part of the joy of Australia Day is about enjoying the place we live and the people we live with. Celebrate this by organising a bbq with neighbours and friends. The kids love getting in on the action to decorate the house with Australian flags. Enjoy being Australian with some lamb and snags on the bbq. Perhaps even whip up a pav for dessert!

Celebrating Australia with family activities will help you unwind and enjoy the day with your family. Keep it simple and enjoy this great country of ours! Happy Australia Day!