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Tips on Buying Automoblox® Kids Car Toys

January 30, 2014
Tips on Buying Automoblox® Kids Car Toys

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Automoblox are a fantastic range of educational wooden car toys that are built to last the tests of the toy room!

There are wooden toys, and then there are Automoblox® wooden toys. Automoblox® wooden toys blend traditional craftsmanship and toy making skills with a clean contemporary feel. The result is plenty of mix-and-match opportunities for kids, so that they’re sure to find car styles that are as original as they are.

The Automoblox® range includes many models and come in mini packs of 3:

Automoblox® T900 Truck

Automoblox  T900 Truck

Automoblox® M9Aqua Sportvan

Automoblox® X9 Fire

Automoblox® X9 Sports Ute Purple

Automoblox® are the kind of wooden toys that remind us all of our childhood. They’re so exquisite you’d be forgiven for wanting to just keep them tucked safely on a shelf! But rest assured Automoblox® is a ticket for fun and adventure for you budding little driver.

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