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Autumnal Girls Bedroom by Indi & Bear

May 09, 2017
Autumnal Girls Bedroom by Indi & Bear

We can't stop oo-ing and aah-ing over the gorgeous mustard trend in kids' interiors at the moment and this gorgeous bedroom by Indi & Bear captures it perfectly!

Raffaela from Indi & Bear is a first-time mother to her daughter Indigo Rose (and another baby is on the way!).

The room's design concept was to be "soft, calming, dreamy, as well as girly, and with a modern twist".

A big supporter of handmade and small businesses, Raffaela has included so many beautiful and unique Australian products in Indigo's bedroom. Wooden toys and decorative pieces are her weakness, and whimsical art were a must to really let Indi’s imagination run wild.

Raffaela has also incorporated beautiful pieces from Indi's wardrobe into the room - she can't bring herself to hide them away in a draw, so instead uses these as decorative pieces when not being worn.

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