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Baby Boss | Trendy Kids & Baby Bed Linen

October 29, 2015
Baby Boss  | Trendy Kids & Baby Bed Linen

Baby Boss - On Trend Kids & Baby Bed Linen

The Tinitrader team were thrilled to come across Baby Boss, a gorgeous baby & kids bed linen label founded and run by super mum, Monique.

Frustrated by the lack of good quality bed linen for her new baby, Monique took things in to her own hands, starting Baby Boss in 2013. From there, Baby Boss has gone from strength to strength with the gorgeous kids bedding and blanket range now flying off the shelves!

It’s not hard to see why the Baby Boss kids bedding collection is so popular, being so different to any of the baby bed linen we’re accustomed to. No more animal prints or strong pinks and blues! Instead, minimalist patterns and neutral colours give Baby Boss its signature look.

We were lucky enough to speak more with Monique to learn more about the Baby Boss story as well as her family, interests and influences.

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We love the Baby Boss story! Can you tell us a bit more about why you started Baby Boss?

On December 19, 2013 I celebrated the birth of my first child, a gorgeous baby boy. I instantly wanted to give him everything and create a space for him that was modern and fun. Mason’s linen had to be good quality, soft and fresh for his nursery.

In trying to create that kind of atmosphere, I found my attempts to be long and fruitless. Coming across countless cutesy animal prints, bland patterns and overly defined gender colours, I decided to make and design my own linen. From that moment, the idea of Baby Boss was born.

What was the moment you decided to go for it?

After 12 months of learning and researching the baby décor/linen industry, I educated myself about the product & the customer. It was then time to find a supplier I could work with.

After a few failed attempts I found a really good supplier who could bring my product to life. Samples were sent and from that moment, the dream became a reality when I made the first order.

Can you share a defining moment in your business journey?

It would definitely have to be my first sale, we had only a couple of hundred followers on social media and after the first 4 days of pre-order promotions we landed our very first sale. I wasn’t expecting it so soon and it was a dream come true.

That customer absolutely loved our product and gave us great feedback. 7 weeks down the track we have 3K followers on all social media which is a huge achievement for us & secured our first stockiest.

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Where do you get your inspiration? What inspires you?

I naturally love being creative and get inspiration from just about anything. I am a social media junkie and I am always finding the latest fashion/trends/styles etc from bloggers and inspirational social media accounts.

I take inspiration from linen houses and fabrics that I love and see out and about. Its more about having a vision and sometimes I don’t know how the end result will look, but I know the vision will evolve into something amazing.

What do you love about your business?

After having worked in a chartered accounting firm for 11 years and not being passionate about what I do, I have loved every minute of allowing my creative side to come through. To be passionate about what you do and your product is priceless. I work from home so it allows me to be a full time parent to my son and give him the time he desires but also live out my own dream. Social Media and the online space gives you the freedom to be flexible with your time and provides a good juggling balance to mum/career life.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

I also work 3 days part time for a chartered accounting firm, the plan is to grow Baby Boss to a point where it is stable enough for me to make this my full time role.

The typical day is, work a few hours in the morning for work, then while Mason sleeps I work on Baby Boss during the day, the afternoon is purely leisure and fun for Mason. Dinner and husband duties through the evening and then back to Baby Boss in the evenings with social media as a primary focus.

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Tell us a bit about your family.

I have a son named Mason who will be 2 on 19 December 2015 and have been married to my husband for 5 years, together 10. They are my life and I do everything for them. We are hoping to grow our little family soon.

What is your mantra for juggling family and work?

Don’t sweat the small things!

With a toddler running around, sometimes you just cannot have the perfect home with everything in its place, or the fanciest meal on the plate because you have hours of work to do tonight. Find a balance that you are comfortable with, and put time into each area of work/family in priority of what is required at that time of day. Time management is important, family always come first but allow yourself your own me time to live out your own passionate goals. If you have a business idea and want more time with your kids, don’t be afraid to chase it and look into it further, it can provide the family/work life you desire.

What has been your biggest life change since becoming a mother?

To learn to be selfless, and put your kids first, they are only little for a short time & as a parent I want to give them everything, lead by example and let them grow in a loving home.

Where do you see yourself and Baby Boss in 10 years?

I would love to grow my business into a full time job, a linen house for babies & kids, expanding and evolving my current collection with adding in new linen lines from knits to throws, cushions & homewares and be stocked in hundreds of stores worldwide.

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