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25 Gift Ideas for a Baby's First Christmas 

December 12, 2014
25 Gift Ideas for a Baby's First Christmas

This year will be my third baby’s first Christmas. Gosh, that’s a tongue twister! Anyway, my Phoebe doesn’t understand Christmas at all, but because she has older sisters, her sack will not be left empty!

Usually the third child gets a lot of hand me downs, so I decided her Christmas present would be new items for her nursery. My middle daughter Magdalene, has just started sleeping in a big girls bed in her new room which makes the nursery free for Phoebe to settle into.

I’ve decided to redecorate the nursery with a ‘sweet’ theme and have purchased donut wall decals from Jiminy Cricket, the raspberry cross blanket from Coco and Cru and Ice cream toys and cushions to add a sweet tooth touch to her room. She will have no idea what all the stuff is about, but my aim in buying these items, is that her sisters will recognize that the items belong to their baby sister. I also know that they will stand the test of time from the nursery to a big girl’s room saving redecorating expenses in the future. But let’s not get carried away because she is still my baby!!

A baby’s first Christmas can be an exciting time for all parents involved because there is FINALLY someone little that they can spoil with presents.

But depending on the age of your baby – they won’t remember a thing from the day. So what are the best presents for a baby’s first Christmas?

Here is a list of items that would make a great present for a baby. It’s also a great list for the grandparents to refer to as they will want to buy something for their grandchild too.

  1. Baby’s First Christmas teddy. All of my girls have a Christmas teddy with the year of their birth embroidered on the paw. Department stores sell their own teddies with a certain amount of the sales donated to Charity.

  2. Royal Doulton or Melamine Dinner set

  3. Christmas story book with an inscription on the inside of the cover

  4. A Christmas Teether or Rattle

  5. Voucher for swimming lessons at a local pool

  6. Framed print for their room

  7. New shoes for when they start walking

  8. A Christmas decoration. You can keep this tradition going each year, so by the time your child leaves home, they will have a collection of Christmas decorations to decorate their own tree

  9. Christmas sack with their name embroidered on it

  10. Rocking horse

  11. Baby swing which can be hung from a rafter or tree branch outside

  12. Train set

  13. Box of duplo

  14. Beach towel and bucket and spade for the beach

  15. Night light

  16. Garland or bunting for their room

  17. Doll or car set

  18. Trolley or walker

  19. A decorative item for their room like Sonny Angel Doll

  20. Bunny rug

  21. Piggy bank or money box

  22. Sensory basket – a basket full of different items that provide a different sensation of touch for baby

  23. A music cd or DVD with nursery rhymes or stories

  24. Sippy cup

  25. Bath toys

Or you could just get baby an empty box wrapped in paper and place any funds that would have been spent on presents into their savings account!

No matter what you decide to do, it’s your decision on how you choose to spoil your baby so don’t be put off by what other parents may think of your gift giving. Always remember when it comes to Christmas with babies the best is yet to come!

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