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Baby Mode Sunshine Store

March 09, 2017
Baby Mode Sunshine Store

Situated in Sunshine, 30 minutes west of Melbourne’s CBD, Baby Mode offer anything and everything that new or expecting parents could need. Boasting pretty much every baby brand imaginable, Baby Mode is a true one-stop-shop for those venturing into the wonderful journey that is parenthood.

Packed to the brim full of carefully curated products that make life as a new parent a whole lot easier, Baby Mode’s amazing Superstore offers everything from prams, car seats and cots to bottles, baby monitors, breast pumps and so much more.

But, it is not just their incredible product line that sets Baby Mode apart. At Baby Mode, you will receive an unrivalled level of expertise and service. No question is too hard for the Baby Mode staff, no demonstration is too much hassle – the team at Baby Mode are experts at what they do and, most importantly, make you feel immediately at home.

We caught up with Baby Mode owner, Ray, who answered a few of our questions about his amazing Baby Mode Superstore.

Tell us a little bit about the store. How long have you been around and what can customers expect to find when they visit?

We are a second generation, family owned Australian Retail business. We have been operating for 39 years now. The Sunshine store was our first location and we have since relocated to the superstore retail footprint that we are in now, just up the road from the original store. We carry all the leading brands and we offer superior customer service. We are all about service – no matter how long we need to spend with customers our staff are prepared to put that work in and ensure that our customers have an informed holistic experience. They are also encouraged to experience and engage with all the products as much as possible. We also understand that we need to be competitive on price. It is a very competitive industry so our prices are super competitive every day of the week.

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Customer service is something Baby Mode pride themselves on, what separates Baby Mode staff from other retailers?

We are a very tight team and we try to ensure that our mix of sales assistants are from all different walks of life. We are a very multicultural group, and we live in the largest multicultural society in Australia. I think that puts us in good stead to communicate with people on all different levels regardless of their nationality, religious beliefs and backgrounds. This is one area that resinates with our customers and works for us. As far as training, we spend a lot of time playing with the products and understanding the products we sell. We predominantly employ people that are very passionate about their role in the team and the products that they sell. It makes it a lot easier and your staff tend to retain a lot more product knowledge when they are actually interested in what they are doing.

We are a little bit different to a normal retail environment. A lot of retail environments are high pressure sell and it is all about the results for an individual or for the store. Because we come from a family business background, our philosophy is almost the opposite. We strive to do the right thing for each individual customer, know our products, understand our customers, be willing and happy to spend the time with them and ensure that they are getting the best quality of service throughout the experience in our stores. With this mantra, hopefully the customers will reward us and choose to purchase from us. Our agenda is to link the best possible products to the individual. It is about customising and building a repour with the customer and bringing choices to them that make sense and meet their needs. We do a lot of probing, we ask a lot of questions in order for us to recommend the right product and ultimately, it is the customer who needs to make the choice. We trial prams in people’s cars, we trial car seats – it is not uncommon for us to take stock from the showroom floor and demonstrate it in the vehicle if the customer requires that. It is going above and beyond the norm. We are firm believers that if you have a happy team then that’s going to come to the forefront when they are with customers. From personal experience, when you walk into a store where you can tell that the staff are happy to be there, they are happy with what they are doing, it tends to be a much more pleasant experience.

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Take us through the range of products you have on offer?

In the premium end we carry Bugaboo, Stokke, Leander, Joolz, the new Egg stroller which is the latest addition to the Baby Mode store. We are one of the original stockists in Melbourne of Boori Furniture and have a very comprehensive display including their limited releases. We also carry the Priam & Wings strollers from Cybex and we also do a lot of the limited addition ranges as well. We want people to be able to experience a lot of different and unique things as well – not just the mainstream products they’ll find in other baby stores, although we do stock all those products in store as well. We also carry Mamas and Papas, UppaBaby, Baby Jogger, Valco, Steelcraft – Maxi Cosi, Britax Safe n Sound…………There is not many brands that we don’t cover.

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You currently offer in-store gift registry and are close to launching an online gift registry too which is exciting. Tell us a little bit about that

That is something we have been working on. It’s built into our website but we haven’t launched it just yet. We do also do a 90-100 page catalogue bi-annually. With our catalogues, it is more of a magazine, coffee-book type catalogue where expecting mothers tend to carry it around for a while because it has a lot more in it than just a product and a price. It actually demonstrates and promotes the brands in their own brand philosophy so people can actually get an idea of what that brand means and how it can relate to them as a customer.

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And lastly, what would be some of your must-have products for new parents?

I think you have to define that in categories. When it comes to reassurance – baby monitors are a very important part of that. Also all of the essential items like sleeping products, pharmaceutical products like the bottles, sterilisers and things like that – they are all part of what you essentially need. As well as car safety, wheel goods, furniture and so forth. They are all products that are designed to make being a parent easier and accommodating a new born child whether they are in sleep mode, whether they are out and about, whether they are in a vehicle and so on.

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The Baby Mode Superstore is so much more than just a “baby shop”. It is an outlet where new parents can have all their questions answered by helpful and attentive staff, be shown how to properly use different products, compare and learn about a huge range of popular brands and, of course, shop up an absolute storm!

If you are keen to trial the fantastic Baby Mode shopping experience for yourself make sure you visit their Sunshine superstore located at 5/77 Wright St, Sunshine. Alternatively, for those out of town, shop their range online at Tinitrader