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BabyBjorn Travel Cot Light Review

May 12, 2017
BabyBjorn Travel Cot Light Review

There are many reasons why we love travel cots. After all, owning a portable cot means it is possible for your baby to sleep wherever you go!

But for something as handy as the travel cot, it’s convenience often misses the mark. Heavy, uncomfortable and a nightmare to set-up and pack-down, many of the portable cots on the market are simply more trouble than they are worth!

Thank goodness for our friends at Baby Bjorn! Making travelling and overnight stays with bub an absolute breeze, the Baby Bjorn Travel Cot Light is everything a portable cot should be and more!

Light, sturdy and truly portable, the cleverly designed Baby Bjorn Travel Cot Light is perfect for all kinds of adventures. Whether planning an overnight stay at a friend’s place or jetting off on an exciting overseas holiday, the Travel Cot Light from Baby Bjorn is sure to become your new best friend when travelling with a young child.

Set up and fold away in record time

With just one simple movement the Travel Cot Light can be assembled in record time. With no loose parts to attach you simply open the bag, lift out the travel cot and with one swift movement it’s ready to go! The legs unfold automatically and once you have put the mattress in you have a stable travel cot to use at home or while away.

Light as a feather

When travelling, the lighter the baggage the better! Weighing it at just 6kgs (including the carry bag), the Travel Cot Light definitely lives up to its name. Easy to store, carry and stow in any baggage space, and a cinch to move around once set up, it is ideal for all kinds of trips!

A safe, comfortable place for a travelling baby

Getting a baby to sleep can be challenging at the best of times. Throw in an uncomfortable mattress and unfamiliar surroundings and the whole procedure becomes even more difficult. Having a familiar place for your child to sleep can make the world of difference when away from home. The Travel Cot Light is a safe place for small children to sleep and feel at home. It comes with a soft, thick mattress that will have your little one sleeping like a dream!

Soft and airy mesh design for good supervision

The sides of the Travel Cot Light are made from a see-through mesh, which makes it easy to keep an eye on your sleeping baby. The soft and airy mesh material also allows your baby to breathe through the fabric, so you don’t need to worry about their little face getting too close to the sides of the crib.

Space efficient design

Space efficiency is central to the design of the Travel Cot Light. Slanted edges means it takes up little floor space while still allowing for maximum space for baby.

It’s the little things…

In true Baby Bjorn fashion, it is the special little details that really set the Travel Cot Light apart. Boasting removable and machine washable mattress cover and cot fabric, Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 tested and approved fabric (free from health hazardous substance and allergens), a practical carry case with easy-to-grip handles and a range of stylish colours – There is a reason the Baby Bjorn Travel Cot Light was awarded ‘Best travel cot 2015’ in the design awards carried out by the stylish UK magazine Junior!

Retailing at $395, the Travel Cot Light from Baby Bjorn is sure to provide your little one with countless hours of perfect slumber. Available in pink, black, silver and dark blue, you can purchase the Travel Cot Light online at Tinitrader now.