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The Essential Back to School List for Mums

January 10, 2019
The Essential Back to School List for Mums

You blink an eye and all of a sudden, lazy mornings are no more. The school term is back and in the wave of a wallet the daunting task of getting ready for another year of school or kindy starts.

So while you’re busy stocking up on the labels, lunchboxes and books, I thought it would be nice to share the things that YOU (yes, literally YOU) will need to make it through Back to School 2019.

Need/Want and must have are all interchangeable words for this section too – but if you’re anything like me, then read on for the ingredients for the perfect recipe for School 2019 for Mums.

Store It

The one thing I’ve learnt in the 8yrs we’ve been schooling (only 14yrs to go….) is that everything needs its place.

That really is a polite way of saying “have a place where you can shove stuff so you’ll remember where it is”.

Treat yourself to some nice storage baskets to hang near the front door for everyday essentials to and from school, making it easy to grab them as you go. Keys, sunnies, coin purse – anything that you usually grab on your way out the door in one handy little spot.

If you don’t have space for a mudroom, I love using some funky, decorative baskets for things like umbrellas and hats. That way they are always handy when you need them, and you can focus on the cool woven basket rather than the contents – function meets style.

And don’t forget wall hooks. You can never have too many hooks. Especially when they look this good.

Plan It

When things aren't written down life can get pretty overwhelming! Plus, although our memories are pretty amazing, we can forget things from time to time!

Do your future self a favour and keep things written down in a super stylish notebook or mum-boss planning pad.

Rest Up

We know school is important. But Looking after YOU is important too. While you’re busy getting little ones fed and watered, keep your own stores handy so that you can eat or drink on the run if you have to.

Oh, and sleep. Sleep is amazing, isn’t it? When you’re juggling with work, home and kids, you want to make sure you enjoy EVERY. SINGLE. SECOND that your head is on that pillow.

Having a pretty pillowcase while you check the insides of your eyelids for holes totally makes you sleep better, right? Of course it does – it’s worth trying anyway.

Fake It

And when all else fails, call in the big guns. I’m talking tricks of the trade here – ground breaking parenting suggestions are about to be shared. Keep these under wraps ladies, it’s high tech stuff.

  1. When your child insists they’ve done their teeth despite the weetbix obviously lingering behind, you do have some back up. Grab out your magnifying glass from one of your beautiful storage baskets, and tell them you can see if they have or not at a microscopic level. Teeth – check.

  2. Your child is moving slower than ice in Antarctica melts. You’ve only managed to sip a couple of mouthfuls of coffee, the baby is crying and you’ll be late for work if he doesn’t get a wriggle on. Bring out the Cerebus of Darkness – a 3 headed creature no one dares to cross - and gently place it on the counter as a verbal cue that perhaps you are not one to be reckoned with at the moment. Child in car – check.

  3. The kids are mucking around while you’re doing 859 other things to get everyone out the door on time. Throw on your secret spy glasses with side mirrors so that you can honestly say that you have eyes in the back of your head. Calm house – check.

  4. Finally, don’t stress too much about the school year. You can try to be as organised as you can be, but at the end of the day just try to enjoy the special moments in day to day life as much as you can. That’s why I’ve included a bag of marbles, just in case you lose yours as much as I do. Happy Mum – check.

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