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Belly Bandit Helps to Shrink, Tighten and Control Your Belly

November 18, 2015
Belly Bandit Helps to Shrink, Tighten and Control Your Belly

Belly Bandit, pregnancy belly support, maternity belts and post pregnancy garments every Australian mother deserves.

Belly Bandit is a company owned by women who truly care. And nobody understands what a woman want better than other women.

All Belly Bandit products are thoroughly researched and tested to ensure women experience only the highest quality and performance. Belly Bandit speak to mums during the design process, using their feedback to improve on existing designs and future product development.

Women all over are discovering the secrets of Belly Bandit®.

about the founders of belly bandit

What is Belly Bandit?

Belly Bandit® is post-pregnancy shape wear recommended by physicians, nurses, hospitals, doulas, fitness experts, and of course, new moms.


No two bodies are alike-and as the first-ever medical-grade compression shape wear, perfected to wrap around your specific needs. Unlike other compression garments, the benefits of Belly Bandit® extend beyond "Mummy Tummy" to include the other important post-pregnancy physical and emotional issues many women experience. Targeting post-pregnancy needs-every inch of the way back to a flatter belly, slimmer waistline, stronger muscles and confident attitude. Snug, smooth and slimming, Belly Bandit's® universally perfect fit and proprietary Stretch and Compress fabric will help you look and feel fabulous, in and out of clothing:

  • Helps shrink the belly, waist and hips

  • Adds support to the upper body while breastfeeding

  • Comforts the mid-section after a C-section

  • Helps the body lose inches faster

  • Helps minimize stretch marks

  • Adds support to the back and legs

  • Accelerates the healing process

  • Streamlines the silhouette to look slimmer in clothing

  • Boosts self confidence

  • Aids in decreased bloating and swelling

  • Reminds you to utilize your core muscles

  • Helps to gently persuade muscles back together

  • Available in a Bamboo option – softer feel against skin, moisture wicking and anti-bacterial properties

belly bandit how it works

How it works

Compression is a method that the medical community has safely utilized for centuries. After having baby women can experience mid-section discomfort, weakening of the muscles, and a delicacy of the skin that requires the special support, attention and comfort that only the Belly Bandit® can wrap you in.

Belly Bandit® applies constant medical-grade pressure, which can result in body shaping, muscle memory and the reduction of stretch marks.

Belly Bandit's® custom compression helps expedite fluids through the body's system, compressing small blood vessels and capillaries to help flush body fluids away from the skin, reduce swelling known as edema, and minimize bruising.

Belly Bandit® compresses the stomach, hips and waist which have all expanded during the course of pregnancy, getting you back faster to your pre-pregnancy size. One reason this works is due to a hormone called relaxing.

The medical-grade elastic helps stabilize the pelvic floor and support the spine, resulting in a flatter belly by helping the uterus to shrink faster. It's setting off a chain reaction - once your uterus shrinks, so does your tummy.

Belly Bandit's® universally perfect fit and patented Stretch and Compress fabric will help you look and feel fabulous, in-and out-of clothing.

When to wear

belly bandit during pregnancy

During Pregnancy

Belly Bandit has a range of products you can wear during your pregnancy all designed to provide comfort, help reduce stretch marks and support your growing belly.

Just because you’re expecting, doesn't mean you have to expect stretch marks. Products like the Flawless Belly feature WonderWeave material that allows you to indulge your belly with a deep moisture treatment, 24/7. Simply apply your favorite stretch mark cream to your belly (day or night), slip on your Flawless Belly and dress as usual! The grow-with-you design lets your skin breathe while locking in moisture and protecting your clothing to keep your belly looking flawless and fabulous.

Another great product in the Belly Bandit range is the super comfy B.D.A.™ Leggings. You can wear these leggings over your belly and adjust as your bump grows. You can continue to wear these even after bub is born.

belly bandit after pregnancy

After Pregnancy

Once baby is born it’s time to focus on getting your belly back in shape. Inch your back to a flatter belly, slimmer waistline, stronger muscles and confident attitude. From nursing bras, compression tank tops and of course the original Belly Bandit, they have everything you need to get back in shape safely and comfortably.

The Bamboo Belly Bandit made from viscose has been the most popular product to date. Bamboo is known to be the fastest growing plant on earth and fabrics derived from Bamboo are some of the softest materials you can place next to your body.

The specialised graded elastic helps to aid in tightening the belly, minimise stretch marks and support core muscle structure. This is definitely a perfect balance of outstanding comfort and compression.

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