Best Beds for Kids | Our Top Single, Bunk and Loft Bed Picks

July 12, 2016
Best Beds for Kids | Our Top Single, Bunk and Loft Bed Picks

Best Kids Beds: Our Top Ten Single Beds + Top Bunks

Make bedtime a breeze with our pick of the top single beds, bunk beds and loft beds that are so dreamy, your little one will actually want to go to bed!

Get ready for some serious bed envy, as we take you through the best of the best in kids beds, bunks and lofts.

Single Beds

A great bed will not only help in ensuring a good night’s sleep, but can also look fantastic, often featuring as the centrepiece of your child’s bedroom.

Choosing the right single bed for your little one can be hard, as it is an investment you hope will last them through to their teenage years.

To make your life a little easier, here are our top 10 favourite single beds, sure to have your little one sleeping in both comfort and style for years to come.

1. White Edition 4 Poster:

Exclusive to Tinitrader, the White Edition's stylish 4 poster Olivia bed is everything a little girl dreams of and more. Featuring a traditional four poster design with a sleek contemporary twist, the Olivia bed is stylish, practical and best of all, affordable!

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2. Oeuf Sparrow Kids Bed

A modern take on the classic sleigh style bed, the Oeuf Sparrow Single Bed combines functionality with timeless style. Clean lines, subtle color and modern style ensure that your child will never outgrow this bed. Good thing it’s built to last!

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3. Oeuf Perch Toddler Bed

Moving to a “big kid” bed is an important milestone, and there is not better way to celebrate than with the Oeuf Perch Toddler Bed.

As a scaled-down bed It has a low mattress position, so it’s not too high off the ground for a small child to get in and out of.

And once your child is ready to move into a larger bed, it can easily be made into a children’s sofa by taking off the security rail- how’s that for some serious value for money!

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4. Plyroom Singolo Single Bed:

Plyroom products are known and loved for their practicality and the Singolo Single Bed is no exception!

Suitable for both small children transitioning to a big bed as well as older children who just wont stop growing, the clean, understated style of the Singolo makes it the perfect addition to any child’s bedroom.

And not only does this simple yet elegant bed look absolutely gorgeous, it is also made from sustainable timbre and finished by hand using 100% non-toxic materials and finishes.

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5. Parenthood Hampton Single Bed

For a timeless look that won’t out of style, you can’t go past the classic design of the Hampton Single Bed from Parenthood.

Clean and simple with just a dash of detail, the Hampton Single Bed will compliment any boy or girls room beautifully.

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6. Parenthood Loft Single Bed

Classic, timeless and available in a range of gorgeous colours, the Loft single bed will add an antique charm to any child’s bedroom.

Crafted from strong and sturdy metal, we just love the versatility of the Loft Single Bed! Jazz it up with pillows and funky linen for a fresh, modern look, or hold back on the décor for more traditional style, the choice is yours!

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7. Parenthood New England Single Bed

While we are on the topic of versatile and timeless style, here is another beauty from Parenthood.

Sturdy, bold and designed to stand the test of time, the hugely popular New England Single Bed is a classic addition to any girl or boys bedroom.

The timeless simplicity of the New England ensures this bed will look great in your house for years to come.

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8. Incy Interiors Eden & Oscar Bed

You will have no doubt seen this one before, as the stunning Eden Bed from Incy Interiors has been featured in many magazines and photoshoots.

Classical with a modern twist, the Eden is a stylists dream, offering both versatility and timeless style.

The Eden comes in a gorgeous rose gold color and is crafted from strong and sturdy metal with simple curves.

n added bonus, the Eden comes with two adjustable mattress heights, giving you the option to have your bed set on either a low or high height.

The Oscar Bed offers the same amazing style and features as the Eden, but in a gorgeous dark brown colour.

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9. Incy Interiors Penny Bed

The vintage style Penny Bed from Incy Interiors is truly divine!

Beautifully crafted from the highest quality New Zealand pine, the Penny is part of Incy Interiors antique-inspired Spindle range which includes everything you will need to set up a bedroom to last a lifetime.

And how’s this, if Penny’s standard white colouring doesn’t quite tickle your fancy then you can choose a custom colour from over 4,000 Dulux paint colours!

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10. Bambino Home Jeanie Single

If you are looking for sophisticated style on a budget, then this is the bed for you.

A real big boy or girl bed, the stunning design elements of the Bambino Home Jeanie Single will compliment any home.

There is even a wide range of accessories to match including bedside cabinets, desks, wardrobes and more.

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Kids Bunk Beds

What kid hasn’t at one point dreamed of having a bunk bed? Not only are they a whole lot of fun, they are also a great space-saver and make sharing a bedroom that little bit easier.

We have rounded up our favourite bunk beds to help you find the bunk that’s right for you!

Plyroom Castello Bunk Bed

Made completely from birch ply, the Castello Bunk Bed is more than just a place to sleep. Sure to bring back fond childhood memories of vintage caravans and family road trips, Plyroom have created a fantastically simple bunk bed that encourages creativity as well as a beautiful restful space for your child.

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Parenthood Hampton Single Bunk

Clean and simple, the Hampton Single Bunk is an all-time classic bunk. Simplicity at its best, the understated Hampton Bunk lets your child add their own style and flare, creating a space that is truly theirs.

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Parenthood Loft Graphite Bunk

In case you hadn’t noticed, here at Tinitrader, we just love the classic style of the Parenthood range. This time it is the stunning Loft Single Bunk in gorgeous graphite that has our attention. Modern and sleek, this versatile bunk bed will compliment any bedroom no matter what our style.

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Bambino Home Birdee Single Bunk

The seriously cool Birdee Bunk Bed with Gaslift storage is the ideal space saver bunk. Delivering the best in modern style and practicality, it is great for eliminating clutter in your child’s room, letting you store belongings out of sight.

It’s sleek built in ladder, sturdy frame and top bunk safety panel allows for maximum durability and safety without compromising on its unique style.

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Oeuf Perch Bunk

We just LOVE the sleek and elegant style of the Perch Twin Bunk Bed. Compact in its design, the Perch leaves plenty of room for play and additional furnishings. This nifty bunk can also easily be separated into a twin-sized and standalone lower twin bed, giving many configuration options!

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Kids Loft Beds

Loft beds are one of the best solutions to maximize space in a small bedroom, creating valuable floor, storage or desk space underneath your child’s bed.

There are a huge range of seriously cool loft beds out there, but here are a few of our faviourites.

Plyroom Dream Cloud Loft Bed

A tremendous space saver with lots of flexibility, Plyroom's Dream Cloud Loft is perfect for parents and kids who like to move things around!

Reading nook, study zone, extra bed or play area are just some of the ways the space underneath can be maximised.

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Bambino Home Neptune Loft Bed

Just because your child’s room is short on storage, does not mean it has to be short on style! The Neptune Loft from Bambino Home packs maximum storage into a minimal floorspace footprint. Fully armed with plenty of storage and cabinets, as well as a desk, this is the perfect loft for busy bodies short on space.

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