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BetterBump Maternal Pregnancy Bars

May 13, 2015
BetterBump Maternal Pregnancy Bars

This week on Tinitrader, we learn more about BetterBump and their fantastic collection of maternal pregnancy bars from founder, Lee, who tells us more about the range and the nutritional benefits.

So, what is BetterBump?

BetterBump Bars have been specifically formulated to bring the vital nutrients of importance for before, during and after during and post pregnancy as well as and during lactation to you in one convenient and tasty bar.

We all remember the times when we were pregnant and that need of a little pick me up. The BetterBump Bar provides a great solution to those hunger pangs that always seem to sneak up on you at the most inconvenient times.

Best of all, the BetterBumps can be kept in your handbag and brought out instead of choosing a chocolate bar or something else as nutritionally poor!

The bars are an excellent source of protein and dietary fiber and therefore useful in keeping you fuller for longer. This can be especially helpful when trying to manage weight during as well as and post pregnancy.

As explained by the BetterBump nutritionist, Kara Landau, protein requirements increase during pregnancy as a result of protein being a major building block in the body that acts as a structural component in every single cell of your new child.

Dietary fiber also plays a role as an effective reliever of constipation which is a common problem experienced by pregnant women. This often occurs as a result of changes in hormone levels as well as an increased intake of supplemental iron, which can inhibit stools from forming and passing smoothly. The BetterBump Bar provides one third of your daily fiber requirements, and therefore can be an effective inclusion to help relieve such undesired constipation.

The BetterBump Bar includes a prebiotic to support strong gut health, which is of great importance to both your overall health and wellbeing, and well as for the healthy development of your newborns immune system.

Important micronutrients such as iron for new blood cell formation, calcium for bone development, folic acid to prevent neural tube defects, as well as iodine and omega-3s for healthy infant brain development have all been included at significant levels to ensure that you are not only consuming a snack that is good for your weight management, but one that also simultaneously supports yours and your soon to be born child’s nutrient requirements optimally.

Importantly all the ingredients included in the Bar are non-GMO and include no artificial sweeteners or additives.

All in all, the Bars are pretty jam packed with all the good stuff required for you and your baby while leaving out the nasties like artificial sweeteners and additives.

After hearing about all the good stuff, you might ask how do they taste? We tried each of the flavors and thought they tasted pretty yummy. It certainly feels like a little treat considering they are such healthy and nutritious bars.

BetterBump has been developed by Mother Hen Products - an Australian owned and run business based in Melbourne, Victoria. We are also excited to learn that the BetterBump Bar is produced in Melbourne.

The BetterBump Bars retail for as low as $47.40 for a box of 12 ($3.95 per bar).

Overall a great treat for Mums on the run! Make sure you see the collection here where you can have BetterBump sent directly to your door.

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