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Bobo Choses 'Dear World' Collection 

July 19, 2017
Bobo Choses 'Dear World' Collection

The Spanish label Bobo Choses loves creating fun clothes in confortable shapes for kids to play with; writing crazy children books that give meaning to our collections and designing beautiful objects that lift our feet off the ground.

The NEW Bobo Choses AW17/18 collection "Dear World" is inspired by the sea and all the beautiful things it contains for us. It also raises the question of how should we relate to it in a sustainable way.

The prints are inspired by the sea surface (beach crabs, flocks of birds, crisp waves, sailboats and Alma Siedhoff- Buscher famous Bauspiel toy), the sea depth’s inhabitants (school of coloured fish, octopuses, corals and jelly fish) and the seafaring world: famous captains, ship names and the memory of maritime environmental disasters.

At a depth of more than 4 thousand meters, the bottom of the ocean is a dark, mysterious landscape full of amazing creatures. The Deep Sea capsule is inspired by the dark depths of the sea and its inhabitants. Fish, octopus and corals, ruffles inspired by the dance of the jellyfish, skirts of tulle and indigo denim abound.

The collection has been created in by talented artisans an old toy factory two blocks away from the Mediterranean Sea.