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Tips on Buying Bobux Kids Shoes

January 30, 2014
Tips on Buying Bobux Kids Shoes

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Bobux shoes are the next best thing to bare feet for your children and the first and original elasticated leather shoes that stay on.

Everything we do at Bobux comes from understanding and loving little feet. During the first five years of a child's life, their feet undergo an enormous amount of change. Children's feet need room to grow, flex, strengthen and develop naturally!

The best thing to promote foot health is to allow children to crawl, walk and run barefoot, allowing them to naturally acquire balance, coordination and good posture.

At Bobux, it is paramount that we work in conjunction with internationally recognised footwear specialists, last makers and podiatrists to ensure our shoes continue to meet the unique needs of each developmental milestone, and ensure parental peace of mind. All our ranges feature very specific attributes that promote natural foot development, whatever stage your child is at.

Bobux Kids Step Up


The Bobux Step-Up range is specifically designed to help little ones when taking their leap into the world of walking. Extremely durable with soft leather uppers and full flexible soles.

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Bobux Kids Soft Soles


Bobux soft soles are the first and original elasticated leather shoes that stay on. Just what little feet need when they're not fully developed yet. Soft soles are just like a second skin and are made from the softest Eco Friendly materials.

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Bobux Kids i-walk


Bobux has enhanced their i-walk range to better fit the anatomy of a confident walker's foot.

The new i-walk range is designed to fit better around the ankle and heel while allowing lots of room for unrestricted growth and movement at the front of the shoe.

Enhanced patterning and premium fasteners allow the shoe to be fully opened up for easy fit and increased adjustability.

A newly designed sole features multiple flex points and notches on the inside of the sole walls to allow the foot to function properly and naturally.

Accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association

Additional sizes added, the range now fits up to size 10.5

Beautiful premium leather - breathes naturally!

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Contact Tinitrader for any sizing questions regarding the Bobux Kids Shoe product range.