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Bobux's Ultra-Stylish Soft Sole Vogue Range

May 09, 2017
Bobux's Ultra-Stylish Soft Sole Vogue Range

Newborn mums have a lot on their plate. There’s the sleep deprivation, high emotions, advice from all angles, and of course looking after the baby itself. So understandably, amidst all this, newborn footwear can get overlooked.

Enter Bobux.

Bobux strongly believes that babies (especially those under 6 months) should remain barefoot in order to support optimal foot health. In fact, Bobux endorses a ‘barefoot is best’ philosophy for later walking stages too.

However, once babies begin to stand and walk and run and jump, shoes are necessary for protection. That’s where the Bobux Soft Soles come into play!

Since the first Soft Sole in 1991, Bobux has been refining and perfecting every element of this unique style to best support newborns and pre-walkers. They’re the best thing parents can do for developing feet, because:

  • Soft Soles provide freedom for feet to grow and move naturally
  • Thoughtful, fun colours and designs stimulate growing minds
  • Soft, quality leather offers unparalleled comfort & breathability

For 2017, Bobux is proud to announce the Soft Sole Vogue, which merges Bobux’s high foot health standards with incredibly chic, edgy and stunning shoe designs.

View the full Bobux range and read more about the Soft Sole Vogue range here

About Bobux

Chris and Colleen Bennett founded Bobux in their Auckland garage in 1991 after a quest to find a soft-sole shoe for their nine month old daughter, Chloe. Bobux now sell over half a million pairs of shoes each year in New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, USA, Italy, Belgium and France.

bobux lil feet

The blossom with black brush [4381], part of the Soft Sole Vogue 2017 range. RRP $45.00

morccan tile

The Navy Moroccan Tile [4396] is a popular style. RRP $45.00

happy teepee

A happy baby plays with a toy in an indoor tepee.