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Welcoming Bop Along Buddies to the Tinitrader Family!

November 17, 2014
Welcoming Bop Along Buddies to the Tinitrader Family!

We are so excited to welcome Bop Along Buddies to the Tinitrader family!

A toy that is seriously cute and promotes fitness provides a winning combination that the kids are sure to love!

The Bop Along Buddies are a range of seriously cute inflatable toys that take their cue from the 70s space hoppers. Kids of all ages will love bouncing around on these friendly looking critters and develop coordination, balance and core strength while they are at it.

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Bop Along Buddies is owned and run by Deborah and her husband Lachlan. Deb is passionate about family health and promoting a healthy lifestyle for kids. Deb created this product to help kids enjoy exercise and make it part of their everyday. Deb loves seeing kids having fun on one of the Bop Along Buddies in the backyard or down at the park.

The Buddies are made from durable, soft and flexible material and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The Buddies are recommended for kids up to 7-8years, however we have spotted a few parents lounging around on the Buddies and they still seem to snap back into shape (the Buddy that is - not the parents)!

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The Buddies are a wonderful Christmas gift. There are a whole family of different Bop Along Buddies to adopt! Have fun picking your favorite. There could be nothing cuter than all the little kids having a bouncy race on Christmas day!

Don't miss your favorite creature!

Shop the Bop Along Buddy range here

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