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Brio Buying Guide

January 30, 2014

The BRIO range of kids toys is both educational and fun.

In 2017, we see the return of classics including their instruments, pull along toys and railway systems in new modern designs.

Enjoy learning about this iconic toy brand and shopping their wide range today on Tinitrader.

Trusted by parents for over 100 years

BRIO have been creating quality products since their beginning at the end of the 1800s. Innovation and craftsmanship are at the heart of this trusted toy business.

Loved by generations again and again, it is likely that you have your own fond childhood memories playing with BRIO toys. Creating these memories are BRIO's mission and now your own children can create their own.

The company was founded in 1884. The small family-run business had humble beginnings in its small town Osby located in the south of Sweden. Today, BRIO has grown into a global company with well established subsidiaries in Germany, Japan and France in addition to distributors around the world. As a whole, BRIO employs around 70 people and is represented in just over 20 countries worldwide.

A Purveyor to the Royal Court of Sweden since the 1940s, BRIO's reputation as one of Europe's leading manufacturers of children's toys has allowed them to continue sharing the magic of play, and support children's growth and development in a safe way.

Sustainability at its core

All of BRIO's wooden toys are made from FSC ( (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood. Wood is one of BRIO's strongest signifiers, making them an icon in the Wooden Toy category. This is why they felt it was important to use sustainable wood to ensure their products are not produced at the expense of the environment. The FSC is a non-profit organisation which safeguards, monitors and encourages sustainable forest management. Through working with the FSC, BRIO has been able to ensure that the wood they use is traceable and originates from responsibly managed forests.

In addition to this, BRIO's commitment to working towards a sustainable future is amplified through implementation of their environmental policy. The continuously make an effort to minimise their footprint through all aspects of their business. This policy includes complying with all environmental laws, encouraging respect for the environment and forecasting levels of demand in an effort to control the level of emissions and waste.

Through these practices, it is evident that BRIO is creating a better world through play, which is something that parents can take comfort in.

About the range

BRIO products stimulate children of all ages. Through play, growing bodies and brains get all the stimulation they need to develop. With this in mind, BRIO has designed each one of their toys to support each stage of development.

From learning to sit to taking those first wobbly steps - every new skill takes lots of practice for children to master. BRIO has based their toy designs on each of these developmental steps.

From developing motor skills with stacking toys, to giving children the freedom to build and construct while developing social skills, BRIO's products do not only shape happy childhood memories but further they are fantastic for development.

Their most famous range would be the railway sets - a classic children's toy. Trains fascinate children from a very young age therefore BRIO has created 'My First Railway' for beginners. Older children and adults can enjoy the 'Classic Railway' sets. With a multitude of engines, trains, wagons and vehicles in different designs from all eras, building a collection is an absolute delight!

BRIO also has a range of musical instruments that allow children to explore the magic of music in the most wonderful way. In particular, their rhythm instruments are super popular with little composers. From the xylophone to a musical drum, your little ones can join in and explore the world of music.

BRIO's walkers and ride-ons are also very popular with toddlers. They give the support your child needs to get where they're going - one step (or roll) at a time!

To inspire little ones, the My Home Town range has been designed to let them try out different careers. The farm toys let you play at taking care of a farm and wooden animals. You can also be a police offer or a firefighter with the different toy vehicles!

BRIO's range of pedagogic toys have been designed to develop your child's motor skills, logical thinking and creative streak - after all, play and learning go hand-in-hand! Classic toys in this range including magnetic toys, building blocks and BRIO's stacking clown.

The push-pull toy is the ultimate playmate. These loyal pull-along animals will follow wherever your little one leads! Enjoy building a collection and taking your push-pull pals for a walk.

Finally, the Builder range allows your little one to design, create and build! They can try out different ideas with these sets, providing hours of fun.

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