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Bugaboo | 20 Years of Pram Excellence 

February 02, 2016
Bugaboo | 20 Years of Pram Excellence

For almost 20 years Bugaboo has been leading the way when it comes to prams with their innovative designs that combine practicality with style to perfection.

Max Barenburg, the chief design officer at Bugaboo, wanted to create a pram that could be used both in the city and for weekend activities, a pram that was lightweight yet sturdy. What resulted was unlike anything that had been seen before. Barenburg revolutionised the pram world, creating a pram that still sets the standard for other brands today.

Justine Furman, Country Manager of Bugaboo Australia, says it is the quality craftsmanship that makes a Bugaboo pram such a great investment.

“The way it’s designed, gives parents so much freedom. Whether they live in the city, in a small compact apartment, and need to take it in and out of lifts or cars, or they live in a big open space, and enjoy walking on all sorts of terrains, the country, the beach, you name it”. she says.

“Bugaboo has been around for almost 20 years, which means we have set the standards. We are always striving to innovate and give our consumers experiences and products of the best quality which will positively impact their new lives as parents.

Despite initial hesitation, with the job offer coinciding with the birth of her first child, Justine has now been running Bugaboo for 8 years. The mum of three says the flexibility that Bugaboo allows her to have in her job makes balancing her career with family much easier.

“Bugaboo allows me to make my job fit in with being a mom rather than the other way around” she says.

“I am very lucky to have a company that has total faith and trust in my business decisions. This allows me to run the business the way I think it will succeed knowing I have their full support”

The Bugaboo pram has become somewhat of a style icon for fashion-conscious mums and celebrities alike with its radical, innovative and stylish designs. There are currently five models of Bugaboo prams on the market, the Bugaboo Bee, the Bugaboo Cameleon, the Bugaboo Buffalo, Bugaboo Donkey and the Bugaboo Runner.

Careful not too give too much away, Justine has said that 2016 is all about consolidation and evolution for Bugaboo.

“We like to keep our customers guessing, but we are planning several new innovations and collaborations this year” she says.

“We want to remind consumers about our great range of existing strollers and accessories whilst continuing to evolve the range at the same time. We have some amazing campaigns and special editions planned for 2016 so watch this space!”

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