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Bumb Babes - Delicious Pregnancy Health Bars

April 08, 2015
Bumb Babes - Delicious Pregnancy Health Bars

The Bump Babes story started with something we can all relate to, that overwhelming “what do I get?” moment when you need a quick snack on the go. With what seems like an endless amount of options at the supermarket and out and about, this can make what should be a simple decision overwhelming! This is especially heightened when factoring in wanting the best nutritious snack for your unborn baby and of course, yourself.

Faced with this exact dilemma, Lesley had her light bulb moment. How great would it be to have a delicious and nutritious pregnancy bar for pregnant women on the go?! Lesley jumped on this idea and hasn’t looked back since.

Not only are the Bump Babe’s range of pregnancy nutrition bars an absolutely delicious snack addition to a pregnant mum’s diet, these pregnancy bars cater for every trimester of pregnancy ensuring the nutrients you need are maximized with a trimester-tailored bar (even though they can be eaten at any stage of pregnancy!).

The three bars in the range include:

T1 Bar Pregnancy Bar

The Strawberry and Gingernut trimester one bar helps combat the dreaded morning sickness and fatigue. Using the anti-nausea properties contained in ginger and high iron in almonds the t1 bar fight tiredness and is a fantastic option for those first 3 months.

T2 Bar Pregnancy Bar

The second trimester bar, Apricot & Coconut, helps boost tissue and cellular development and defends against anemia. The magic ingredient, coconut, is full of “anti’s” – anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, helping strengthening the immune system of both mum and unborn bub.

T3 Bar Pregnancy Bar

Lucky last is banana, macadamia & caramel (yes, caramel!). The bar helps promote formation of muscles, bones, blood cells and more with the potassium contained in banana helping maintain regular blood pressure and providing antioxidants.

As well as being delicious, the more we learn about Lesley’s story and her passionate philanthropy work, the more we love Bump Babes. Incredibly, Lesley has herself been on life support since the birth of gorgeous, Max, 3 years ago. Lesley is currently a dialysis patient awaiting a kidney transplant and is a strong advocate of the importance and awareness of organ donation.


Lesley is also determined to make a positive difference in the lives of expectant mums-to-be around the world by donating a portion of Bump Babes' proceeds towards Mums caught in difficult stratas around the world through Save the Children & Unicef. We are truly inspired by Lesley’s work to raise awareness and improve the lives of others while also fighting her own battles, not that you’d be able to tell with Lesley’s enthusiastic and passionate personality!

Knowing what it’s like to be pregnant, these bars are a god send and make the decision on what to snack on a no brainer! Make sure you watch this space for Bump Babes’ beauty range including pregnancy sage self-tanner to help you glow even more!

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**Please note, Bump Babe’s are not designed to be a meal replacement but a snack to a healthy balanced diet filled with fresh fruit and vegetables and high quality proteins.

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