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Burbia, Beautiful Surburban Prints for the Home

September 23, 2015
Burbia, Beautiful Surburban Prints for the Home

This week we introduce Burbia to Tinitrader. Read on to find out more about Burbia and their fantastic range of prints and artwork.

The Tinitrader team are constantly coming across fantastic local artists whose product is unique to the kids and baby space. The Tinitrader team were excited to come across another one of these finds, Burbia and their amazing range of suburb specific prints.

It was Burbia’s edgy Type Maps that originally caught our eye and as we continued to explore, the entire range blew us away!

We got to speak to the incredibly talented Greg about his inspiration, background and what’s next for Burbia.

We know you will fall in love with Burbia, just as much as we have.


We love the concept and range of Burbia prints. What was the inspiration behind starting the Burbia?

I've always had a love for typography. I wanted to use prints to showcase the places we live and love in Australia. The Type Maps were the first points of inspiration, a different and unique take on the Tram Scroll prints often seen.

I love the combination of typography and photographic prints in my collection, and we have many more locations across Australia to cover!

Where does the magic happen?

I have both a studio and a showroom in Surry Hills, Sydney. This is where I work, as well as a place customers are able to visit to see the full range of prints, they also have the opportunity to see the framed selections I display on the walls. It's a very colourful studio!

What is your background? Have you always been interested in art, photography and prints?

Growing up in Newcastle, I was always more creative than I was academic. I have been drawing and painting for as far back as I can remember.

After I finished high school, I completed a Bachelor degree in Graphic Design and began working in corporate publications and magazines. I then progressed to web design and spent an incredibly inspiring 7 years traveling and working overseas.

Upon returning to Australia, I fell back in love with the world of print design and started up Burbia around 5 years ago.

What is your top tip for decorating a room?

There are so many tip and tricks out there, often it comes down to personal choice. One tip (from living in a small apartment myself) would be to never convince yourself your space is too small for large artworks! I find they can often expand the space and make a room or space feel much more open and inviting.

What is your favourite Burbia print?

Hmm... That's a tough one. It always changes with the season. I love our Noosa Circle Print. It's such a relaxing image to look at. The signature trees of the Noosa region in conjunction with the Duck Egg Blue circle team perfectly with a diverse range of colours and decors.


Any guilty pleasures?

The usual for many I’m sure- wine and chocolate!

We are sure you have lots of exciting things lined up for Burbia. What’s next for Burbia?

Well, I have a few bespoke Postcode Pride print orders keeping me busy at the moment! I love seeing the combination of colours, numbers and the suburbs that people pick.

Plus, we have been busy working away on a new range of Type Maps and photography prints for a very popular category of Australian culture. It involves many iconic destinations that people love to visit all year round. That's all I can say for now ;) The latest prints will be launching in the coming weeks!

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