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Bath Time and Back Pain - We Have a Solution!

January 30, 2015
Bath Time and Back Pain - We Have a Solution!

At Tinitrader, we are constantly coming across new, ingenious products that provide a solution to every day parenting dilemmas. This is exactly why we love the Charlichair, a simple solution designed by the clever duo Hani and Meray.

We know back pain often feels like it follows parents around, with all the twisting, bending and lifting required it’s not really a surprise!

The pain many of us felt during pregnancy is also unfortunately not always a distant memory. Most cases the dreaded back pain can linger or in some cases worsen.

Luckily, there are ways to minimize the risk of back pain in parenting especially at bath time!

Doctors usually recommend that the parent remains upright while bathing babies like in a sink or a bath tub placed on the counter top. This is better for posture compared to leaning over a baby in the bathtub. The problem with this is that the baby usually grows out of these options very early on!

The CharliChair is a new product that solves this particular issue. The CharliChair allows parents to remain upright while bathing or showering a baby. Best of all, the child will only grow out of this chair when they are capable of standing up on their own.

The design is simple yet effective. The five point harness keeps the newborn in place and the chair can be elevated and adjusted to the required height. The seat can also be tilted to the required angle according to preference. Future struggles are avoided as the child becomes accustomed to the shower from birth taking the stress out of bath time!

You can now purchase the Charlichair on Tinitrader as well as the matching seat pad inserts available in a range of colours.

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