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Introducing the CharliChair!

October 31, 2014
Introducing the CharliChair!

We are so excited to introduce the CharliChair to Tinitrader!

The CharliChair was designed by clever duo Hani and Meray.

Meray struggled with bath time, finding it hard on her knees and back to bath her newborn in a traditional bath. Meray also battled convincing her toddler to move from the bath to the shower. Seeing the challenges parents had when they didn't have a bath and the difficulties of showering a slippery baby, Meray knew there had to be another way!

The CharliChair was the answer!

The CharliChair allows Mum and Dad to sort out bath time while remaining upright and keeping the little one safe.

The design is simple yet so effective. The five point harness keeps the newborn in place and the chair can be elevated and adjusted to the required height. The seat can also be tilted to the required angle according to preference. Future struggles are avoided as the child becomes accustomed to the shower from birth taking the stress out of bath time!

You can now purchase the CharliChair and funky seat pad inserts in a range of colours on TiniTrader now!

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