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Child Seat Safety - How to Fit the Seat the Right Way

August 18, 2014

Chances are your child’s car seat is not correctly installed.

It sounds alarmist, but in fact 70% of car seats in Australia are not properly installed, despite the best intentions of parents around the country*.

We wanted to cut through any grey zones and find out once and for all how to correctly install a child’s booster or car seat, so we went straight to the experts at Hire for Baby.

And we got quite a surprise – you will probably raise your eyebrows when you see some of the most common mistakes so many of us make.

But the good news is – it’s all fixable, and fast!

Just follow these great tips from Ross at Hire for Baby.

Don’t forget that no matter who has installed your child’s car seat, it should be checked before each and every outing. Again Ross gives us some great advice in the video – we hope you get plenty of useful info from it.

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And a special thanks to Fit Mother Hubbard and her most beautifully behaved children!

Also a special thanks to Holden for the use of their wonderful Captiva 7. We enjoyed driving this gorgeous new car very much!