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Christmas with The Bear Cub Club

December 18, 2017
Christmas with The Bear Cub Club

We are HUGE fans of @thebearcubclub and are thrilled to share their magical Winter Wonderland with you.

We chatted to Sarah, twin mama of The Bear Cubs, about her favourite Christmas memories and how she will be celebrating in 2017!

Enjoy browsing the gallery of her absolutely stunning Christmas decor and tree. You may pick up a few last minute ideas for adding a bit of magic to your home before Santa arrives!


How are you planning to spend Christmas day?

We have a tradition of Ben making blueberry pancakes in the morning, and opening gifts together with Christmas carols playing. We'll head to our church after that for the Christmas service, then as both our families live in New Zealand and we've chosen not to fly back, we're heading over to friends for Christmas lunch. For dinner we will pack a picnic and head to the beach.

How would you describe your Christmas decor style?

A Winter Wonderland. I am most drawn to stars, snowflakes, reindeer and birds for decorations. And my moto is more is more with Christmas tree decor! Just when you think the tree will fall over from so many decorations, only then add one more and stop ?

What is your fondest memory of Christmas as a child?

Our family never celebrated Christmas in a big way? My fondest memories of Christmas are actually the ones I spent with my husbands family just after we met at 18. I got my very first Santa stocking on Christmas morning and experienced a big extended family lunch where we all played Secret Santa and experienced all the other fun traditions.

Favourite Christmas recipe?

Whole snapper cooked on the BBQ.

Which 8 products are your top picks for toddlers this Christmas?

And finally, what time on Christmas morning are you hoping the little cubs will wake up?

I think bang on their usual time of 8:30am would be great. I'm not a morning person and definitely need my sleep ins.