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Circa Home Melts Review

April 21, 2016
Circa Home Melts Review

Adrienne Biscontin from the Stylish Bump reviews the Circa Home Soy Wax Melts - a flameless way to enjoy beautiful fragrances in any family's home.

Having babies and toddlers in the house means that your choice of homewares, particularly those that you can display, fall into a whole new category.

You need to be more selective and careful about what you display and where you display it.

For example: Glass coffee table? Not a great idea. China ornaments? Nope. Vases of flowers? Only up high. Burning candles? No way!

Candles are a particularly disappointing one as they look so pretty, smell gorgeous and you tend to get them as gifts so want to display them.

And while they do make a great gift being functional as well as decorative, they’re just not a great idea with babies and toddlers in the house.

I have candles in the living room, the hallway, the bathroom (and the ensuite) and on shelves all throughout the house in various sizes, scents and colours. And I’m sure many of you will be the same.

But, as most reputable candle brands would advise, it is important never to leave a burning candle unattended and with a baby or toddler in the house, lets face it, this is almost never possible.

So it was a real treat to find out that Circa Home have launched a gorgeous range of Melts which offer flameless fragrance at the flick of a switch.

The Melts are small cubes of natural soy wax that slowly ‘melt’ in the Electric Wax Warmer.

The Wax Warmer has a little light inside emitting a soft glow, and the warmer dish melts the wax leaving the fragrance that circulates through your whole home.


Each wax melt is made from natural soy wax and high quality fragrant oils, such as Mango & Papaya, , Jasmine & Magnolia and Vanilla Bean & All Spice.

No burning and no flame, offers both piece of mind and a safer option in a household with babies, toddlers and children running a muck!

It simply plugs into the wall so you can have it anywhere you have an electric plug.

Just one Melt at a time is enough to leave a lovely, subtle fragrance throughout my whole house. And they last so long – just add one melt cube at a time to the Wax Warmer and it lasts for hours and hours.

In fact, the eight melts within each tray offer 96 hours of fragrance, and considering each melt is not much bigger than a grape, that is a lot of fragrance!

When the Melt has ended its fragrance, simply allow to cool, then place your dish in the freezer for 15-20 minutes and pop wax out of the dish ready for a new one.

And the fragrances available are so beautiful. The Jasmine & Magnolia smells like I’ve just bought a bunch of fresh flowers at the market.

The Raspberry & Vanilla smells like freshly baked Pavlova straight out of the oven.

And the Mango & Papaya reminds me of sipping on a fruity daiquiri at sunset with my toes in the sand.

melts altogether

All the scents are lovely and fresh and not too overpowering. When you switch off the Wax Warmer they stop smelling almost straightaway.

Remember that it is hot wax, so should still be kept well out of reach of children, and keep the cord behind furniture or out of sight.

I keep mine on the sideboard near the living room, so I can have it plugged in all the time to easily just switch it on whenever I want the smell throughout the home.

The warmer dish holds about two Melts at a time, and when you’re finished with that scent, just wait for the wax to cool, freeze, then scrape it off and use a new scent.

Easy, gorgeous and a decorative homeware I can safely have in the home.

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