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Getting to know Coco & Cru

July 10, 2015
Getting to know Coco & Cru

The Tinitrader team are always on the lookout for great brands with unique product for kids and babies. This week, we introduce one of our finds, Coco & Cru and learn more about the Coco & Cru story.

If you need a revamp for you’re room, you can’t go past Coco & Cru’s super cute range of blankets and wall hangings!

Founder of Coco & Cru, Bec, definitely has a keen eye for colour and design. We spoke to Bec earlier in the week and learnt more about Bec and her family.

We love the Coco & Cru. range of blankets and the new wall hangings! What was the inspiration to start Coco & Cru?

I’ve always enjoyed being creative and not long after my daughter Coco was born, I started creating designs on my computer during her naptime. However, I was never quite sure what to turn them into.

I have always loved home textiles and furnishings and how these two elements have ability to completely alter the look of your room with a few simple changes. I soon decided the designs I was creating would look amazing as blankets and throws and this is how Coco & Cru. was born.

Can you give us some insight to your creative process? What inspires your designs and collections?

My main inspiration comes from things I love; whether it is certain art works, wallpaper designs, shapes or colours. I usually start throwing shapes on a page and gradually tweak and change (a lot) until I have created something I love. I basically just design what I love and would love to have in my house!

Where does the magic happen? Do you work from home or studio?

Everything is done at home in my office while Coco is sleeping. I would love to have a pretty little studio and hopefully will one day!

What does a typical weekday look like for you?

I am a major sleep lover, so our weekdays luckily begin about 8am. Coco and I have breaky together and usually watch last night’s House Rules while catch up on emails and social media pages.

Then I do house stuff while Coco plays. After showers we take the puppy for a walk and if the sun is shining we have a quick stop at the park. Coco then has a nap and the fun begins as I jump straight onto the computer and either work on designs, email back wholesale requests, converse with my manufacturer etc. When Coco wakes up, work usually stops and we head to post blankets and run errands. By the time we arrive home it’s almost wine time (5pm)- my fav time! I then continue working from my phone in between, dinner, showers and bedtime.

That’s a pretty typical day for us!

What is your favourite Coco & Cru. design?

At the moment my fave is the Monochrome Aztec with turquoise trim, however, I have a few new designs coming that may slide that off the top spot!

Which other Australian designers, kid’s brands, artists or creative people are you loving at the moment?

I’m loving Sunday the Label, Coco & Ivory and Phoenix and the Fox. I just purchased an amazing framed ‘Pink Sugar Skull’ print from Madeline Stamer that I LOVE. I love Merci Perci and Jai Vasicek’s work, as well as many more amazing creative people I am finding on Instagram all the time!

Tell us a little bit about your family.

Steve and I have been married for almost 10 years, we met and got married within 3 months (crazy I know!). We have a 7 year-old American Staffy, Jet, who we adore! Our baby girl Coco is 18 months old. She’s a ball of fun and love. She is the coolest, funniest chick I know! Steve and I both have amazing families all living interstate and overseas who we love and try to see as often as we can!

What is your favourite thing to do as a family?

We love simple things like taking Jet on walks together to the park when Steve is home, eating together and hanging out in bed together on Sunday mornings!

Peach Herringbone

What is your number one tip for decorating a nursery or kid’s bedroom?

A statement piece is always a good idea, whether it’s a cool and unique cot, a bright piece of furniture, a massive wall flag or piece of art, I love a strong focal point to work around! We are sure there are many exciting things in store for Coco & Cru.

What can we look forward to seeing next?

Hmm… I am always working on new designs and LOVE bringing in at least 1 or 2 new pieces every 3-4 months. Lots of new and cool designs for the little ones are coming and I am also expanding the range of King Size blankets.

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