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Cocoonababy Nest 

January 21, 2016
Cocoonababy Nest

Before they are one day brought into the big, wide world, your baby is tightly contained within an aquatic environment.

Curled up in the foetal position they are able to enjoy a certain freedom of movement, with the ability to touch their face or suck their thumb.

At birth, this rapidly changes. The sense of security that comes from being within the mother’s womb disappears and quite often newborns find it extremely hard to adapt to their new environment.


The Cocoonababy nest helps your newborn adapt as well as possible to their new life after birth, providing them with a comforting, reassuring, well-defined space which reminds them of their mother's womb.

The semi-foetal, slightly curved position which your baby adopts in the cocoon soothes them, reassures them and helps to limit the onset of troubles which may bother your newborn in their first few months.

Although originally developed for premature babies in the North Hospital in Marseilles, France, as time went on the medical team realised full term babies could also benefit from the newborn bed during their first four months of life.

Working closely with the medical team, Red Castle created the Cocoonababy, an ergonomic cocoon which mimics the sensations of being in mums tummy.

As well as helping your newborn adapt to being out of the womb, the semi-foetal position your baby adopts while in the Cocoonababy also promotes a deep sleep, helping your baby sleep longer and better.

It also helps avoid startle reflex, limits the risk of flat head syndrome, which is commonly caused when a baby sleeps on their back on a traditional mattress, and helps reduce gastric reflux.

Designed for children weighing 2.8kg or more, the Cacoonababy is intended to be used up until your baby is 4 months old, or until they start trying to roll over.

It comes with an adjustable wedge that can be moved as your baby grows as well as a tummy band that soothes and reassures the baby by applying a light weight on their tummy without hindering their freedom of movement.

Having been described by mothers as a “life saver”, “amazing” and “the best baby product I have ever bought”, The Cocoonababy nest will accompany your baby during every sleepy moment.


You can use the nest in cots and bassinets as long as the side walls sit higher than the baby and weighing only 1800grams, it is easy to take the newborn bed with you anywhere you may need to lay your little one down.

Welcome your newborn gently into the world with the Cocoonababy nest by Red Castle, the only bed for newborns that allows them to feel as safe and secure as they were in your tummy.

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