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Cool Desks For Cool Kids

January 27, 2017
Cool Desks For Cool Kids

Kids’ desks have the potential to be either a dumping zone or a place for hours of learning – or perhaps swinging between the two is more realistic in most cases! I’ve sifted through my photo collection to find my favourite desk styles, from toddler tables and into the tween years for some inspiration on how to style your child’s workspace for a productive (and tidy!) school year.

Desks for the little ones

Kids Workspace 1

Kids Workspace 1

It’s pretty obvious that your toddler doesn’t need a place to study (unless you’re raising a little genius – go you!). But they definitely need a place where they can draw, colour, build and generally be toddlers.

Using a small desk with some overhead shelving is a good way to keep the desk clear for little ones.

I had so much fun setting up this shared zone, using favourite toys and décor to create a fun and welcoming space to (hopefully) keep them entertained long enough for you to complete a whole task in one go!

(not a guarantee, but we can always try- right?)

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Using space wisely

Kids workspace 3

kids workspace 4

Adding a pop of wallpaper or strategically placed wall decals are also a great way to “section” off a workspace, especially if you’re short on space or dividing a zone into two purposes.

I love using decals that look amazing, but also have an educational purpose. Think world maps, counting, times tables and alphabet styles, depending on where your little one is up to developmentally of course.

The fact that they are removable is a huge factor for those who rent or just have commitment issues (like me).

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Put it on display

kids workspace 5

kids workspace 6

I’m sure that desks are a breeding ground for random items.

As they get a little older, space starts becoming even more of an issue. Bigger kids, bigger books – more “stuff” to find homes for.

Choosing a couple of favourite pieces to hang above a desk looks gorgeous, personalises the space and might just stop you from having a stack of papers piled high on the desk.

Using clever shelving above the workspace, or choosing a desk with plenty of drawers can help to display (and hide) school work, books and the contents of pockets.

(Once again, that’s no guarantee).

As they get older, you can switch to a pinboard or hanging grid for them to put pictures, photos, timetables and rewards on in the hope that they might actually remember what’s happening and when!

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Light it Up

kids workspace 7

kids workspace 8

I like to think that one day my kids will love learning so much that they’ll actually want to study well into the night (insert laughter here).

In any case, having cool lighting options is another way to create a gorgeous desk for a kids’ room.

The traditional old desk lamp doesn’t have to be your go-to. There are so many fun lighting solutions around now!

We customised the colours of our cottonball lights to match the décor theme and artwork, creating a soft and calm palette.

The beauty of them (apart from how gorgeous they look on and off), was that you can change the colours easily if and when you need to.

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Now we can only hope that setting up a gorgeous desk will inspire your child to tackle their homework without any prompting.

Although that might be another article altogether, I think…