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Meet Kelly from Daily Orders

January 29, 2016
Meet Kelly from Daily Orders

You and your family live a busy life. From footy training to school interviews, doctor’s appointments to birthday parties, it can be hard to keep track of your families many activities. That’s why Daily Orders has created an easy to use weekly planning board allowing families to see what is happening in the coming week in a bright, concise and manageable way.

Created by busy mum of two and Navy officer, Kelly, the name Daily Orders comes from the term military units use to track the schedule of activities and events that occur throughout the day. Just as effective, Kelly’s version of Daily Orders helps families stay on top of upcoming events and ensure everybody knows exactly what is happening each week.


So what is the Daily Orders planning board? Basically, it is a colourful, fun and stylish way to visually keep track of all your family’s activities.

The board is made from a high gloss acrylic which is strong enough to withstand writing yet light enough to be installed by just one person. It is compatible with liquid chalk and to make your life even easier, five vibrant liquid chalk markers are included with your purchase (Markers are also available to purchase separately on the Daily Orders website).

Available in two sizes, either 1200mmx600mm or 800mmx600mm, the Daily Orders planning board comes with the option of either landscape or portrait orientation.

It comes with six mounting standoffs as well as mounting instructions, so all you need is a wall and anchors or screws to affix it. And, with rounded edges for safety you can position the board literally anywhere in the home or office.


Kelly runs her business from the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria so when you buy from Daily Orders you are not only supporting an Australian Veteran owned business but also a product that is owned, operated and manufactured in Australia.

The Daily Orders weekly planning board is not just for busy families either. Anyone who has a lot going on in their lives can benefit, including students, cafes, offices and many more. It is even reversible, so if the days of the week don’t suit you, you have a blank canvas on the back to work with.


Running a successful home requires planning and organisation and with the Daily Orders weekly planning board you can ensure you never lose track of what is going on in your family’s lives, allowing you more time to relax!

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