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Getting to know dukes & duchesses

June 10, 2015
Getting to know dukes & duchesses

It was over a piece of hummingbird cake that mothers, Beck and Han, came up with the idea to start their own kids label. And so, dukes and duchesses was born!

With Beck and Han’s creative flair and dedication, dukes and duchesses has gone from strength to strength. The latest dukes and duchesses winter collection, Winter Wander, is a true testament to this!

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We were lucky enough to learn more about the dukes and duchesses story as well as what the dynamic duo get up to in their spare time.

Eleanor   fawns

We have completely fallen in love with dukes and duchesses! We love the unique and funky style - a credit to both of your creativity. What are your backgrounds? Have you always been in the kids fashion industry?

Han: Oh thank you! No we haven’t actually! Beck is a lawyer and I have always worked in marketing. We both love fashion, design and all things baby though – so that definitely played a part. Oh and we have babies! Beck has two, Ezra who is nearly five, Jude who is two and a half, and I have Duke who is nearly 11 months! All boys!

Beck: We’ve also both worked in the fashion and homewares retail industry in the past, which we loved!

How did dukes and duchesses begin?

Beck: dukes and duchesses began on a family holiday, one afternoon over tea and cake! We were chatting (and dreaming) and thought, why not, let’s give this a go! It wasn’t a hard decision really, we just realised that our skills and personalities worked well together so we just started doing what we love! We didn’t expect it to take off quite like it did, but we couldn’t be happier… It is a dream come true for both of us, and we are so grateful that we can do it together!

Where does the magic happen? Do you work from home or have a studio?

Han: We currently work from home (both our homes - Beck is based in Brisbane and I am in Sydney) but do plan to one day (soon) have a studio + warehouse!

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What does a typical work day look like?

Beck: I have one scheduled work day a week where both kids are cared for. Apart from that, it happens in the evenings and weekends, or whenever I can manage a sneaky moment to sew when the kids are playing happily together…which at 2 and 4 is very few and far between!

Han: I also have one scheduled work day, but like Beck it also happens in the evenings, weekends and sneaky moments in between! I do always start my day with coffee from my local café though... (I’m an addict!) and then spend my time on the computer designing, emailing, researching...the list of things to do is endless!

We love dukes and duchesses’ latest winter collection, what was the inspiration behind the new range?

Han: Exploring a forest winter wonderland!

Beck: We have a love for ‘natural’ colourways, and nature in general inspired us to collate a range focussed on enjoying it through exploration and adventure.

What is your favourite piece from the latest collection?

Han: Oh definitely the ‘Madeline’ Dress – I am a sucker for bows and pretty things. I have actually been thinking it would look great in an adult size….

Beck: I also love the ‘Madeline’ Dress…the aztec print, bow and mustard!! But I think my favourite is probably the ‘Forest Wanderer’ Dress – I love nature, so for me the beautiful chocolate trees against the grey-blue background are just divine!

We love your connection as sisters-in-law. What do you love to get up to together outside of dukes & duchesses?

Han: Holidaying! And shopping!

Beck: I agree! And coffee dates… and cuddling each other’s babes!

What is one quality you admire in each other?

Beck: Han is a constant positivity in my life; so passionate, fun, creative and cheerful. She is one of those people who you just fall in love with as soon as you meet her.

Han: There is definitely more than just one quality – Beck has so many admirable ones. I love her passion and eye for detail, her creativity and sweet nature. She really is one of the most caring people you will ever meet!

What other Australian designers, kid’s brands, artists or creative people are you loving at the moment?

Beck: This is tricky...but I do love Featherdrum and Children of the Tribe. Their prints and styles are just so unique and gorgeous. I also love Howi Clothing, their street style clothes for boys are awesome!

Han: Tough, there are so many! I love supporting and discovering Australian designers/operators, so for kids I love fromZion – they are an inspiration, MiniMannikin and Cublove. For me (adults) I love The Gray Girls and Straight and Marrow. Check them out!

What is your top tip for parents when styling their kids wardrobe?

Han: Working with your kids! I have learnt recently (after trying to dress Duke in an outfit that I thought was absolutely gorgeous and might’ve included a hat, suspenders, bow tie and boots.. you can imagine the negotiating!) that you need to find items that look great (so you are happy) and are comfy and easy to get on (so the kids are happy)!

Beck: We try hard to create clothes are that are stylish and still comfortable for kids. It is so important, and very achievable! Luckily we have 3 boys to help us figure that out…And quickly!

And finally, we have loved the latest collection. What’s next for dukes and duchesses?

Beck: We are working on new designs, which we are super excited about. Due to the fact that we live in different cities at the moment, we get to enjoy jet setting weekends where we madly brainstorm, design, sew, and do photoshoots… (and fit in a bit of family time and shopping!!) We have one such weekend coming up for us to continue to work on our new spring/summer range!

Han: We are so excited – you will love the new range!!

See the entire duke and duchesses range, now available on Tinitrader.

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