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Meet Trudie | Eadie Lifestyle 

April 04, 2016
Meet Trudie | Eadie Lifestyle

We were lucky to go behind the scenes of the 2016 Eadie Lifestyle Range styled by Greenhouse Interiors. Read our interview with the founder Trudie

Meet Eadie.

Eadie is a sophisticated, elegant style icon, who sees beauty in the most simple of things.

Eadie is a trendsetter who doesn’t follow style, instead creating her own.

Eadie is well travelled, with an understanding and appreciation of international style.

Eadie has experienced both love and heart break.

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eadie lifestyle x greenhouse interiors

It is her life experiences that makes Eadie the woman she is today and despite being a figment of Trudie Cox’s imagination, Eadie is the inspiration behind Trudie’s unique range of soft furnishings, Eadie Lifestyle.

“Eadie is a character I step into when I design the collection” Trudie says.

“She is a very real woman to me - I know the wine she drinks, the art she appreciates, the flowers she has in her home, her circle of friends, her palate, her love stories and preferred holiday destinations”.

Eadie first came to life after, experiencing “somewhat of a mid life crisis”, Trudie decided to leave the hospitality world behind, in which she owned and managed a variety of cafes and restaurants, and instead try her hand at something new.

Originally distributing a European soft furnishings brand in Australia and New Zealand, it wasn’t long before Trudie’s desire for more creative control prompted her to go out her own and soon after Eadie was born.

moody scandinavian winter living area

Every piece within the stunning Eadie Lifestyle range has a story behind it, with Trudie creating fun, crazy stories that help her tap into Eadie’s personality and have some fun with the designs.

“We start the process by first selecting a destination that Eadie has visited [and then] within that, we tell the story of her experience in that destination through each and every design” she says.

“We had one cushion called "unexpected" and it was inspired by an impromptu, fun fuelled love affair Eadie had with an Italian man on the Isle of Capri when she was holidaying in Italy for the Summer”.

Taking a slightly new direction, Eadie Lifestyle’s new Winter 2016 Collection is fun and fresh with a Scandanavian Twist.

With the intention of injecting happiness and light into the colder months, the new season collection sees the addition of both the “Window’s” and “Stitch” series.

“Our new Windows series is edgy, sophisticated and beautiful. It is a digital screen print on pin tucked, textured cotton” Trudie says.

“Our new Stitch Series introduces a lower price point to the range, without any compromise to the beautiful quality our stockists and customers have come to expect from us”.

fresh lightfilled interior space

With a distinct, elegant range of leather goods, lifestyle garments and stationary in the works, as well as the possibility of an exciting collaboration involving beautifully cut womenswear, we cannot wait to see where Eadie’s journies will take her next.

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