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Meet Guest Blogger Emma Coyne

December 16, 2015
Meet Guest Blogger Emma Coyne

Friends already joke that Emma Coyne is winging time management on a daily basis, so it’s hard to imagine just how busy life is going to be when she gives birth to her first baby next February. But for Emma, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

We were lucky enough to squeeze in a chat with this busy mum to be and found out a little bit more about Emma, who will be joining the Tinitrader team as a guest blogger.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

For the past 14 years I have been a graphic designer and for the last 2 years I have been working in marketing communications at K.W.Doggett Finepaper. I’m a published writer and illustrator. I have written for Old School New School which is a design school in Melbourne. I did a lot of articles for them a few years back, ranging from educational to a few reviews of art books to philosophical pieces on a take on an art movement and that. I have illustrated a children’s book for Casey Chambers. I have travelled and lived all over the world but I have been in Melbourne for 8 years. My educational career started in Brisbane, Queensland. I am currently pregnant and expecting my first child in February next year.

What made you want to write for Tinitrader and in what way will you be contributing?

I found Tinitrader very motivating. It pretty much epitomized the style and the kinds of products I was looking for. It was kind of like a Pintrest board of everything I wanted for my baby and the journey through motherhood and beyond. I find the products are something you wouldn’t necessarily think of but when you find them they are spot on. Tinitrader has there pulse on their target audience. I think they are a little bit unique and I like that there not unattainable but they are not your sort of Babybunting either, it’s quite a nice high profile website and blog where you do some really nice features. You asked me what you think I can bring and I feel another point of view on what new mums might need and want and some creative ideas around that.

As an expecting mother, what do you think is the most exciting thing about pregnancy?

I’ve been asked this a few times. I really enjoy it. The most exciting thing is that you have the gift of being able to do this and take the journey of being a mum, I know that sounds really cliché. It’s just amazing. I have wanted to be a mum for a long time so for me it is just an absolute blessing. [It is] very romantic to do it with the person you love, it takes your relationship to another level. Meeting someone who you haven’t met in 9 months but feel really close too is pretty cool too.

And the hardest/most challenging thing?

All the changes that go on and factoring that back into your life. I’m a pretty busy person, always multitasking so it’s hard to slow down and listen to those changes in your body. But you adapt, humans are very good at adapting and you just need to take it day by day and not have too many expectations. I think no expectations is a good way to go, I am a big believer in that.

You mentioned you are a busy person, when you do get some down time what do you to relax?

For relaxation I do yoga. I have found that amazing during pregnancy, it has been a real lifesaver. It helps just stretch you out because I spend a lot of time seated. My husband and I bought a house recently so we are constantly doing things around the house. I am a big believer in using your hands. I love computers and am happy to create on a computer but I think it’s great to be able to make things physically, I find it very therapeutic. We have a dog, Frankie and she gets lots of exercise, we get to play with her heaps. We often go down to the Mornington Peninsula, we have a house down there.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I am lucky, I get up and walk the dogs, try and get some exercise in. That’s at about 7, it used to be 6 but being pregnant it’s a bit slower there days. I used to run 10km four times a week but that stopped with the baby and I don’t miss it. Then I will go to work. Work is great, it is 9-5, if its busy ill work extra hours but usually you get kicked out the door. Work is very enjoyable, it’s very different to anything I’ve ever done. One day I could be writing blog posts and analyzing and forming a social media strategy, looking at a product promotion or writing a brief for a high end designer about how they should promote one of our latest products, to putting on a high visibility vest and going out into one of the warehouses and sorting out deliveries from interstate. It is pretty full on but it suits my personality as I like to multi task and I like to do a lot of creative things, it is defiantly a bit of an out of the box job though. Then I will get home 5-5.30. I have 3 chickens, so I have to feed the chickens. We have just done a massive veggie patch so that needs watering. Then cook dinner. I try and not look at my phone but that never happens so I’ll go through my emails. Every second night I will sit down and do a bit of freelance work, I don’t do it every night as its burning the candle at both ends. Sometimes I do a yoga class. And that’s probably a day of the week.