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January 30, 2014

ergobaby™ originates from Hawaii, where Karin Frost was motivated to design for her son a baby carrier that was as ergonomic as it was practical. ergobaby™ revolves around the premise of keeping your baby comfortable and close, whilst at the same time keeping you able and strong.

ergobaby™ Baby Carriers

ergobaby™ Baby Carriers are designed to hold your baby in a natural, ergonomic position. A padded waist-belt helps balance your baby’s weight evenly between your hips and shoulders, with ergobaby™ Baby Carrier shoulder strap padding keeping you as comfortable as possible. ergobaby™ Baby Carriers can be used in three positions – front, back and hip. Reinforced stitching delivers a durable ergobaby™ Baby Carrier.
Collections: Original, Organic, Designer, Travel, Performance
Colours: Depend on range – please enquire with dealer
Baby weight: From 3.2kg – 20kg
Shoulder strap length: 61cm – 112cm
Waist-belt circumference: 66cm – 140cm

ergobaby™ Accessories

ergobaby™ delivers a wealth of accessories that either work independently in their own right, or to enhance other ergobaby™ products.

The range includes:

ergobaby™ infant insert (to be used with ergobaby™ Baby Carriers for newborns)

ergobaby™ organic teething pad pair

ergobaby™ doll carrier

ergobaby™ rain cover

ergobaby™ changing pad

ergobaby™ designer diaper bag

ergobaby™ designer hip and shoulder bag – Christy Turlington Burns

ergobaby™ cargo pack

ergobaby™ pouches

ergobaby™ weather covers

ergobaby™ Bundle of Joy

The ergobaby™ Bundle of Joy combines the ergobaby™ Infant Insert (which can be used as early as day one) with the ergobaby™ Baby Carrier. Colours: Navy with Navy Insert, Dark Chocolate with Chocolate Insert, Galazy Gray with Galazy Gray Insert, Black/Camel with Camel Insert

ergobaby™ Orbit Baby Travel Collection

The complete package! The ergobaby™ Orbit Baby Travel Collection includes an ergobaby™ Stroller G2 which makes for super smooth riding thanks to the QuadShock™ suspension. The Stroller can rotate and recline in a single movement, whilst the patented SmartHub™ ring, the Infant Car Seat G2 helps look after your back health by docking the seat into the car at nearly any angle (not to mention rotating 360 degrees on the stroller). The car seat’s StrongArm™ mechanism means you can install the seat quickly and easily, with just the turn of a knob. Fabrics are Oeko-Tex® certified, making them friendlier on the environment as well as your baby’s skin.
Stroller frame: Height: 102-117cm, Width: 61cm, Weight: 7kg
Infant Car seat: Depth: 30cm, Height: 20cm/25cm and 30cm slots, Width: 22-30cm, Weight: 4.5kg
Colours: Ruby/Red, Black/Slate, Mocha/Khaki

ergobaby™ Stroller G2, ergobaby™ Infant Car Seat and ergobaby™ Bassinet Cradle also sold separately.

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